Saturday, May 14, 2016

Meeting Lightning And The NL Cash Report

I hadn't posted for a minute and quite honestly one of the reasons was the feeling of  negativity being directed towards me insofar as I put my life out there out in the open and it seems that whatever I say, plans I have, realizations, or experimentation that I do I'm automatically wrong. I've been told I'm a train wreck, need mental help, have a death wish, and a variety of other less than flattering comments. I appreciate those that have shown a concern for my welfare and health, but it it seems that on a variety of subjects some readers simply are unable or unwilling to debate or consider alternative possibilities when a rebuttal to their views as presented.  I have simply come to the conclusion that some people are never going to understand what I personally feel is a necessity. They're not going to comprehend my thought process that certain risks need to be taken when it comes to accomplishing dreams and goals and since that's the case and there's no way to change their minds on this, so be it, life goes on, and like Frank Sinatra said, I'll do it "My Way".

I had the pleasure of meeting in person and having a nice lunch with the one and only Lightning36.  I tried to treat the man to said lunch, but that went over about as well as trying to buy into a $1/$2 game with two red birds.  Neither one would happen or was going to.  We ate at Johnny Rockets which was a first for me and the food was utterly delicious and the conversation was pleasant as we talked about poker and bloggers alike.  The conversation was also about what some might consider incorrect health choices I make from time to time.  Now, I thought I was the worlds biggest wiseass, but let me tell you Lightning is just as bad as I am.  Like when he gets on his phone and pretends to place a $400 wager on the date of my demise or moments later when he does it yet again only this time increases the bet lmao!!!!  At this point I was ready to start a food fight and start flinging french fries at him lol, It was great meeting him and talking and I hope we will be able to meet up again the next time he's in town. Maybe on that occasion I will sit in a nl cash session with him just for kicks and giggles.

I've come to the fast realization that for whatever reason, whether my body is addicted to it now or whatever, but I simply cannot make it through the day without 400 milligrams of caffeine in me at the bare minimum. I can't get the volume in that I want without it, I get so tired so early or worse yet exhausted in the middle of the day, so from here on in I am not going to try to avoid the caffeine I'm simply going to realize it's part of something that I need just to keep me going. I've actually tried to stay off of it recently and my recent sessions directly reflect that. Looking at the $10NL: May 2016 tab you can see the last 3 sessions have not hit 1100 hands in any of them. I personally find this totally unacceptable as my bare minimum a day I want is 2000 hands and 2500 would be even better.
The return to the no-limit cash games has been abysmal. I started out with an immediate downswing  losing over 7.4 buyins in the space of just over 4900 hands. I followed that up with a single session profit of about five buyins which helped even things out somewhat and in the last 5 sessions I have played just over 6,050 hands for a total profit of approximately $2. However the pattern of late is showing more profitable sessions with two out of the last three sessions played being in the green so I'm hoping that I'm coming out of this and can start putting in some serious profit sessions to get the bankroll built up and the earn rate up to that 9bb/100 that I have proven myself capable of.  Going into today's action 12,522 hands played and a loss of just over two buyins which as far as down swings go is very reasonable and easily overcome and that is the only saving grace.

The struggles that I have endured have gone over 12,000 hands and to me that's absolutely incredible because if you equate this to daily live play where perhaps, putting in some long hours, a player might expect to get 300 hands played at most you are looking at a downswing that equates to 40 days of live play. 40 days playing and being down 2 buying overall would have to be extremely frustrating.  I can't even imagine the emotions that Trooper has gone through with his recent struggles at the tables which have gone well more than two buyins. That's insanity. It also has made me realize how correct my decision is to steer away from No Limit when I am eventually playing full-time live and stick to the Limit games which I enjoy so much first off and second off a simple mistake can cost a full buyin in a no-limit game whereas that same mistake in a a $2/$4 limit game the most it's going to cost is $48. Considering the two games have the same buyin for me personally of $200, I make a mistake in a $1/$2 No Limit game and I'm down $200 I make that same mistake and a $2/$4 game I'm down $48 and it is so much easier to recoup. 

Whether or not something is a mistake is a matter of opinion and judgement. Take the session on the 12th where I ended up dropping 2.6 buying and $12 of that $25.99 loss came when a solid player raised under the gun and the next person to act that I have a blue tag on meaning a bad player or a donk or whatever terminology you want to use goes all-in for $12. Now I remind you that the under-the-gun player only raised it to $0.35 and this poor player decides to shove his entire stack preflop for $12. This is an extraordinary bad player which I have won many many pots from and I'm sitting there with AKo. So what do you do?  Do you snap call as he had me covered by about $1 maybe a $1.50 and hope to hell that the solid player under the gun does not have a hand he wants to risk a stack on or would you let that AK go. I think about it for just a little bit and then I finally made the call knowing that this poor player could potentially do this with AQ or AJ and even with small and mid pocket pairs  which not only means my AK is a coin flip, b t the potential of him getting counterfeited is present. Flipping for an entire stack with AK is not something I normally want to do, but against this player the situation to me was different. Unfortunately even bad players come up with good hands from time to time and he had AA which cost me a quick $12. Was it a mistake? I'm not really sure, but a majority of me thinks no it wasn't. This was a situational thing against a specific opponent and I felt the call was correct. Any thoughts or opinions on the situation are most welcome.

That's going to wrap this one up. It's just approaching 1230 and time for me to get on the tables for at least an 11 hour session. I'm hoping the recent pattern is going to show me a good profit session today, but we will see what happens. Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Great time having lunch with you, my friend. I hope you are around for many more.

    I am surprised your comment about Michelle and me wasn't mentioned. Lol

  2. this poor player could potentially do this with AQ or AJ

    Isn't this a little optimistic? I guess you know him better than the readers do.

    I had the pleasure of meeting in person and having a nice lunch with the one and only Lightning36.

    He's definitely a cool guy. No link?

  3. Thought I had linked to his blog. Must have made an error. Should be fixed now.