Friday, May 20, 2016

The Fresh Start

May 17th, 2016 was the first day of "The Fresh Start"  It started a new beginning for me and in only a few days I am already relishing it with every fiber of my being.  I moved into a new place, rented an upstairs bedroom in a house off of Sunset. To say that I am out in the middle of nowhere would be an understatement.  Actually to be totally fair I'm not exactly in the middle of nowhere but like the line from Thelma and Louise goes "I can see it from here" lol.

Things had come to a boiling point with 2 of 3 of my now ex roommates and over the last few months I came to the realization that two out of three of them are nothing but classless, ungrateful, users who will try to get what they can and as much as they can from someone and when the gravy train dries up what they really are comes flying to the forefront.  When they realize your usefulness to them does no longer exist, as in when you stop lending them money, or gifting it to them outright, or stop buying them things, then what they truly are is easily seen. I had had enough of these creatures and was planning on moving out on June 3rd. 

I was keeping an eye on Craigslist on a daily basis looking for people that were renting out a room in their house, apartment, or condo looking for a roommate and on the 15th of the month I believe it was, since I did not have the money to put a small deposit on a place if found what I wanted because I had to buy a new cell phone as my old one finally shit the bed pretty much on me, I decided to put my own ad on Craigslist. I I explained my financial situation, my monthly income from disability, and basically what rent range I was looking for and what absolutely needed to be included in that, specifically Wi-Fi.  I got your usual run of spam texts then I also got a text from a lady who said that she was willing to work with me.  We decided to meet at a McDonald's on Sunset so that we could meet each other in person and the meeting went just fine and she showed me the bedroom she was renting. When we decided that yes this is definitely something we both wanted to commit to, I realized that the fact that the two renters that she did have had moved out within 3 weeks of each other obviously had created a financial burden for her and I said to her straight up that yeah I would love to rent from her but as my Craigslist ad stated I wouldn't be able to do anything on a financial basis until the 3rd and I was sure that she would get other offers for renting out that bedroom before that since it was still two weeks remaining.  She asked me if I wanted to move in right away. I told her that if I moved in 2 weeks early I would not be able to pay her the extra $200 for the extra two weeks and she told me that was no problem we can just add it on to the next couple of months.  She was willing to trust me on this.  I jumped at the chance to get away from the "users" and gladly accepted.  

Yes, it's true I was paid up for the month at the old place, but getting away from them, not having to see them on a daily basis which in of itself was bringing me close to physically vomiting, especially my one time love interest, and ex bestie, at least that's what she always called me, but there was always something when she used to say that that just seemed phony every time she said it, but I jumped at the chance to get away from them once and for all.  I hope I never have the misfortune of seeing them ever again. As far as I'm concerned Karma will get them in the end and when that day happens it will definitely be well deserved. 

My landlady and new roommate seems like a very very nice person. I told her straight from the beginning that I was somebody that would generally keep to myself and she had no problem with that.  It's much better than the Craigslist ads of people that were looking for somebody to rent from them but also hang out with them. I have neither the time nor the desire to get buddy-buddy with somebody that I'm living with ever again unless they were friend already and we decided to become roommates which is a possibility down the line.  I'm renting an upstairs bedroom which is giving me some exercise going up and down the stairs as smoking is not allowed in this home so any time I want a cigarette I simply go down to the pool area. She is the homeowner and has an inground pool here so it's kind of nice to go out there smoke a cigarette when I want one especially in the evening hours. I wasn't even here for the first two days ad I was over at my friend Michelle's house on her couch for a couple of nights as I was trying to help her with some filing that she had gotten behind on and Thursday night was the first night that I slept here.  It sure was nice having my own room after all this time as in the old place I was sleeping on a bed all right, but it was right in the living room. If I don't want to see anybody I simply keep my door closed and I am able to grind to my heart's content without having people walking by me all the time so this is going to be much much nicer.

I thought a potential issue might be how far out I am.  I'm off of Sunset which means I need to take the 212 bus to get to Boulder Highway and then the Boulder Highway Express bus which is an hour ride to get to downtown, but the BHX route is 24 hours so even if I decide to stay out to the wee hours of the morning on the Strip or downtown it would simply be a case of grabbing the BHX to Sunset and then grabbing a cab to get to the house and I am not all that far from Boulder Highway so the cab wouldn't be hideously ridiculous.  All in all I think things are going to work out just fine.

Now let's talk poker. Therein lies the problem.  As you might expect I needed a few dollars to pick up a few things for moving into a new place, food being one of them, so a withdraw was needed so I am going to be basically starting my "Fresh Start" with poker as well.  Unfortunately the online bankroll is at $142 exactly going into Saturday May 21st and the soonest I could make any sort of deposit might be August, but towards the end of June I'm going to need to do another withdrawal as I have a "friend" that's going to be passing through town and I'm supposed to be meeting up with her. The friend tag that I have put on this person is subjective as some who know about this particular individual might think there was slightly more to it than that, but for right now I'm going to utilize the word "friend".  When me and her meet we will either give each other a hug or lock in a passionate embrace that would make Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara look like amateurs. The situation is, shall we say, "complicated" and I'll leave it at that.  To be quite honest I don't know what's going to happen.  

The question remains what the hell do I do with a $142 bankroll. It is only 14 buyins for $10NL and while I could start out on a heater we saw what happened the last time I started grinding $10NL and started with an 11 buyin downswing. I do not under any circumstances want to play $2NL, but I am convinced that you need at least 30 buyins to put up with the swings in No Limit cash games online. Just because 11 buyins has been my worst downswing so far it does not mean it cannot go worse than that.  For $10NL I need $300 minimum. I am currently $158 short.  Since the soonest I could do a deposit is going to be July, and that's just a maybe, I do not want to find myself with a zero balance and in the online account.  I did not purchase a TV since I've been in Las Vegas and if I do run out of money in this online account that would mean a lot of Netflix and playing freerolls. That is something I don't even want to think about so as I see it my only real choice is to try to grind $10NL and if the bankroll balance drops to a certain point say $70 then at that point I will have no choice but to make the switch over to playing $1 and $2 tournaments until the account balance is such that I can make another try at $10NL so basically I have about 7 buyins to play around with and no more than that. 

I did realize that I perhaps I was making what might be considered less than optimal choices previously and so starting on Saturday I am going to eliminate those. Some of them include, but are not limited to, limping in with suited connectors in early position, calling raises with certain holdings that might be considered mediocre at best, and ending the love affair that I seem to have gotten into with one-gap suited connectors which cause me nothing but trouble. I'm thinking by eliminating what could be considered leaks perhaps, just perhaps that will reduce the variance that I have been experiencing when I have played No Limit cash games previously and hopefully we can take this $142 and build it up to that $300 comfort level as fast as possible.  

It's nearly 5 a.m. and time to grab some sleep. Saturday's poker session probably will not start till 3 in the afternoon and I'm going to try to play as late as possible because there is no doubt about it the night shift players are insane at these tables. Got to go find a grocery store nearby to pick up a few food items to get me through to the end of the month, but other than that I'm just going to be grinding my heart out. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Is it at all possible that maybe just MAYBE YOU make it complicated. Who the hell goes on online dating sites looking for a "friend"? And we are approaching WSOP time. Everyone that does more than dally in the poker world needs to put their libido to the back burner and have a damned plan. Even if you are NOT doing the WSOP, there are enough low buy in tourneys all over the damned city to make you happy!

  2. Honestly, if you're going to gird your loins and take a shot at anything, the next four weeks are your window.

  3. Whoa Girl chill. We met on a social media site, became friends, she currently has a boyfriend, but lets just say things are somewhat emotionally accelerated in the last couple of months.

    This year anything to do with live poker WSOP or not is out of the question. Starting in August I should have a couple hundred a month left over,but that is it soI better get this online account climbing post haste.

  4. Congrats on your new place, sounds a lot healthier.

    1. i was not expecting him to be able to find something so cheap. its a much safer area, and much better people to be living from. the trooper should consider doing what he did (advertising on craiglist for better housing). if he had a bigger roll, he could never leave the house. of course this would be much easier if playing softer sites like bovada or pokerstars.