Thursday, June 9, 2016

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 Pokerdogg said:

Round and round we go.

I am going to sound harsh, but I speak from wanting you to succeed, and as someone that has played both live and online poker for a living the 10+ years.

You have no discipline. I know you have said several times you pride yourself on your discipline, but I don't see it. You change plans every few days. You have reviewed your BR numbers and your blog entries, you should have realized had you stuck to online NLHE cash games, you would have built up your BR, and most likely playing 20NL or higher by now. Why the hell would you even entertain the idea of taking your entire BR to play 2/4 limit. That is just plain crazy.

You can still do this, just bloody stick with your plan and stop screwing around. TBC has lots of problems staying away from BJ and VP, but when he gets into survival mode, he shows a lot of focus and discipline to grind poker.

GL as always.

I did Dogg, I did.  That was the point of the last entry.  My discipline was lacking on making withdraws for nights out when I should have not touched it.  I fully admit this. I did not realize the fact that the cash games was where it was at.  I guess it was back in February after I got out of the hospital I researched what my tournament results were, saw the above 50% Roi, and somewhere I got it in my head that that's where I should be at. I abandoned the cash games and it wasn't until the last few days when I actually got the account statements and saw what the actual profits and losses were that it fully sent the message home to me that I needed to be playing cash exclusively. Although I have dabbled in cash games here and there until I saw these numbers right in front of me I had no realization to the actual discrepancy of the earnings. I make no excuses for what I've done and I'm the first to admit my mistakes. Get back on cash games?? Absolutely, I just hope I can do it starting out with 20 buyins. 

Abe Cale said:

I've been reading your blog for quite a while and I've been biting my tongue a few times but honestly this time I have to speak my mind and I hope you won't block this comment.

You spend more time detailing your BRM (read : repeating over and over the same thing) than analysing your own game and in the end you can't even stick to the only thing you talk about.
The plans change constantly and as Pokerdogg said you pride yourself on your patience and discipline but it's very clear you have none.

What's even more amazing is how you keep saying you're a damn good poker player and how you constantly bring your A game but have absolutely nothing to back it up.
And please don't tell me that the results on the right side (or wherever) are proof of it, we all know you keep changing them all the time, especially when they turn into losses and they are absolutely not trustworthy.

I'll also say that just the fact that you have such massive swings at full ring (we're not even talking about 6max) is a huge sign that something is definitely wrong with your game but the way you describe it is that you're just unlucky and that you play every hand perfectly.
No real good poker player would even dare be so full of himself and never question his own play. But you do that constantly and never learn, more busy trying to change plans and talk some more about BRM.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh and hurtful but this is getting v. tilting for me reading and I doubt I'm alone on this.


You are certainly entitled to your opinions, but as far as the earnings go there is nothing to change. The only thing that I have deleted was tracking cash game and tournament results, but I have the account statements in my emails and I can show screenshots of the account bakance at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month and the bonuses, rakeback, deposits, and withdrawals that were made on any paeticular month so those earnings are indeed accurate. 

So, the swings that I have in my sessions indicate I'm no good?? Again you are entitled to your opinion, but the only way that I could show that is to provide a screenshot of every 2 outer that goes against me and I do think my readers would get a little bored with that. I drop 4 or 5 buyins because I got slammed with three two outers and had my AA and KK cracked by flop sets all in the space of an hour of 4 tabling there's not a lot I can do about it so as far as your opinion about my skills you can jam it. For your information according to my calculations since December I estimate that my cash game earnings to be in excess of $500. Would have been much more had I stuck with the cash games and not switched over to tournaments. 

And finally the only lack of discipline that I have shown in my allbeit humble opinion is the withdraws for going out with friends, going out for a couple of nights here and there, and having some fun my first year in Las Vegas. If I'm guilty of overindulgence find I plead guilty so kill me over it, but the fact of the matter is this was my first full year in Las Vegas and maybe it's something I needed to get out of my system I don't know all I do know is I am more than ever ready for the grind, ready to funally build and not touch my poker bankroll, and as far as not improving my game..... You're on crack. I am constantly reading forums, I go over my hand histories, I tried to find if I made errors in certain questionable hands, and I recently borrowed a couple of books from a friend of mine so as far as your opinion on that I will take it for what it's worth at this moment which ain't much.

 Xedx said:

Would be nice if you shared with us some interesting hands and spots. Maybe the biggest won/lost pot of the day in which you were involved.

Sounds like a good idea. Will try to remember to implement this. 


  1. The swings most definitely indicate you have serious leaks in your game indeed.
    Just the fact you justify yourself by saying your AA/KK being cracked by flopped set shows that no matter what you're going all the way with your hand, regardless of the board texture, positions and what not.
    Having an overpair doesn't mean you have to play for a buy-in everytime (especially at full ring) and you have to recognise situations where it's no good.
    You also give 0 indication on how the hand played out, were you raised on turn ? on river ? etc...
    We can't take your word for granted as it became quite clear to everyone that you twist everything around to make you look good.

    The lack of discipline I mostly refer to is you changing plans everytime one session doesnt go your way.
    You think you are entitled to win every session and you call a 2000 hands loss a downswing which is absolutely ridiculous, no offense.
    But it's also the fact that, for example, you take a shot a PLO 50 when you're sitting with what ? 8-10 BI's ?
    I know you're going to say that it was a one time thing, that you were tilted etc...but doesn't it exactly prove my point ?

    At least I see that the animosity you have towards my comment can only mean that I have struck a nerve but you're also the king at finding excuses for everything you do wrong so I didn't really expect you to admit any mistake here.
    Haven't other readers you respect (i.e. Pokerdogg) been calling you out for the exact same things as I did ?
    Is it possible that you might be wrong and everyone else is right for once ?

    I hope (but doubt) this comment makes it because you may think I'm attacking you but it's more like I'm harshly trying to help you.


  2. Forget that abe fool bro, show him the accounting screenshots and shut his and all the other "haters" azz holes for life. Everyone else knows you got the potential to makes waves in the poker scene

    He does make a good point about the bankroll management aspect ratio. You talk about it a lot and then you took a shot at PLO 50 (wtf?) and only mentioned it when somebody else did. You need to be true to yourself and just chalk it up to a momentary lapse of discipline

    Dust yourself off, work out what you need bankroll management wise post it and set it in stone and attack with a solid plan! gl bro

  3. Flushh, first, I have to say that I respect that you approve comments that aren’t exactly positive. It demonstrates a level of integrity, which is nice to see.

    I’m not sure how frequent big swings are supposed to be; I’ve heard a lot of stories from online grinders, but I haven’t really gone through any of them. I do know that those 1-2 outer bad beats are pretty rare, however, especially across 50k+ hands. They do happen, and usually end up costing a stack, but you should end up on an equal share of the opposite side of the cooler a fair amount, too.

    Last month I lost a stack at Grand Sierra when I flopped a set of queens, turned a full house, went all-in 3bet, and lost to a river Ace. Two others were all in with AK, board ended Q2A2A. But I’ve also flopped bottom set against top set and rivered quads on people, so it balances out.

    All that said, I think your blog would be more interesting if you talked through hands more than talked about bankroll and bad beats. Even if you think you played a hand well, you can always play it better.

    Last night, I was playing 1-2 live and a guy in LP straddled to $5. UTG called, it folded around, the guy after the straddle called, I’m in the small blind with AKo. I made it $22, and got two callers, the UTG player and guy after the straddle, the effective button.

    Flop came bad for me, middle connected cards. I check, the UTG goes all in for $28 more, and the button calls and he has me covered. I’m in a terrible spot and fold. Board runs and the all-in had JJ and the button folded, saying he had flush and straight draws that didn’t get there. River was an Ace.

    Looking at stack sizes and position, I could have made it $30-37 to go pre flop, forcing the JJ all-in, which is an easy call for me. That would’ve folded out the suited connector on the effective button, and I would’ve been racing AK against JJ and won. I could have limped in for $5, possible re-raising the straddle or just check folding the flop.

    I think readers would enjoy discussing that type of hand scenario more often, and the benefit of the online game is that you can post screenshots the whole way through the hand, and do a breakdown.

    Just my thoughts on it.

  4. How does your BB/100 in NLHE compare to your earlier estimates of what you think it can be? The fact you're winning at where the games aren't great suggests you're doing plenty right. Your PLO8 game IMO has a lot of leaks.