Friday, June 10, 2016

Focused On The Cash Game Grind

I entered today with a bankroll of exactly $200.70 and considering the somewhat foolish things that I've done recently I feel very fortunate to even have that. I refer to specifically the hands that I played at $50 PLO8 which can only be described as a form of tilt and which I ended up losing $35 during that little session.  I don't know if I had mentioned that or not, but there was no excuse for it, it simply happened as it has for most of us at one time or another I would imagine, but yet I was fortunate enough to start off today with pretty much what I began June with. $0.70 more in the account balance but losing a little bit since I had $14 in rakeback going into today.

My readers, some whom I respect greatly and others whom I don't know, but the overall perception my readers have of me is that I lack discipline. Of course newer commenters seem to take great joy in attacking me as a poker player, pretty much telling me for all intents and purposes, if not with these actual words, that obviously my game is no good, I'm not a winning player, my game has leaks etc, etc, etc. They feel I lack discipline because I have jumped around as to what I am doing and even I recognize the lack of discipline with the withdrawals and in some of these things they are correct and in others they are way way off base.

I started today with a new determined attitude and purpose and a plan that is one that I never should have gotten off of and that is to simply grind cash games. I am avoiding tournaments altogether even freerolls because I do not want the temptation of a deep run to start me thinking that that's the road I need to be on when I have realized its the opposite one. I need to go by the earnings that I've had thus far and based on those the cash game grind in December and January provided the best earnings. I have been accused that those earnings are not truthful and that in of itself I find completely unacceptable and insulting. The one thing I've always done in this blog is be truthful even with my own faults and if I wasn't I would not have admitted to doing some of the things that I have done, but with that said each blog entry I do I will include a screenshot of a month to prove the earnings that I have stated on the right side of the blog are in fact the truth. I'm not going to do all six months in one blog entry because that's a hell of a lot of screenshots so I will do it just one month at a time for each entry I do and this entry I will show you the screenshots of the December starting account balance, it's ending account balance, and a third screenshot of the summary of deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and rakeback. 

I woke up rather early this morning as I fell asleep at approximately 9:30 last night and I decided to get on the tables at 10 a.m. The session today will be as it will be with future sessions from here on out a 12 hour grind. 12 hours. 12 hours guaranteed me 2000 hands a day, and allows me pretty much to take as many breaks as I want. Today's session was one that had its variance filled moments, but of course obviously I have readers out there that figure whatever variance I go through just means I've played badly, yeah, ok, whatever.  Be that as it may I decided today that I would share with you some screenshots of what happens at times when I'm playing cash games online. I hope these don't bore you too much, but it will give you possibly some indication of what is happening on the tables and I will try to include what had happened during the hand with the action or some hands might be multiple screen shots.

It was a little before 1 and I had been going at it almost 3 hours at this point with approximately 450 to 500 hands played and a profit of $23 going into the hand. I started the hand with $16.86 on the table and in the cutoff got dealt pocket sixes. It was raised to only $0.23 so this was a pretty standard call with a pocket pair looking to set mine. The button and small blind folded and the big blind also called the raise. When the flop came out the big blind donk bet this flop for $0.50 pretty much three-quarters of the pot and the original raiser min raised him and I did a smooth call. As far as I was concerned I had a monster and if I wasn't in a set over set situation I figured I would pretty much find out on the turn if that was in fact the case. I felt I was in a pretty good spot but still I wanted to wait to see what happened on the turn. the big blind who had donk bet the flop checked the turn and the original raiser came out with $1.36 bet into a $3.56 pot. At this point I'm putting both of these guys on something to do with that Queen possibly ate you possibly catch you but at this point I'm not expecting anyone to show up with a 7-9 suited here especially when I flat call the turn and the big blind also flat calls I gotta figure I'm looking pretty good here. When the river paired the queen and also put the third Club out there I figured the big blind might have donk bet that flop with a flush draw. I have played with this player many times and he's one of the better players on the site.  He checked, the original raiser checked and I fire $5.86 which was three-quarters of the pot. The big blind goes all-in for his last $23 I've only got $8.41 behind. The original raiser folds and now I am sitting here with sixes full of Queens trying to figure out what he might be shoving here with.  I doubt a player like him would go all in with a flush on a paired board and I had shown absolutely no indication of a possible flopped set here so I definitely put him on a queen with a very good kicker to me this was a snap call and that's exactly what I did. 

As you can see he hit a 4 outer. It's just one of those variance hands, one of those hands that just sucks when it happens to you and I lost with my full house, but obviously I guess that doesn't count with "certain readers" and since I encountered some variance that cost me 1.6 buyins it's automatically my fault. The only thing that could be said was that i should have jammed the flop but since the big blind had flopped top two even if I had done that he's not going anywhere and this still would come out the same but go ahead tear me apart on the hand, I'm ready and waiting. 

This was probably the worst hand of the day not only in money lost, but also because I didn't notice the damn paired threes on the board.  Ughhhh oh well, I'm human and I will make errors. 

One of the best calls of the day was not one that made me the most money, but one where my read was used to make the decision.  I had raised preflop, c-bet the flop, fired another bullet on the turn and you can see the large raise my opponent put in.

There are any number of ways I am beat here and most of the time I would let this go, but you willnotice the purple color coded note on him.  Purple indicates he is an aggro donk.  Not just a bad player but an aggressive bad player and these players can be difficult at best as you never know when they really have a hand or whether they are being their usual stupid self.  I tanked on this one for awhile,but finally decided to make the call.

After the turn we each had less than $2 in our stacks so naturally it was an easy all-in.  The only reason I won this was because of the previous experience and the notes and color coding on this player.

This next screenshot made me laugh  I raised preflop, this guy 3 bets me and the player tohis immediate left called.  When it came back to me I shoved, he called the other guy folded and he shows me this.

 And he damn near got me  Had a few outs I had to dodge.

So overall the day was good, 2400 hands played, 12 hours, and after that 4 outer that knocked me from +$23 down to +$6 was  one of the few downward variance things that happened.  I was at +$73 at the highest  hung around +60 for the longest time, had a couple of hands that hurt me and dropped to +$34, but rebounded in the end for a session of $56.75 in earnings, another $2 in rakeback ending the day with a bankroll of $258.75.

Here are the screenshots for December earnings.  My day starts at 6am so if I play til 3am on a particular day it is counted for the previous day.  As you can see in the screenshots I started $206.16.  I checked my past entries and found I had made a deposit of $108.

I ended the month with $503.41 and started with $206.16 this equals earnings of $297.25.  From this deposits are subtracted from the earnings and  any withdraws during the month are obviously added to those earnings.  $280 in cashouts but $100 of those canceled so $180 in withdraws added to the earnings and the $108 deposit subtracted from those earnings.


Total Earnings of  $369.25
Rakeback was $23 so actual table earnings were $346.25.

And finally lets finish off with some more comment responses.

Kat Martin said:

How does your BB/100 in NLHE compare to your earlier estimates of what you think it can be? The fact you're winning at where the games aren't great suggests you're doing plenty right. Your PLO8 game IMO has a lot of leaks.

I estimate my cash game earn rate in the neighborhood of 8-9bb/100.  Pay no attention to the PLO8.  It was a form of tilt trying to get the losses from thr NLH tables back.Not in the correct mindframe you might say when I played.

ClaudePOKERAA said:

Forget that abe fool bro, show him the accounting screenshots and shut his and all the other "haters" azz holes for life. Everyone else knows you got the potential to makes waves in the poker scene

He does make a good point about the bankroll management aspect ratio. You talk about it a lot and then you took a shot at PLO 50 (wtf?) and only mentioned it when somebody else did. You need to be true to yourself and just chalk it up to a momentary lapse of discipline

Dust yourself off, work out what you need bankroll management wise post it and set it in stone and attack with a solid plan! gl bro

Thanks Claude  I am and will do that.  Appreciate the good encouraging words, as I'm a little short on those lately.

Abe Cale said in part:

The swings most definitely indicate you have serious leaks in your game indeed.
Just the fact you justify yourself by saying your AA/KK being cracked by flopped set shows that no matter what you're going all the way with your hand, regardless of the board texture, positions and what not.
You also give 0 indication on how the hand played out, were you raised on turn ? on river ? etc...
We can't take your word for granted as it became quite clear to everyone that you twist everything around to make you look good.

So no matter what I say about an AA or KK getting cracked you're not going to believe me anyway and pretty much call me a liar so why should I bother trying.

You think you are entitled to win every session and you call a 2000 hands loss a downswing which is absolutely ridiculous, no offense.

At first I thought you might be some sort of troll hater,but now I can see your just simply dense.  I mean really???  No one thinks they can win every hand.  For the love of Christ be reasonable for 2 seconds, you may find in benefits you.

But it's also the fact that, for example, you take a shot a PLO 50 when you're sitting with what ? 8-10 BI's ?
I know you're going to say that it was a one time thing, that you were tilted etc...but doesn't it exactly prove my point ?

The only point you proved was I was somewhat tilty and played a game I should not have which I have already admitted to.  I'm a human being and sometimes humans make an error in judgement,but apparently you seem to have this perfect complex where you must not make errors so you would prefer to simply emphasize an error you perceive.  Must get lonely on top of that tall pedestal you insist on standing on.

At least I see that the animosity you have towards my comment can only mean that I have struck a nerve but you're also the king at finding excuses for everything you do wrong so I didn't really expect you to admit any mistake here.

Well gee since my blog is filled with personal admissions of errors and less than optimal choices from time to time guess you got that one wrong.

I hope (but doubt) this comment makes it because you may think I'm attacking you but it's more like I'm harshly trying to help you.


Well, you don't know me.  I don't run from a fight or debate and will defend myself to my dying breath.  You have said that you're trying to help in your own way, uhhh yeah sure, whatever.  If you have so many complaints on me why do you even bother to read this blog because apparently whatever I do is wrong to you.  I don't know who you are, but it seems you only joined blogger this month for what purpose I do not know.  You could be a past hater under a different alias, you could be someone that just likes to put someone down, or you could be what you say you are, a reader that has not commented before, but whatever or whoever you are I'm not going to not publish your comments because they are critical of me or my game.  I would much rather publicly prove you wrong.  So bring it on pal, I'm sure you have many negative things to say about the screenshots I posted, or the session profits I earned today.  I'm sure to you they are not good enough for whatever reason you may wish to come up with.  

Well, that's a wrap for tonight.  Another 12 hour session planned for tomorrow.  If I start early I get to end the night early, if I have a late start the session won't end til late.  Either way it will be a 12 hour, 2000+ hand grind.  Until next time, take care everyone, and as always, I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Hey FD, did you fold a nut flush draw + pair on the all-in hand we played?

    1. No and I hope to hell it was a good fold in that hand I had a set of nines

    2. I’m not sure you want to see it... the comment section doesn’t let me add a photo. I guess I can add it to instagram later.

  2. Looking at the pocket 6 hand, another option is to 3bet the small raise. .23 is a weirdly small raise; .70 likely folds out Q8s oop and will usually buy the button, and if you’re 4bet a normal size you can fold. It’s easy for a BB to come along with a suited broadway for 1.3 BBs more, harder to come along for 6 more.

  3. Fun post to read and congrats on your successful day!