Monday, May 9, 2016

Have You Ever

My recent post generated a few comments especially the paragraph about the caffeine pills.  Comments on this subject usually generate differing opinion comments.  I have been called a "train wreck", I have been told I need mental help, in the past I have been told I have a death wish, I have been equated to Tony's lack of seeking medical attention,  and in each one of these cases I look back at what I wrote and look at the comments and for the life of me cannot ascertain how certain readers come to the conclusions that they have. 

Before I relay today's results I'm going to take this opportunity to try to explain what's going on inside me and maybe, just maybe, it will give my readers an idea of what drives me.  I need to start this off with asking my readers to think back through their lives and pose the question has there ever been anything in your life that you wanted to obtain so badly that you were willing to do whatever it took.  Maybe when you were in college and we're cramming for those final exams perhaps you took substances  to keep you going for hours and hours on end so that you can study or perhaps you had classes, homework,and a job, getting only a few hours of sleep a night to be able to accomplish everything you needed to.  If any of my readers are doctors and although I am not a medical professional, but from what I understand when doctors are first starting out I think they call it their residency, they have to work 24 and 48 hours straight and I doubt very highly that they are doing it on pure willpower.  Maybe some of my readers own their own business, and those that do, think back to when you first opened that business and were struggling to be a success.  In your mindset of that time would you have done whatever it took to make your business successful even if it meant a personal risk to your own health at the time?  There are other examples I could probably come up with, but the point being that usually in people's lives, and often more than once or twice, things come up that are so important to that individual person that they will throw caution to the wind, take risks to their own personal self in order to achieve what they are setting out to achieve, do what it takes to be successful in their schooling, careers, or personal dreams. Just because mine involves poker does not make it any less important.  I'm not a doctor, I'm not in college, and I have not opened my own business, but that doesn't make it any less important than anybody else's goals and dreams.  If you have seen anything or recognize any of what I have written in this paragraph that could apply to you at some point in your life, that has hit close to home in your own lives in the past then maybe, just maybe, you understand where I'm coming from. 

A comment in my last blog entry suggested that I was hooked on caffeine and to be quite honest it is a possibility, but can you be hooked on something if you're not taking it on a daily basis and you go days between doses.  I will admit however that when I do go days and days without hitting those pills I usually feel very sluggish and run down.  I also found out tonight that I may need to be taking the maximum safe dose.  I was grinding $10NL today.  Took a dinner break and ordered a delivery from Pizza Hut and after I was done eating even though I was on 200 mgs of caffeine, fell asleep at 7 p.m. and did not wake up till after 11 p.m. and wasted an entire night.  I should have been grinding, working towards the goals, but instead my body made me fall asleep and I don't know why.  I did not think it was possible with 200 mgs in me that was taken just an hour previously would allow me to sleep, but it's quite obvious to me I'm going to have to step it up to 400 mgs per dose per day just to keep me going.  However, I did a little research and found out all is good with my intake.  The Following comes from the Mayo Clinic as in the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and if anyone tells me that they are not going to accept findings by the Mayo Clinic then we don't have anything to talk about.

"Up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That's roughly the amount of caffeine in four cups of brewed coffee, 10 cans of cola or two "energy shot" drinks."

The poker that I did get in was a pretty much nothing happening type of day. I played 1055 hands, ended up losing just over half a buyin and had absolutely nothing exciting happen during the course of that time.   It's nearly 4am and I'm going to grab some sleep for a 12 p.m. start.   Not sure what day I will be playing the tournament with Lightning who has finally arrived in Vegas and to him I say welcome back Mr Lightning welcome back.  Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. bruhh, you said "As far as I'm concerned no limit to me, and this is just to me personally, should be reserved for tournaments only and cash games, for me is definitely a limit based proposition. "
    And now you back playing them. What gives?
    You don't want to end up like another tony big charles with just less money, you can make something else happen bro you got $400 go play limit on bovada or downtown in a 2/4 game

    Are you crazy??? You taking caffeine pills and you know what they are doing to you and you still insist on taking them. If you die before you make it at poker then what is the ever loving point?
    When people have health problems it's usually a wake up call, but you have gone the other way, you have gone north!!!! lmao. Snap out of it we all want you to suceed. It does say 400 mg for healthy adults but you are far from healthy

  2. Taking your daily maximum allowable intake in a single dose may not be such a good idea, and caffeine are found in other things like chocolate, soft drinks, tea, etc.

    I am glad you finally come back to the realization that grinding low stacks NLHE online is the beat way to create your bankroll. We have come full circle from 6 months ago, so I am afraid I am going to raise the same concern about trying to get in so much volume, especially given what we now know. Call it what you will, but from the outside it just looked like you burned out. If you had stuck to a less ambitious schedule and just progress through 10NL and higher, 8 hours a day 5 days a week, you would have made your $2000 already.

    So here we are 6 months later, you are starting over, and I am going to say the same thing. Don't try to play 12+ hours a day. I would hate to see you repeat the same journey. I hope you stay disciplined and stick with this to build your bankroll.

    GL as always.

  3. If you really want to reach your goal of 2k, quit smoking and add the cost of your cigs to your roll. You will reach the 2k in no time. Good luck and i wish you the best.

    Smoking 1 pack a day is roughly $200 per month, How many packs do you smoke on a daily basis?

  4. Flush, I think you are being a bit to narrow minded on many things which is probably why you keep changing your strategy as you appear to get tunnel vision and focus only on the end, and not the entire journey to the ultimate goal. I know it is hard but please realise that sometimes the best path in life to an ultimate goal is not a straight line. Please take a step back, and try and take is the big picture.

    Now on the caffeine pills. I am not going to rehash anything that AC or others already noted but something you need to consider at a very minimum is the timing of taking your caffeine pills. There is a big misconception on how caffeine works within the general public. I, and many people including you can fall asleep after taking caffeine pills. Caffeine prevents you from getting a deep sleep but does not necessarily prevent you from falling asleep. It is a horrible vicious cycle where people will take caffeine to stay alert but then it prevents them from having a good nights sleep even if they do sleep for a full 8 hours. U see caffeine blocks adenosine reception. Adenosine is essential for you to fall into deep sleep. The fact that it takes caffeine continues to have an adenosine blocking effect for 12 hours means you should at a minimum take your dose 12 hours before you plan to sleep.

    Good luck


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