Monday, June 27, 2016

A Definite Earn Rate Discrepancy

When referring to the cash game grind G1 would refer to the just over 50,000 hands I played back in December and January and G2 would refer to the current cash game grind I have been on since June 9th. There is a definite discrepancy between the earn rates of the two. G1 produced $450 in earnings in approximately 52,000 hands. Closing out the action from 2 days ago as I did not play at all yesterday G2 has produced earnings of $170.91 in 23,000 hands. The earn rate  comparison between G1 and G2 is roughly 8.7bb/100 compared to G2 of 7.3bb/100 approximately a 1.5 big blinds per 100 hands difference. It might be a larger discrepancy than that because when I ended G1 back in January I was going through a bit of a downswing at the time so that 8.7bb/100 could actually be somewhat low because knowing how poker goes I would have overcome that downswing and reverted back to positive variance. If I had continued on at the time my estimate would be that G1 would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 9.0-9.5bb/100 which means I am off approximately 2 full big blinds for every 100 hands off.  Now the question is why. 

There have been changes I made between G1 and G2 and now the mission is to find out what changes have reduced that earn rate and I think I might be on the right track for getting this answer.
This time around I seriously increased the aggression  of playing of pocket pairs, small, mid, and large you name it, and I've come to the conclusion  that that may not be the best course of action. It amazes me  but there are times where a less aggressive approach with certain hands are in order and I have always been one of those people that believes aggression wins, but looking at the difference in numbers and knowing the different ways I have been approaching the pocket pairs  during G2 as opposed to G1 it has become evident to me  that it's not just aggression that wins but it's tempered aggression.

I had also adjusted the playing of suited connectors actually limping in with them  especially in early position and had completely tossed them out in early position and middle position if no one had entered the pot.  A lot of times in middle position I was open raising them and recalling my approach during G1 I wasn't doing that, I was limping in with them even in early position to try to get a cheap flop and the same with middle position and again I think, like the pocket pairs, this is a case where I replaced tempered aggression with full on aggression and now I need to revert back to the latter.
The aspect of late positional raises will not change because I see this works so often where I punish the limpers or simply take down the dead money right then and there. One improvement I have made from G1 to G2 is I raise a lot more in the blinds now. Previously hands like KQ, KJs and even AQ, and AK in the small blind and big blind would have simply been completed or checked, but I have realize that hands like this when you have limpers is a must raise even in the blinds, out of position, if for no other reason that since nobody has shown any sign of strength, and unless you have information on them to the contrary, that you most likely have the best hand and what better reason is there to raise than raising for value.  I also decided to tighten things up just a bit. I had been given the advice to open up the range somewhat and I had done so, but I'm not completely comfortable with it so I have reverted back to a slight tightening of the starting hand selection. 

I implemented these changes 3 days ago in the short session where I played a little over 700 hands and ended up making $20 and tonight's 1730 hand session where table earnings were just over $40. I know I cannot be result-oriented, but just taking those two sessions alone the earn rate is sky-high, if we assume 2500 hands were played and I know it was a little less than that, but even based on that the earn rate for the two sessions is 24bb/100, completely unsustainable of course but a massive Improvement over the previous 21,000 hands and even more importantly I find myself playing a more comfortable form of poker. I know there will be some that will disagree with these changes, but if they end up increasing the earn rate then I'm going to know I'm absolutely correct.
I won't be able to make any determinations for the month of June it will be in July that I will have to see exactly how things go. I plan on starting the statistics on the right side of the blog fresh for the month of July however several of my readers feel it's a mistake to delete what I already have so therefore I will save these in a secondary page on the blog so that I can refer to them at any time, but if I am going to play the entire month of July in much the same manner that I approached things the last 2 sessions, I want to see if there is going to be a significant difference. Unfortunately I have mixed the statistics, but before I reverted back to the way I was playing the earn rate was 7.3 and so all I can do is see if the play of July is higher than 7.3 and if it is I know I'm right on target.
I mean have discovered a small leak in my game and I want and welcome in Port. I'm going to show you the hand and at the end of this blog I am going to tell you what the result was so make your opinions before you get to the last sentence of the blog.

The setup is I raise preflop with the AQs and ArchAngel calls and then we get squeezed with a 3 bet. I'm not thrilled to call the 3 bet with AQs as so often in these situations I am up against AK or even better, but  I make the call as does the other person that called my initial raise. You can see what the flop was in the funny thing was this got checked around. This surprised me with WhiteBoy betting 3 preflop and with position on us the last thing in the world I expected was a check from him.  As you can see the turn gives me the Royal draw so I'm sitting here on 12 outs now here's the problem and this may be the leak I discovered. You'll notice I fire out, and with the King over card on the board and up against two opponents that may not have been the brightest move in the world.  Perhaps I should have simply checked, but as you can see ArchAngel calls and the three bettor raises and not such a little raise. What are you going to do here. I figure I'm sitting on 12 outs 2.8-1 going to the river.  Costing me $6.34 to call and getting 2.5-1,but the kew question here is ArchAngel.  If he too calls or even goes all-in then mathmatically this is a correct call on my part,but am I looking at some couterfeited outs here and if so how many?? I made the call, archangel folded and the result is listed below in the final paragraph of this entry.  No matter whether I won this hand or lost it the question I am asking myself is whether or not this is a leak in my game?  It is highly resembling the KTs hand, approximately the same amount of outs and for the 2nd time have I let a large number of outs and obviously a large pot entice me into a call that may not have been correct?  Thoughts and opinions.

Well that's going to wrap things up. Bankroll up past $418. Another $82 to go to try another shot at $20NL. I must admit part of me wants to run two tables of it tomorrow utilizing a one or two buyin stop loss, but I know that is not the correct thing to do and I need to give myself at least a $100 stop loss before dropping levels and besides if I have to drop levels out at $20NL again I want it to be with 40 buyins still in the bankroll for the $10 tables.  As for the hand I posted I completely missed, river was a blank, we ended up checking that river and the preflop 3 bettor showed AK and I lost pretty much a full stack. Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Moderate Hit To The Bankroll

Well I made it past the $400 Mark but it did not last long unfortunately. I played some $20 no-limit yesterday when I hit $405 and ended up making only $0.66 off those tables. I enterd today with that same $405 balance and immediately almost from the start was getting slammed left and right so bad that I was down $48 before I knew what hit me this increased to down $71 which increased to down $85. I ended up losing just over 2 buyins at the $20 tables today and unfortunately I'm going to have to cut back to all $10 tables which means more unfortunately I'm going to have to look at those irritating red numbers on the right side of my blog in the $20 no-limit stats. I hate red numbers, I hate saying the words red numbers, but they are what they are and they are going to be there for quite some time because I decided to adjust my plan as far as monetary amounts goes.

I waited until I was over $400 before I fired up the $20 tables and I realize almost immediately that I don't want to play just one $20 table I want to have two $20 tables and two $10 tables going, but since 40 buyins is my comfort zone and since I am playing double stakes when just hitting 40 buyins at the $10 tables I'm thinking that's what I need to do is wait until I have $500 instead of $400, then once that is achieved I can play $10 and $20 tables two of each. The stop loss being $100 not just at $20NL but a combination of all tables and basically if I fall back down to $400 I would still have 40 buyins for 4 tabling $10NL and then just grind $10 tables only until I got back to $500 again.
Today was hurtful no doubt about it. The immediate somewhat heavy losses were pretty much obtained when I had three instances where I was the unfortunate victim of set over set and another instance where I had no choice but to fold the set of aces I got on the river when the board was showing not only 4 to an open-ended straight but 4 to a flush at the same time. Yeah that's just thrilling to see. I ended up with an ending bankroll of $343 and that included $2 in rake back for today so the actual table losses were down $64 again $44 of that at $20NL and obviously the other $20 at $10NL so essentially a 2 buyin loss at each stake. It is a moderate setback and I will have to grind winnings at the $10 tables of approximately $160 since I have decided to wait for the $500 account balance amount before I hit the $20 tables again, but not a major major issue. Tomorrow I will clear a second $10 bonus so no matter what happens during the session at least that's $10 that I know I've got guaranteed coming to me as I only need about 20 points to complete that and on a full session I averaged approximately 35 points.

My friend Joseph aka ManInBlack and I were talking on the phone today and he had said something along the lines that he was concerned that since the balance had hit $400 that I might be tempted to do a withdraw and perhaps go out and have some fun, go hit a $2/$4 table or what not and I have to be honest as I was sitting on $405 today every fiber of my being wanted to do just that. I wanted to grab $200 and go out and play some live limit, I wanted to do that so bad I could taste it, but the only thing stopping me is all those withdrawals done previously, looking at those learning from past mistakes and knowing I need to continue the grind, continue to build the bankroll in order to get anywhere but I have to admit the the temptation is extremely present and I am fighting it off with every fiber of my being.

Out of the $64 in losses today I may have made a $20 mistake at the $20 tables.  I'm not sure so I will give you the rundown and you may comment on it as you see fit. It was an instance where I was in middle position and had to KTs. I raised with the hand and then faced a positional 3 Bet two players to my left. It was a small 3 bet and I decided to make the call. Now right then and there that could be considered a mistake calling the three bet no matter how small it was with a KTs but nonetheless I did so. I ended up flopping a top pair of tens with my king kicker and a backdoor flush draw. My three betting opponent fired out about a three-quarter continuation bet on that flop which was in the $3 to $4 range closeer to $4 I believe it was and I elected to call. I made the call for multiple reasons. One, I had top pair and he could have easily have been three betting with a AK or AQ for that matter but also so many times in these situations it has been my experience that if you do call even when they have 3 bet preflop you will get a check on the turn.  It does not always happens but it happens quite often. The turn card was a card that gave me the flush draw so I am now sitting there with a pair of tens with a king kicker and the 2nd nut flush draw. My opponent went all-in for the final $12 or so and we begin the hand with roughly equal stacks so it would cost me the rest of my chips to make the call. At this point I'm completely putting him on a large pair whether it was AA, KK, QQ, or JJ, is pretty much anybody's guess, but I was convinced it was one of those four hands. Assuming I'm correct and he has anything except KK then I have 14 outs going to the River. Three Kings, 2 tens, and any one of nine spades. The question is is 14 hours enough to call that all in and I felt it was. I miss the river, lost a stack in the situation, and then had second thoughts of whether or not I had made an incorrect decision or not. If if I had made an incorrect decision it was definitely either preflop or the turn because there's no way in the world I can see my calling the flop being incorrect. Ad it turned out I was correct about his holdings being a large pair unfortunately for me, although it didn't really matter since the river was a complete blank, but he did have KK which did in fact take three of my of my outs away, but of course I had no way of knowing that for certain. With all that said was a mistake made and if so where was it made?

About the hand that I posted the other day the T8s hand I wanted to reveal the results of what happened. It was a hand where I was trying to figure what my implied odds were. I got a couple of replies to that including Kat Martin who said that I was not getting the proper implied odds on the hand. As a reminder as to what the situation was here you are. 

I'm still not quite certain why Kat seems to think I am not getting the correct implied odds when we consider that if I do hit I will get this players stack and I know this because I have much experience with this particularly overly aggressive player. To me there is maybe 1 chance in 10 he does not stack off here. Although getting the 4-1 may only be a break even in this situation since I already had money invested I cannot see not calling when getting 4-1 implied odds here. The results of the hand was I did call the turn bet, hit my flush on the river and my opponent as suspected stacked off on it. As it turned out my I was convinced that my opponent has two pair kings and queens in that situation, but as it turned out I was incorrect on that as he had flopped a set. Perhaps Kat Martin when he told me I was not getting the appropriate implied odds on the situation was considering a flopped set whereas I was not and thus as it turned out a couple of my outs were indeed counterfeited and under those circumstances 4-1 was not the appropriate odds, however I was fortunate and this one did work out for me.

That's going to wrap things up. It is a setback to the bankroll, but of course not something that I cannot overcome. I go into tomorrow still with 34 buyins and I'm not even having thoughts of switching off the plan at this point. I am seeing many many signs of success on this cash game grind and setbacks notwithstanding, I will continue to grind on. I did opt in for the fixed-limit leaderboard and was considering playing some $0.50/$1 seven card stud Hi-Lo in an effort to get some bonus money that way but when I looked at the leaderboard apparently a lot more people are taking part in this now than they did a couple of months ago as they're only paying out the top 10 and just to get to the top ten you would need a couple of hundred APOs so I'm not even going to bother with that, I'm simply going to stick with the No Limit cash games however tomorrow it will be back to four tables of $10NL for the foreseeable future. Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

$400 Proving To Be Elusive

Reaching the $400 account balance mark is being somewhat elusive the last couple of days. I went into yesterday's session needing $26 to get there. Once at $400 I can switch out a $10 table with a $20NL table. I got it as high as $396 and I have to admit that when I was that close I really wanted to say the hell with it and just fire up that $20 table, but I look at this as a test of discipline and I am glad to say that I have passed this test so far anyway. I ended yesterday's session with $396 and went into today needing less than $4 to be able to fire up a single $20 NL table.

Today's session was the opposite of yesterday as where I started out in the positive earnings yesterday, today I almost immediately went into the negative. Overall a lot of things were going wrong, but not everything was going wrong so it was a gradual decline all the way down to being down ($49) at approximately the 1200 hand mark. Wanting to clear $10 bonus every 3 days I went into today with 41 points needed so instead of a certain amount of hands being played, today I was going to play until I had cleared 41 points.  I was able to recoup a couple of those buyins and was sitting down $26 when I won a $40 pot with only about 2 APPs to go to clear that bonus and the account was back to $390. I immediately realized if I could just get those final 2 APPs and finish with $390 when I added the $10 bonus in and the rakeback I would begin tomorrow with $400+, but that was not meant to be when I lost $20 back when I flopped the nut flush, my opponent flopped a set and rivered quads. When it was all said and done the session went 2152 hands and a loss of ($28.05) and thus ended my 5 session winning streak. However I did clear that $10 bonus plus two more dollars in rake back so it only made the day a net loss of of ($16) and I end of the night with a bankroll of $380 and change.

You know it's an absolute amazing feeling for a poker player when he/she is properly rolled. During this swing of positive variance that I experienced for 5 straight days I've noticed that ever since I've had a bankroll topping $350 all of a sudden I've had this attitude that no matter what happens it doesn't matter, I don't even care what happens because when it comes down to it no matter what the losses are they are inconsequential.

Now before anybody gets too freaked out about that let me explain exactly what I mean and I'm talking the swings within a session or multiple sessions. The other day I started with a bankroll I believe it was $364 starting me with 36 buyins for the $10 tables and I immediately went into a losing stretch where I dropped $39 and although I ended up winning $32 on the session the point is that during that point where I was down just shy of four buyins it absolutely did not faze me in the slightest. I had no emotional reaction to it at all, I didn't even care because, although nobody wants to lose money during a session even though we know it happens, I was in a position where the amount of buyins in my bankroll gave me such emotional freedom from it that it was like I was floating on a poker Cloud 9 of some sort. Back on the 9th when I restarted this cash game grind and I was doing it with 20 buyins and I would drop 3 or 4 buyins within a session, I won't say it made me nervous, but all of a sudden I had to start thinking about contingency plans and what I would do if a couple of more buyins ended up getting lost and things of this nature. It didn't affect my decision-making process at the tables as I was still shoving stacks when I felt the situation was correct, I was calling large bets when I felt I was ahead and things of that nature, but who knows maybe there were cases where it did affect me. We're there instances where I folded a hand that I would have called because of what I considered to be a somewhat low amount of buyins available. Certainly having to think about contingency plans if you lose a couple of more of this or that can't be psychologically good for any poker player and I'm no exception in this but as I passed 35 buyins I felt a release of pressure.  I felt so relaxed like no matter what happened during that session or the following one or the one after that there was nothing that I couldn't overcome because of the appropriate bankroll amount. Even if I went into a downswing of 12 or 15 buyins and although I've never gone 15 as 12 is the worst I've seen I do know it could go further than that, but even if that happened I realized it didn't make a damn bit of difference because of the bankroll that I started that day with.  I was invincible, there wasn't a damn thing in the world that poker could throw at me that I could not overcome in due time.  This was not invincibility in that a Denny sort of delusion that no matter what I did I could win on my hands it was a feeling of invincibility that no matter what happened I could overcome it weather it took me three days, for days, or a week or more because of the bank roll I could overcome anything that was thrown my way good, bad, or indifferent.

I'm still beating myself up and probably rightfully so as I keep those earning statements on the right side of the blog. December through May just under $1,800 in withdrawals. I keep staring at it and I keep shaking my head. Yes, during that time there were just under $900 in deposits and yes, one could say that considering those deposits the net withdrawals was not $1800 but it was $900, but let's face it, if the withdrawals were never done and the deposits were that's $1,800.  I should be playing live already, probably should have been long ago. What a waste of time and profits.  I need to forgive myself or it's just going to eat me up inside. Maybe this is the best lesson I could have learned and maybe I need to continue to look at it each and everyday to remind myself what has passed, what could be right now, and what will be again unless I stay on course.

So, I go into tomorrow still searching for that elusive $400 account balance. Was today's losing session the beginnings of negative variance or a downswing, I hope not. I hope tomorrow I can bounce right back with a winning session. Getting beat by quads on three separate occasions and still end up only losing ($28) isn't all that bad in the grand scheme of things, but a quick $20 Profit start tomorrow would be awfully nice. We will see what happens simply taking it one day and one hand at a time.

In conclusion, as I'm sure you've noticed I changed the theme of the blog to a different color schematic. I did it for multiple reasons one of those being that I did have some readers that told me that the white writing on the black background was a little hard on the eyes.  Another reason was I wanted a change and I have been wanting one for awhile just wasn't sure which form I wanted to go with and the final reason was I wanted something a little more brightening than the almost all black that I had before.  Granted the new color schematic would never win any awards for bright and perky but I really like the one that I chose I really like the change that I made and I hope my readers do as well. That's all for now. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pending Bonus / The JJ Hand / Day 11 / A New Blog Recommendation

First off the results of the JJ hand I posted on June 13th.  To refresh your memory.

It was very early in the session I would say less than ten hands into the 2400+ that were eventually played and naturally I raised with pocket Jacks and as you can see my opponent would immediately shove after my flop continuation bet and here is the dilemma. I had no information on this player, no previous notes on him at all and looking at the board and knowing how several of these players play that all-in could have indicated a variety of things including a flopped set, top pair top kicker, the nut flush draw, flopping two pair perhaps with a 78s, and of course the possibility also existed they had flopped the openender and the flush draw at the same time.  I made the call in this situation and before I tell you what happened whether, or not I won or lost the hand, feel free to toss out some opinions as to what you would have done under the circumstances.

 It turned out he had flopped a set of eights.

I took the last 3 days off from the poker grind as I was going to go over to my friend Michelle's house aka "my sister from another mister", on Friday so I took the day off but we decided to reschedule it for the following day Saturday morning crashed on her couch over night and left this morning. On my way to her house on Saturday I stopped off on the strip and picked up a $300 withdraw that I had done. People on Twitter have asked me previously why do I play on  WSOP instead of playing on Bovada or someplace like that. I've always given the standard answers about being a US based site, but one of the other real answers is what happened with this withdraw. It was processed and the cash waiting for me to pick up in exactly 37 minutes.  If there were no other reason to play WSOP that would be the main one.

I withdrew the $300 because I got an answer to my email about the reload bonus. 

"Hey Flushhdraw,

Thanks for contacting us; my name is Xxxxxx and I'll be helping you today.
Flushhdraw, the bonus policy explains all bonuses must be wagered before you are able to cash out the bonus and any winnings attached. All reload bonuses offer are pending bonuses, which means you must accumulate APPs in order to release the bonus to your bank-roll. I've provided a link below which explain the bonus policy in-depth.
Therefore, should you make a withdrawal request tomorrow; you can deposit at any time you wish using valid a reload bonus code. If the explanation provided is not clear feel free to call our support team. 

It's a pleasure to have you as a player, and we look forward to helping you again in the future.
Action’s on you!

Player Support Representative"

Times have changed or perhaps it's just the way a US based site runs things, but what I mean is prior to Black Friday back in my PokerStars days. Back then, and I don't know what it's like now they may still be the same, but I remember back then if you did a withdrawal during the time frame of a reload bonus, you were shit out of luck and sitting on the sidelines as far as being able to take part in that bonus, but as far as WSOP is concerned money talks and bullshit walks and they do not care if you've done a withdraw and then a deposit as long as you've got the code you're good. It gives them more kudos in my opinion and just another reason why I don't have no intentions of switching sites.
so I withdrew $300 on Saturday and redeposited back Sunday morning. Sometimes they do a little goofy on their bonuses because it's supposed to be 100% but they always seem to cut it back by $10. This is not something I would contact support about because it's pretty minor All Things Considered but when I checked my account today it shows that I have $290 in pending bonus whatever no big deal that's still $290 that I need to try to clear in the next two months and at the current stakes I average 35 points per 2000 hands that I play so it should take me approximately 3 days to clear each $10 bonus. That means if we break that down into a two-month increment if I played every single day for 2000 hands a day which we know won't happen as I do take some time off, but say I did do that then in the two months I could clear $200 of the $290 pending at the current stakes.  As soon as I can start adding tables of $20NL I will be able to earn more point clearing more bonus money.

So for today's session.  I only had to play about 10 hours to get my 2000 hands which is my daily goal.  I was on a double dose of caffeine today to get this accomplished as I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, and while the pills are throwing my heart into PVCs as you know I find it an acceptable risk. I went into  today with a bankroll of $340 after returning the $300 to the account balance and today was definitely one of the swingy ones with a relatively moderate drop almost from the first dew hands and then a solid steady climb upwards.  Here is the rundown of hands played / profit or loss.

340 / ($23)
1115 / ($31)
1200 / ($39)
1280 / ($25)
1510 / ($14)  
1600 / +$10
1650 / +$12
1910 / +$30 
2023 / +$32.76

A swing of over $70, 7.2 buyins only fortunately for me it was a swing in a positive direction and resulted in the 4th straight winning session and table earnings of $157, just shy of 16 buyins over those last 4 sessions.  I am riding this upswing in variance and loving it although I will admit after the first 1200 hands were played today I thought that upward streak had come to an end.  One thing I noticed is that comfort level I have spoken of previously is pretty much with me as when I was down 4 buyins it did not phase me in the slightest and I think it's because the amount of buyins I started today with in my bankroll, 34, had a very positive psychological effect.  Table earnings were $32.76, another $2 in rakeback, 37 APPs were earned so my average of 35 was pretty much on target and I ended the night with a bankroll of $374.93.  

Here are a couple of hands I want to share and discussion on the 2nd one is welcome.  

This hand was very nice and was pretty much the catalyst towards today being a profitable one.  My opponent raised and I simply called.  When the flop came he wasted no time and open shoved.

This hand is interesting and I am interested in what anyone who wishes to offer an opinion would do.  I actually raised this hand preflop and while the HJ is not ordinarily a spot for raising T8s although I will do it in late position, the table, as do a lot of them on WSOP, was running relatively tight.  My preflop raise was standard pot size, 35 cents if I am first in, 45 cents if there is a single limper, 55 cents if their are two limpers and so on.  I fired a flop continuation bet of my standard 3/4 pot size and was called.  On the turn I cut it back to 1/2 pot and you can see what my worthy opponent did.  What's your move, call or fold?

You'll notice the color coded red not on this player indicating over aggressiveness in my opinion and I have played many many hands with him and while he tends to be overly aggro he is also someone who knows when to back off.  What's he holding.  Knowing him as I do he is not raising that amount with a draw.  He's not opposed to raising with a draw,but not that size.  A draw raise with him would definitely be smaller so immediately I know I am up against a set or 2 pair here.  I've turned the flush draw here and with now $7.26 in the pot and my odds to hit being 4-1 I am getting almost 2-1on the call, but notice what he has behind.  I start considering the implied odds here and am fairly certain, because if it's hit it would in fact be the runner runner variety, that if I can score this flush on the river then he will stack off and in that case I must consider his remaining $5.12 as part of this pot when making my decision now making this just about 4-1 to make the call.  I will reveal what I did in a couple of days, but what would be your decision here?

$20NL is getting closer and closer.  My comfort zone is 40 buyins so $400, which at the same time would be 20 buyins for $20NL and when $400 is achieved I will add a single $20NL table to the mix, but only one.  I refuse to find myself in a 5 buyin slide at a higher level wiping out the moderate success I am achieving at this point.  As the bankroll increases by $100 increments and additional $20NL table can replace a $10NL one, but will be done one at a time.  Just over $25 to go to get there and I will not budge on my decision of waiting for an account balance of $400. If I am a single dime shy of that mark then I will not add that higher stakes table.

I would like to let you know of a new blog on the bloglist.  The author is xedx7, a reader and welcome commenter here at Roads To Tomorrow.  In a comment he told me to check his blog out and until he had done that I was not aware he wrote a blog.  It took me all of 30 seconds after looking at his blog to know his would be a welcome addition.  It is called "Adventures Of An Ace" and you can get to it by clicking the title above, his link in the Good Reads section or you can click here, and it will take you directly to it.

That's going to wrap things up for tonight.  Another good one and I hope I can ride this wave straight into $20NL which could happen sometime during tomorrow's session if things continue to go along this current trajectory.  I want to wish any and all of my reader's that are dads a very happy Father's day and I hope your day was awesome and the same to any single moms out there for this is your day as well.  Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Seeing What I Can Gather Together For The Reload Bonus

First things first. It turns out I made a slight error on my earnings for December 2015 which wasn't so slight and was nearly $200 in total earnings. I was basing the starting amount on what the account statement told me but that began I believe on December 8th, but utilizing my blog entries from that time I found out that I started that month on December 1st with $45 in my account and of course all the other numbers are of course accurate. I obtained this information from this post here.   the December earnings have now been broken down on the right side of the block and are now correct.

The following comes under the heading of "bad timing", but I'm going to do everything I can to get what I can out of this. It turns out that WSOP has a Reload bonus going of 100% up to $1,000.  Unfortunately money is scarce, but I do have my online account.  I have sent an email to WSOP asking what their policy is regarding withdraws and then deposits to take part in a reload bonus so I will await their response before I decide on how much, if anything, to withdraw from my online account and then redeposit to take part in the reload bonus.

As for my monthly disability payment I can pull $780 from the ATM,  $550 of that goes to my landlady leaving $230.  I will need some food and I am supposed to possibly meeting a visitor who reads my blog for lunch, but I can deposit  I can deposit $150.  This will have to be withdrawn back out a few days later to pay for the remainder of my monthly living expenses .  If both these plans are feasible I could have anywhere from $300-$600 in bonus money to be cleared over the next 2 months and that would be one hell of a bankroll addition.

Day 8 was a shortened session.  I ran about 8 hours or so played over 1300 hands and booked a $50 profit.  My 3rd straight winning day and up over 12 buyins during this time.  Ended tonight with $340, 34 buy-ins in the bankroll.  I ended things for a few reasons. First I was starting to get somewhat fatigued as today was the first day in 3 I did not take a caffeine pill so I think I need to take one each day, but I also needed to do some laundry tonight.  It is so nice not to have to drag it to a laundromat any longer.

Tonight's session rundown was pretty much a positive climb after the first 550 hands.

1-550 hands played.  Up about $8 and then about $11 down then at the 550 hand mark up $3
1040 / $32
1170 / $34 
Finished with 1311 hands played, +$50.03 and $2 rakeback.

That's all for now just a short post tonight. No real hands of interest to post, just an overall good session and I'll keep you posted on what happens with the reload.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grinding It Back Up

First some comment responses.

Zin said:

FD, you are better off playing 1 table of NL25 than 4 tables of NL10.

Well Zin it's an interesting thought, but unfortunately that is not available to me.  On WSOP we have $2NL, $10NL, $20NL, and $50NL.  There are higher tables, but if I were rolled for that I would have my $2000 and would be grinding $2/$4 live.  So the closest to your recommendation would be $20NL, but I fail to see how that would be advantageous.  A single table of that will not generate more earnings than 4 tables of the lower level and also playing something when I have only 12 buy-ins for it is not exactly in my "comfort zone"

Pokerdogg said:

Abe may come across as too harsh, but he has some good points. Your screen shots serves only as bad beat stories due to lack of details, and no one plays 99% perfect poker even if such a thing can be measured. Personally if I only recognize 2 or 3 mistakes in a live session (say 240 hands), I consider that a good session. For every mistake I recognize, there are probably 10 that I could have played better.  

Come across too harsh??  He's like a cross between a cornered mongoose and a spitting cobra.  Dogg, you know that I am open to discussion and criticism about my poker playing and decisions, but that clown has more pessimism in him than a war refugee.  I'm done dealing with that obvious hater who has yet to have a single positive thing to say.  Take yourself for instance.  You will take me to task when I screw up and rightfully so, but you're also one of the first ones to pipe up when I have done something well.  You are not one sided and that is very much appreciated by you and my other readers who comment.

Unfortunately WSOP does not save the hand histories to the hard drive so I have no way to put it into a replayer of some sort and obviously doing it manually would take forever.  I suppose I could do multiple screenshots showing the bets that are made on each street, but that would be like 4 screenshots for each hand, and wasn't sure if that wouldn't be a bit too much, but it would tell the story of the hand better for the readers.


 ClaudePOKERAAA said:

Just a question on the numbers bro, you said you have broken even at NL10 but your results on the right says you are up $39? How? And your numbers on the report I don't understand. June 10 you said "Rakeback was $23 so actual table earnings were $346.25" But the bulk of that money of $218.75 is under the heading Bonuses. So are you counting bonuses as on the table earnings?

Sorry for the simple questions dude but, English isn't my first language so sometimes it's confusing.. good luck with your plan i am sure negative cooler downtime will reserve into sunny upswing day

I am sure frustration crept in and a bit of a lack of discipline when you said you played 99% perfect poker, but what do you think are your biggest leaks in poker?

Good luck bro looking forward to seeing the next post, hopefully you end up in the green 

After the session on the 13th I was down $4 at $10NL, but a $44 winning session on the 14th put me back in the green numbers.

Yes in December there were $218.75 in bonuses, but I was counting rakeback and bonuses in with my total earnings. Perhaps I should separate it all to show actual table earnings.

As for leaks and that session.  Yes frustration set in, but in no way did it effect my game. I still hold I played almost perfect poker that session. I am a human being and will make mistakes from time to time.  As for leaks I truly believe I have the minimal amount, but if there is one area I slip up on I would say it is calling river bets too often and it is something I am working on improving.

So on to June 14th, day 6 of the cash game restart and it was equivalent to a thoroughbred breaking out of the starting gate and opening up a lead so far that the field couldn't touch him. I've had good sessions before, I've had decent starts before, but I cannot ever recall being up four and a half buyins, $45 in the first 380 hands. It was absolutely insane the way flops were hitting me on pre-flop raises and when they weren't opponents were folding to continuation bets. Whereas yesterday on a few occasions my AQ ran up against AK, today to start out I was the one with AK and they had AQ or AJ. The start of the day 5 session, at least compared to the previous four days was like day and night. Like somebody had flipped a switch off and then on again the best thing about this quick start was that since I was back up to $250 and since $150 is the cutoff point for the contingency plan this now gave me at least 10 buyins to play around with before I would have to go back to tournaments.  The whole day was one of constant things coming up, Incidence taking me away from the computer, and it ended up being a shortened session, but in approximately 700 hands or so a profit of $44.  The last few hundred hands played at break even, but the first 380 hands an explosion and I ended the night with a bankroll of $251.64.

So on to June 15th, day 7 of the restart. A complete opposite start than that of day 6.  Down (-$19) in the first 145 hands.  Ughhhh how revolting.  One hand of interest that I will throw out for discussion.  QQ in the big blind.  The CO limps, button and small blind fold, I raise and the CO calls.  Flop c-bet is 3/4.  I fire a second barrel on the turn and Villain goes all-in for his last $5.64 effectively costing me another $4.  No information on him, no previous notes, screenname completely unfamiliar.  You gonna fold for another $4??

So my mind starts running over the possible holdings.  JJ?? No raise preflop so doubtful same analysis for KK and AA.  A pocket pair that he might limp with 88, 99, something like that and he just might turn shove here on this board trying to rep a 7 with one of those hands figuring there's no way I have anything with a 7 since my preflop raise came from the big blind which let's face it is a pretty safe assumption.  Obviously him limping in with something that had a 7 was a possibility such as 78s, 79s something like that, but I felt 88, 99, or even TT was far more likely here so after some thought I called the raise.  Thoughts??  Opinions??

BAM!!! I was wrong!!!  An open limp in the cutoff with T7s.  Really???  Grrrrrrrrr.

So I fall to minus (-$23) within the first 200 hands when this one came up.

Ok, I know T4s sucks, but come on I'm getting 7-1 odds preflop.  I mean 7-1!!!  For that price I might be willing to see the flop with the keys to the palace on the table, well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. I called the 21 cents.

 Hmmm the flush draw, just what I was looking for, but not thrilled with the two aces on that flop.  Now here's where it gets interesting.  Bwy is a reg, but no actual notes on him.  I have seen him go all in preflop with QQ, but that's it.  I check the flop and he fires 30 cents into a $1.73 pot.  Metagamed called but no huge surprise there with him. The 30 cent bet seemed off to me big time and I figure a check/raise here and I'm takin this puppy down right here, right now.  Uhhh yeah that didn't work,  he called, but Meta folded so we're heads up.  Turn is a non diamond 2 putting a board of A6A2 out there with 2 diamonds.  Two choices, fire out again or check it, but I now figure he does have an ace, but with a decent kicker and even if this river is a diamond if its somewhat highish I could be running a river flush into a boat, either way even if I bet no way he folds here, but if I check this turn after a check/raise it might throw him off, I've seen it happen before With other players in this particular player is not the overly aggressive type and so it might work even though he has position on me.  The two actions might confuse him slightly into checking behind giving me a free turn card.  I checked and he did also.  I love it when a plan comes together, but I figure the only way I'm winning this is a diamond on the river and it damn well better be lower than an 8 in the process or we definitely could be looking at flush vs boat here.  The river was the 5 of diamonds.  No way in the world I figure this reg is limping this pot preflop with anything less than an A8 and I figure him for an ace holding trips, but with that low diamond I got him, I know I do. Time for a value bet.  Too high and I'll lose him because I think he is a player that will lay down the trips if he figures I out kick him.  I go 1/2 pot, $2.57, he calls, and we showdown.

I'm sure some may think I never belonged in the hand to start with, but getting 7-1 preflop I felt it would have been the wrong play NOT to call.  My actions postflop even I admit can come under scrutiny, but at the time I felt it was the best play under the circumstances. All opinions, for and against, as always are welcome.

A few pots won, some pots lost, and a couple of traps with AA the session rundown was like this.

420 hands (-$12)
550 hands +$5
900 hands +$11
1120 hands  +$6
1200 hands (-$6)
1430 hands +$16

That $22 increase was due to these little gems.  Different tables, but practically back to back.

All-in on the flop.  Cold called with the KK to try and lay a trap.  This strategy works a lot, but needs to be pulled against overly aggressive types.

We were all-in on the turn, but the crazy thing was I bet, he raised, I shoved and he snap called.  Must have thought I was bluffing is the only thing I can think was his thought process.

Onward we go.

1620 hands  +$29
1960 hands  +$35

Final Totals:  2049 hands  +$35.50

From trying to recall the cash game Grind from the beginning of the year and seeing what's happening now I am learning certain things that I am adamantly convinced of. First off, for me personally, and although I know it could be even higher, but I'll go with what I have seen and experienced so far, I can expect to experience downswings or downward variance if you prefer, as high as 12 buyins. With that said and knowing that the 12 buyin downward swing could easily be 15 I am more convinced than ever that the standard bankroll must be 40 buyins at least for me, at least for my comfort level. I'm also convinced that surrender must never be an option. In my last blog entry when it was 10,000 or 11000 and and I was showing losses of $4 I had asked the rhetorical question when am I supposed to admit to myself that this is not going to work for me, and even though I asked that question in my blog I also followed it up with that I was not willing to give up yet. These last two days have shown me that you can't give it up you must keep grinding no matter what the downswing, no matter how many buyins that you are down providing you are playing your "A" game, no matter how many days you go without a winning session or if you run into streaks where it eliminates whatever profit you were able to amass, whatever the case is you must not give up, surrender is not an option, and as I've said so many times before no matter what is happening you must play through it. This is the major difference between what I had wrote about on the last entry and what I've done previously. Previously I had given up and tried to switch over to something different, but this time I didn't do it, this time I stayed the course, this time I kept the plan in place and even though the bankroll amount was getting a little dicey as far as the number of buyins available especially when I had dropped down to an account balance of $186 during that session I refused to give in and my reward for this has been the last two sessions, and has resulted in $75 worth of table earnings in the last two days alone. The earn rate is past 5bb/100 and although that is still below expectation in my mind it is climbing. Let's just hope we can keep this run good going. I ended the night with a bankroll just over $288. 28 buyins almost 29, another 12 buyins, $120 to go until I'm at my comfort zone.

Tonight I will show the screenshots for February as I end this entry. Although I did not always have profits at the tables, bonuses and rake back always seem to save my ass, but that was not the case in February and you will see those numbers below. I'm also going to change the earnings on the right side of a blog to break down what exactly each month was as far as bonuses, rakeback and table earnings. So with that said, until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Start: $456.86
End: $190
Withdraws $190

Although the summary shows withdraws of $290, $100 of that was actually done and completed on March 1st so I have indicated the correct withdraw amount for February as $190.

End amount $190 minus start amount $456.86 equals negative ($266.86) plus withdraws $190 equals total for the month negative ($76.86)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Continuing Frustration

I cannot wait until I reach my $2,000 goal and can start my journey as a live full-time limit player starting out with $2/$4 and working my way up to perhaps $40/$80 or beyond who knows, the sky's the limit because the bullshit of online poker has me so frustrated it's not even funny. I get so sick and tired of the constant and I mean constant almost completely improbable happenings that I experience online that it borders on the ridiculous. When I do I hit my goal of $2,000 I am gladly going to turn my back on the online poker world forever.

Day 5 of what I call the focused restart actually started out pretty damn strong. I got started about 12:35 p.m. and within 2 hours I was up a little over $20 and then 4 hands on 4 different tables within 20 minutes and  two of them happening within seconds of one another.  Here's the screenshot of what happened.

From up $20 to down about (-$18) so nearly a 4 buyin swing in less than 20 minutes, but of course I'm told previously that swings like this is a problem in my game. Anyone that says that is an idiot as far as I'm concerned and these screenshots are showing just that.  Pokerdogg says frustration is a form of tilt, well if that's so I was plenty fkn tilted after this bullshit run of hands let me tell you, but not enough to let it effect my game.  I continued on playing the "A" game just figuring that this was obviously the 4th straight day of a downward variance streak and I would not let this or anything else alter me from my directed course.  3 hours in, 580 hands and down (-$17), but still 9 hours remaining in this session.  Bring it on!!!

It took three and a half hours and 500 more hands but just keeping things on a normal level I was able to grind it back up again. A couple of buyins in that length of time obviously doesn't seem like a great accomplishment but I was running pretty card dead during that time, not very many playable hands at all and when you're going through that where you become intimately acquainted with the fold button you take all the small gains you can and that's how I got those two buyins back was small gains no all-ins, no stacking anybody, just a little by little, a continuation but here, a steal there, that's sort of thing. Six and a half hours and 1100 hands into the session I was up $5. Someone remind me why I fired the tables up today lol. 

1270 hands in and I'm up about $8 for the session and this one hits.  We were all-in preflop and the purple tag indicates the player to be an aggro donk so the holdings were not a huge surprise, but come on already.  What did I do wrong in a previous life??

1270 hands and down $3 for the session.  %$#@#$%&#%$@#  {insert your choicedof curse words here}
Four hours to go in the session, 1460 hands up $1.  Why am I here lol.

1775 hands in and down ($16) again.  Had top pair top kicker and a flush draw, but unfortunately my over aggro type opponent already had the flush and then this next screenshot didn't help matters.

2 hours and 15 minutes left to go in this session so if I was going to break free of this downward variance that had been slammin me for the past 4 days it would have to be in the final couple of hours.  At this point I would be happy with a break even session the way things had gone today.  Not exactly helping my already dismal earn rate,but by this point I just was hoping for something positive to show itself in the last couple of hours.

Slipping downward further was my destiny.  Almost another full buyin down to minus (-$26) a break even session with less than 2 hours left would have felt like a win, but it was pretty clear there was no sign of that happening today.  In fact this one brought me to down (-$32)

2055 hands and down ($34).  Right at this point my first 9800 hands had produced earnings of $4.  Frustrated, irritated, the feeling that no matter what I do, what cards I play, I'm automatically wrong.  It's the worst feeling in the world for a poker player.  Knowing you are making every correct decision, calculating odds to form these decisions, putting your opponents on hand ranges and yet no matter what, it's wrong.  If you said the sky was blue, you'd be wrong.  That overall $4 in earnings did not last long as the session loss slipped to (-$39) and the account balance went to $199.  I had 45 minutes left in the session, but if all of a sudden things started turning around I would extend it.  That's what happened on the 10th when I was down ($60) and right at the end things started to flip back.  On that day I played longer than the planned 12 hours and was able to turn that (-$60) to a (-$28).  I had no overriding feeling that would happen tonight, but you never can tell.

Things improved slightly, but unfortunately it didn't stay on that track.  The following two hands were on the same table 4 hands apart.  Down (-$45) for the session. 

Account balance down to $186.  This session was just fkn ridiculous.  A swing of over 7 full buyins, $72 and not a damn thing I could do about it.  Was able to recoup a couple of buyins back and with the $3 in rakeback ended with an account balance of $206.54.  If this extended cooler drops me to $150 in my account I will have no choice, but to return to $1 and $2 tournaments, but only until I am back up to $200 again and then it would be right back on the cash games. I refuse to go broke and will employ the contingency plan if it becomes necessary and the way things have been going it looks like it's just a matter of time.  10,539 hands played and losses of a little over ($4).  When is it that I admit to myself that for whatever reason I am not going to be able to do this with cash games??  Is this simply normal variance??  I know I have played 99% perfect poker and I have gone over hand histories until my eyes were squirrelled and there's not a damn thing I would do different.  Is it time to abandon this or is 10,000 hands meaningless in the grand scheme of a cash game grind? I'm not ready to give up yet.  I enter Monday hoping beyond hope that those final 2 buyins I recouped was some sort of sign.  Time to hit the tables.  Hopefully the next entry will be more positive.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Realizing The Whys Of Past Decisions

As I entered day 4 of the strict focused cash game grind, I realized the reasons that I have made past decisions that I have. Actually I realized it yesterday and the reason I realized it is because the same thing has happened this time. I'm not talking about the decisions of the withdrawals and going out and having fun, but instead I'm talking about the decisions regarding changing approaches, changing the games that I've played, things of this nature. It boils down to one word and that word is frustration and I believe that best describes it. I restarted this cash game grind on the 9th and that first day I had a very nice session of a little over 2,000 hands and $56 in profits. $56 in 2000 and is obviously running above expectation and  it's quite obvious that variance will equal things out  and over the course of the next two days variance kicked in and I went into somewhat of a tailspin losing $28 and change on the 10th and losing another $4 on the 11th and I realize that previously the first reaction that sets in for me when I have a really good profit day or streak, put in a lot of hours play, a lot of hands just to see it disintegrate in the next session or two. It's this frustration that says to me this is ridiculous why put yourself through this, there are other avenues that would be better. Better in the sense of it may not cost me as much, better in the sense of it may not have such intense swings and by intense I mean I can play MTTs of the $1 to $3 variety and it will only cost me say $20 or $30 maximum a day whereas grinding $10 cash games I can easily have a $50, $60, or $70 loss so comparing the money amounts it told me to get away from this high variance aspect of the cash games and go with something that would appear financially moderately safer and previous to this that's exactly what I did out of simple and pure frustration I believe and nothing more.

That's what happened the last couple of days where I won $56 the first day and then lost $32 over the corresponding next two days which brings me to earnings below expectations, but unlike other times I did not abandon my focus although the thought did go through my mind I will admit this. The thoughts of get away from this, go play something that's going to definitely not have the risk of costing as much floated through my thoughts, but I pushed it away. How many times in this blog have I said you have to play through the downswings, negative variance, or results below expectation. If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times but yet I've abandoned cash games when things seems to turn away from what I feel is expected. This time I was determined not to repeat this action and as the 4th day of the cash game grind restart arrived I continued on with it determined not to deviate from what I need to focus on, not to deviate because of, what I hope to be, a minor suboptimal period of results.  Pretty much previously I have been basing my decisions based on results and as we all know doing anything in poker being result-oriented is the absolute wrong thing to do and if I have any doubts in my mind, any questions as to whether or not I am on the correct road, all I have to do is look to the right side of this blog, look at the earnings for December and January where I had grinded 50,000 hands in cash games during those two months and I instantly know I am on the right track.

So $32 in losses over the previous two days with over 2,400 hands played on the 10th but only a little over 1,100 played on the 11th as I needed to get some groceries at the store so I called poker an early day. With the temperatures being what they are any errands that I need to run I will either do them early in the morning or in the evening. Here is some of the reasons for the two-day losing streak going into the 12th.

Approximately $44 in losses in those six hands. This was during that session where I ended up losing $28 and after these hands I was down about $60 at the time but a decent run towards the end of the session and I was able to battle back for a $28 loss. In these hands I was rivered once and my opponents went runner runner on me and two other occasions. The final KK hand perhaps I could I have gotten away from it with that flush potential out there, but if I recall correctly the final bet was a moderate one which I felt was a definite call. I have been accused of overplaying my larger pocket pairs and perhaps at times I do, but in these examples I do not think that I did over play them. The following is one that I may have done exactly that and I ran this by one person already who gave me their opinion and I would like other opinions to see what people think in general.

It was very early in the session I would say less than ten hands into the 2400+ that were eventually played and naturally I raised with pocket Jacks and as you can see my opponent would immediately shove after my flop continuation bet and here is the dilemma. I had no information on this player, no previous notes on him at all and looking at the board and knowing how several of these players play that all-in could have indicated a variety of things including a flopped set, top pair top kicker, the nut flush draw, flopping two pair perhaps with a 78s, and of course the possibility also existed they had flopped the open ender and the flush draw at the same time.  I made the call in this situation and before I tell you what happened whether, or not I won or lost the hand, feel free to toss out some opinions as to what you would have done under the circumstances.

Day 4 of the restart continued to be a struggle much as the last 2 days have been.  During the course of the session I stacked a player here and there and I got stacked here and there but nothing ever seemed to be extreme as the most I was ever up was about $12 and the most I was ever down was $11 and in the end I ended up winning $7.78 over the course of 1769 hands plus another $2 in rakeback and I ended the night with a bankroll of $238 and change. This winning session, if you can actually call it that, combined with the last two losing sessions is absolutely giving me a hideous earn rate, however win is a win and it does beat the last two sessions which were both losses and it might mean that I am coming out of this downward variance that I seem to have gotten into immediately following the $56 winning session. I actually only played 10 and a half hours today cutting the session a little short as my eyes were starting to get a little bit tired and I just wasn't feeling it.  Hopefully tomorrow I can start perhaps a heater run which would be kind of nice.  I won't lie. I go through 3 straight days of sub-par performances, investing approximately 30 hours and over 5000 hands just to be down nearly $25 in the process and the thoughts of why am I banging my head against the wall. The thoughts go through me that there has to be a better approach in accomplishing what I'm trying to accomplish goes through my thoughts, but then I look over on the right side of the blog and I see the January and February profits and I keep grinding.  It really is a struggle to stay on the same thing, to stay focused when I'm getting a little bit frustrated, but this is something that I need to learn how to deal with and although it's only been 4 days so far I am doing better at that than I have in a long time.

To wrap things up here are the screenshots for the January earnings. I've previously posted the December screenshots and will be posting one with each blog entry to show that I am not lying about the previous monthly earnings as I have been accused of. That's all for now. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Start: $503.41

End: $456.86

Withdraws: $350

End amount $456.86 minus start amount $503.41 plus withdraws $350 equals earnings  $303.45

Friday, June 10, 2016

Focused On The Cash Game Grind

I entered today with a bankroll of exactly $200.70 and considering the somewhat foolish things that I've done recently I feel very fortunate to even have that. I refer to specifically the hands that I played at $50 PLO8 which can only be described as a form of tilt and which I ended up losing $35 during that little session.  I don't know if I had mentioned that or not, but there was no excuse for it, it simply happened as it has for most of us at one time or another I would imagine, but yet I was fortunate enough to start off today with pretty much what I began June with. $0.70 more in the account balance but losing a little bit since I had $14 in rakeback going into today.

My readers, some whom I respect greatly and others whom I don't know, but the overall perception my readers have of me is that I lack discipline. Of course newer commenters seem to take great joy in attacking me as a poker player, pretty much telling me for all intents and purposes, if not with these actual words, that obviously my game is no good, I'm not a winning player, my game has leaks etc, etc, etc. They feel I lack discipline because I have jumped around as to what I am doing and even I recognize the lack of discipline with the withdrawals and in some of these things they are correct and in others they are way way off base.

I started today with a new determined attitude and purpose and a plan that is one that I never should have gotten off of and that is to simply grind cash games. I am avoiding tournaments altogether even freerolls because I do not want the temptation of a deep run to start me thinking that that's the road I need to be on when I have realized its the opposite one. I need to go by the earnings that I've had thus far and based on those the cash game grind in December and January provided the best earnings. I have been accused that those earnings are not truthful and that in of itself I find completely unacceptable and insulting. The one thing I've always done in this blog is be truthful even with my own faults and if I wasn't I would not have admitted to doing some of the things that I have done, but with that said each blog entry I do I will include a screenshot of a month to prove the earnings that I have stated on the right side of the blog are in fact the truth. I'm not going to do all six months in one blog entry because that's a hell of a lot of screenshots so I will do it just one month at a time for each entry I do and this entry I will show you the screenshots of the December starting account balance, it's ending account balance, and a third screenshot of the summary of deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and rakeback. 

I woke up rather early this morning as I fell asleep at approximately 9:30 last night and I decided to get on the tables at 10 a.m. The session today will be as it will be with future sessions from here on out a 12 hour grind. 12 hours. 12 hours guaranteed me 2000 hands a day, and allows me pretty much to take as many breaks as I want. Today's session was one that had its variance filled moments, but of course obviously I have readers out there that figure whatever variance I go through just means I've played badly, yeah, ok, whatever.  Be that as it may I decided today that I would share with you some screenshots of what happens at times when I'm playing cash games online. I hope these don't bore you too much, but it will give you possibly some indication of what is happening on the tables and I will try to include what had happened during the hand with the action or some hands might be multiple screen shots.

It was a little before 1 and I had been going at it almost 3 hours at this point with approximately 450 to 500 hands played and a profit of $23 going into the hand. I started the hand with $16.86 on the table and in the cutoff got dealt pocket sixes. It was raised to only $0.23 so this was a pretty standard call with a pocket pair looking to set mine. The button and small blind folded and the big blind also called the raise. When the flop came out the big blind donk bet this flop for $0.50 pretty much three-quarters of the pot and the original raiser min raised him and I did a smooth call. As far as I was concerned I had a monster and if I wasn't in a set over set situation I figured I would pretty much find out on the turn if that was in fact the case. I felt I was in a pretty good spot but still I wanted to wait to see what happened on the turn. the big blind who had donk bet the flop checked the turn and the original raiser came out with $1.36 bet into a $3.56 pot. At this point I'm putting both of these guys on something to do with that Queen possibly ate you possibly catch you but at this point I'm not expecting anyone to show up with a 7-9 suited here especially when I flat call the turn and the big blind also flat calls I gotta figure I'm looking pretty good here. When the river paired the queen and also put the third Club out there I figured the big blind might have donk bet that flop with a flush draw. I have played with this player many times and he's one of the better players on the site.  He checked, the original raiser checked and I fire $5.86 which was three-quarters of the pot. The big blind goes all-in for his last $23 I've only got $8.41 behind. The original raiser folds and now I am sitting here with sixes full of Queens trying to figure out what he might be shoving here with.  I doubt a player like him would go all in with a flush on a paired board and I had shown absolutely no indication of a possible flopped set here so I definitely put him on a queen with a very good kicker to me this was a snap call and that's exactly what I did. 

As you can see he hit a 4 outer. It's just one of those variance hands, one of those hands that just sucks when it happens to you and I lost with my full house, but obviously I guess that doesn't count with "certain readers" and since I encountered some variance that cost me 1.6 buyins it's automatically my fault. The only thing that could be said was that i should have jammed the flop but since the big blind had flopped top two even if I had done that he's not going anywhere and this still would come out the same but go ahead tear me apart on the hand, I'm ready and waiting. 

This was probably the worst hand of the day not only in money lost, but also because I didn't notice the damn paired threes on the board.  Ughhhh oh well, I'm human and I will make errors. 

One of the best calls of the day was not one that made me the most money, but one where my read was used to make the decision.  I had raised preflop, c-bet the flop, fired another bullet on the turn and you can see the large raise my opponent put in.

There are any number of ways I am beat here and most of the time I would let this go, but you willnotice the purple color coded note on him.  Purple indicates he is an aggro donk.  Not just a bad player but an aggressive bad player and these players can be difficult at best as you never know when they really have a hand or whether they are being their usual stupid self.  I tanked on this one for awhile,but finally decided to make the call.

After the turn we each had less than $2 in our stacks so naturally it was an easy all-in.  The only reason I won this was because of the previous experience and the notes and color coding on this player.

This next screenshot made me laugh  I raised preflop, this guy 3 bets me and the player tohis immediate left called.  When it came back to me I shoved, he called the other guy folded and he shows me this.

 And he damn near got me  Had a few outs I had to dodge.

So overall the day was good, 2400 hands played, 12 hours, and after that 4 outer that knocked me from +$23 down to +$6 was  one of the few downward variance things that happened.  I was at +$73 at the highest  hung around +60 for the longest time, had a couple of hands that hurt me and dropped to +$34, but rebounded in the end for a session of $56.75 in earnings, another $2 in rakeback ending the day with a bankroll of $258.75.

Here are the screenshots for December earnings.  My day starts at 6am so if I play til 3am on a particular day it is counted for the previous day.  As you can see in the screenshots I started $206.16.  I checked my past entries and found I had made a deposit of $108.

I ended the month with $503.41 and started with $206.16 this equals earnings of $297.25.  From this deposits are subtracted from the earnings and  any withdraws during the month are obviously added to those earnings.  $280 in cashouts but $100 of those canceled so $180 in withdraws added to the earnings and the $108 deposit subtracted from those earnings.


Total Earnings of  $369.25
Rakeback was $23 so actual table earnings were $346.25.

And finally lets finish off with some more comment responses.

Kat Martin said:

How does your BB/100 in NLHE compare to your earlier estimates of what you think it can be? The fact you're winning at where the games aren't great suggests you're doing plenty right. Your PLO8 game IMO has a lot of leaks.

I estimate my cash game earn rate in the neighborhood of 8-9bb/100.  Pay no attention to the PLO8.  It was a form of tilt trying to get the losses from thr NLH tables back.Not in the correct mindframe you might say when I played.

ClaudePOKERAA said:

Forget that abe fool bro, show him the accounting screenshots and shut his and all the other "haters" azz holes for life. Everyone else knows you got the potential to makes waves in the poker scene

He does make a good point about the bankroll management aspect ratio. You talk about it a lot and then you took a shot at PLO 50 (wtf?) and only mentioned it when somebody else did. You need to be true to yourself and just chalk it up to a momentary lapse of discipline

Dust yourself off, work out what you need bankroll management wise post it and set it in stone and attack with a solid plan! gl bro

Thanks Claude  I am and will do that.  Appreciate the good encouraging words, as I'm a little short on those lately.

Abe Cale said in part:

The swings most definitely indicate you have serious leaks in your game indeed.
Just the fact you justify yourself by saying your AA/KK being cracked by flopped set shows that no matter what you're going all the way with your hand, regardless of the board texture, positions and what not.
You also give 0 indication on how the hand played out, were you raised on turn ? on river ? etc...
We can't take your word for granted as it became quite clear to everyone that you twist everything around to make you look good.

So no matter what I say about an AA or KK getting cracked you're not going to believe me anyway and pretty much call me a liar so why should I bother trying.

You think you are entitled to win every session and you call a 2000 hands loss a downswing which is absolutely ridiculous, no offense.

At first I thought you might be some sort of troll hater,but now I can see your just simply dense.  I mean really???  No one thinks they can win every hand.  For the love of Christ be reasonable for 2 seconds, you may find in benefits you.

But it's also the fact that, for example, you take a shot a PLO 50 when you're sitting with what ? 8-10 BI's ?
I know you're going to say that it was a one time thing, that you were tilted etc...but doesn't it exactly prove my point ?

The only point you proved was I was somewhat tilty and played a game I should not have which I have already admitted to.  I'm a human being and sometimes humans make an error in judgement,but apparently you seem to have this perfect complex where you must not make errors so you would prefer to simply emphasize an error you perceive.  Must get lonely on top of that tall pedestal you insist on standing on.

At least I see that the animosity you have towards my comment can only mean that I have struck a nerve but you're also the king at finding excuses for everything you do wrong so I didn't really expect you to admit any mistake here.

Well gee since my blog is filled with personal admissions of errors and less than optimal choices from time to time guess you got that one wrong.

I hope (but doubt) this comment makes it because you may think I'm attacking you but it's more like I'm harshly trying to help you.


Well, you don't know me.  I don't run from a fight or debate and will defend myself to my dying breath.  You have said that you're trying to help in your own way, uhhh yeah sure, whatever.  If you have so many complaints on me why do you even bother to read this blog because apparently whatever I do is wrong to you.  I don't know who you are, but it seems you only joined blogger this month for what purpose I do not know.  You could be a past hater under a different alias, you could be someone that just likes to put someone down, or you could be what you say you are, a reader that has not commented before, but whatever or whoever you are I'm not going to not publish your comments because they are critical of me or my game.  I would much rather publicly prove you wrong.  So bring it on pal, I'm sure you have many negative things to say about the screenshots I posted, or the session profits I earned today.  I'm sure to you they are not good enough for whatever reason you may wish to come up with.  

Well, that's a wrap for tonight.  Another 12 hour session planned for tomorrow.  If I start early I get to end the night early, if I have a late start the session won't end til late.  Either way it will be a 12 hour, 2000+ hand grind.  Until next time, take care everyone, and as always, I'll see you at the tables.