Sunday, May 22, 2016

No Way It Can Matter That Much

My first full day on the online tables since I declared a "Fresh Start" turned out to be insanity to a degree that I have not experienced since I started playing on WSOP, but for me the best kind of insanity as when things were all said and done it was a $90 profit and I turned my measly bankroll of 14 buyins to a bankroll of over 23 buyins. I'm still not at that magic 30 or 40 buyins yet, but what a way to start things off. 

I don't know if the fact that I moved out of my old place I was living with my now ex roommates has made a difference.  I don't know if that has given me clarity about poker. Certainly stressful situations can lead to errors in other areas, but whether or not they are in fact connected before I got on the tables today I had gone over in my head hand and sessions that I had played previously and I decided to make some changes. Some of these changes included not limping in with suited connectors in early position and folding them instead, not calling 4.5x raise preflop with said suited connectors, not calling raises with what might be considered moderate Holdings Q9s, KTs, QJo, T9, 98,  and AJ unless against certain opponents under certain conditions.  I also opened up my starting hands slightly as was recommended by Zin and while I don't want to give away a lot of it let's just say that I moved certain Broadway hands into early position from middle position and one or two late position hands into middle position. 

I got underway at 12 and played for a couple of hours and basically broke even in fact I think I lost $0.85. I got started early because it turned out I did not have to grab a bus before I started playing poker to go pick up a few groceries as my new landlady offered to take me there and bring me back. She really is a nice person. After lounging around the pool side for a while it was after 5 p.m. and I decided it was time to get to work and over the next 4 hours earned 9 buyins. That is the absolute biggest profit in buyins that I have had since I have played cash games in my entire life in a single session.  There's no way that those changes I made or leaks that I plugged if you prefer could  make that much of a difference.......or could it??

It cannot be denied I hit a lot of flops and if I didn't hit the flop my continuation bets took it down because my opponents didn't hit the flop either. I've had decent sessions before at $10NL, $50 wins $60 wins, but always with a lot of fluctuation up and down $40 in the hole and end up earning $50 so a 9 buyin swing within the single session or down $60 and end up plus $20 for an 8 buyun swing, but today it was a steady climb with only one backtrack. I was up about $10 when my KK ran into a flopped set of queens but that was it. 

Yes I was getting good cards, yes I was hitting flops, yes my opponents were missing flops so my continuation bets were good, but it still makes me wonder how much money was saved. How many $0.35 and $0.45 raises  preflop not called how many draws not chased to get nothing. When you think about it this could add up 2 at least a few buyins each session. If you chase a draw to the river with a suited connector after calling a preflop raise generally speaking this is going to cost you in the neighborhood of $3.50. You do that 10 times during one session and since my sessions usually go over 2,000 hands that is not hard to do, and you're talking three and a half buyins and that's just an example of the suited connector. What about the other moderate holdings that I was calling raises with how many times did I hit top pair only to be out kicked, how many times did I flop a flush draw just to miss how many times did I flop top pair but then an overcard hits. All of these things put together could easily add up to 7 or 8 buyins within a single session. 

Will I still go through variance even with these changes....... hell yes.  Have the major swings ended....... I don't know.  The only way I'm going to know is to continue to play the way I did today and see how things go, see what the swings are like and if these changes will reduce the swings dramatically.  If they only reduce them I will be a happy camper about the whole situation because it will mean more steady profits instead of jumping up and down like a yo-yo, but the only way to find out is to getting a lot of volume, continue to play error free, and see how it stands out after say 30.000 and played. If these changes dramatically reduce the swings that I will be facing I may be wrong about needing 30 or 40 buyins. The swings that I have been going through may have simply not been poker but my own fault.  Time will tell and volume will answer these questions. 

Everything else pretty much remains the same.  I am still striving for $2,000 so that I can play $2/$4 limit games live, I still want to put in a minimum of 2000 hands of volume onlineveach day, I still want to grind 10 hours minimum each day  and I think I will be settling into a 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. schedule. You'll notice I only got 1303 hands play today because today I did something I rarely ever do. I ended the session early and banked the win. I don't know if I was correct or incorrect to do that, but I do know that I needed the financial and psychological boost as well so if I was wrong to do so I can accept that. I know it's all immaterial anyway because it's just one long session and what varience I did not allow to get a hold of me today we'll get a hold of me on another day.  I mean $90 in 1300 hands is impossible to sustain so I know I will be taking losses, but today, just for today, I wanted that boost to my own self esteem if nothing else. 

I will pretty much be grinding non-stop until the 3rd I think as I am pretty much completely tapped out money wise. Between now and the 3rd I might go hang out at my friend Michelle's house one of those nights, but other than that I will be grinding on a daily basis and not running around this town spending money. As for personal finances I talked to my landlady and I am paying her $400 a month but since I moved in a couple of weeks early I owe her $200 for that plus a $100 deposit so she had told me that I could split that over a couple of months so for June I will be paying her $550, and July I will pay her $550 and starting in August I will only be paying $400 a month. Another $250 in expenses covering food, cigarettes, cell phone, and bus fares and miscellaneous incidentals will leave me approximately $175 a month left over. It's rough being on a fixed income and you can see why I am so adamant that I want to be able to create something better with poker.  

That's gonna wrap things up for today.  I hope everybody is doing well in their lives and their personal and professional endeavors. As always take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Congrats on your profit. Playing the micro stake tables ABC poker is all that is needed. Let the other players chase. FD are you totally unable to work? How about getting any job to help grow the roll.

  2. Nice win FD.

    Those hands you dropped, they are all definite leaks if you want to play a TAG style.

  3. Locking up the win was definitely the right move. Didn't realize u were so far from Boulder highway

  4. Tony, I'm only about a mile from Boulder Highway

  5. FD are you able to work to help grow your roll?