Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grinding It Back Up

First some comment responses.

Zin said:

FD, you are better off playing 1 table of NL25 than 4 tables of NL10.

Well Zin it's an interesting thought, but unfortunately that is not available to me.  On WSOP we have $2NL, $10NL, $20NL, and $50NL.  There are higher tables, but if I were rolled for that I would have my $2000 and would be grinding $2/$4 live.  So the closest to your recommendation would be $20NL, but I fail to see how that would be advantageous.  A single table of that will not generate more earnings than 4 tables of the lower level and also playing something when I have only 12 buy-ins for it is not exactly in my "comfort zone"

Pokerdogg said:

Abe may come across as too harsh, but he has some good points. Your screen shots serves only as bad beat stories due to lack of details, and no one plays 99% perfect poker even if such a thing can be measured. Personally if I only recognize 2 or 3 mistakes in a live session (say 240 hands), I consider that a good session. For every mistake I recognize, there are probably 10 that I could have played better.  

Come across too harsh??  He's like a cross between a cornered mongoose and a spitting cobra.  Dogg, you know that I am open to discussion and criticism about my poker playing and decisions, but that clown has more pessimism in him than a war refugee.  I'm done dealing with that obvious hater who has yet to have a single positive thing to say.  Take yourself for instance.  You will take me to task when I screw up and rightfully so, but you're also one of the first ones to pipe up when I have done something well.  You are not one sided and that is very much appreciated by you and my other readers who comment.

Unfortunately WSOP does not save the hand histories to the hard drive so I have no way to put it into a replayer of some sort and obviously doing it manually would take forever.  I suppose I could do multiple screenshots showing the bets that are made on each street, but that would be like 4 screenshots for each hand, and wasn't sure if that wouldn't be a bit too much, but it would tell the story of the hand better for the readers.


 ClaudePOKERAAA said:

Just a question on the numbers bro, you said you have broken even at NL10 but your results on the right says you are up $39? How? And your numbers on the report I don't understand. June 10 you said "Rakeback was $23 so actual table earnings were $346.25" But the bulk of that money of $218.75 is under the heading Bonuses. So are you counting bonuses as on the table earnings?

Sorry for the simple questions dude but, English isn't my first language so sometimes it's confusing.. good luck with your plan i am sure negative cooler downtime will reserve into sunny upswing day

I am sure frustration crept in and a bit of a lack of discipline when you said you played 99% perfect poker, but what do you think are your biggest leaks in poker?

Good luck bro looking forward to seeing the next post, hopefully you end up in the green 

After the session on the 13th I was down $4 at $10NL, but a $44 winning session on the 14th put me back in the green numbers.

Yes in December there were $218.75 in bonuses, but I was counting rakeback and bonuses in with my total earnings. Perhaps I should separate it all to show actual table earnings.

As for leaks and that session.  Yes frustration set in, but in no way did it effect my game. I still hold I played almost perfect poker that session. I am a human being and will make mistakes from time to time.  As for leaks I truly believe I have the minimal amount, but if there is one area I slip up on I would say it is calling river bets too often and it is something I am working on improving.

So on to June 14th, day 6 of the cash game restart and it was equivalent to a thoroughbred breaking out of the starting gate and opening up a lead so far that the field couldn't touch him. I've had good sessions before, I've had decent starts before, but I cannot ever recall being up four and a half buyins, $45 in the first 380 hands. It was absolutely insane the way flops were hitting me on pre-flop raises and when they weren't opponents were folding to continuation bets. Whereas yesterday on a few occasions my AQ ran up against AK, today to start out I was the one with AK and they had AQ or AJ. The start of the day 5 session, at least compared to the previous four days was like day and night. Like somebody had flipped a switch off and then on again the best thing about this quick start was that since I was back up to $250 and since $150 is the cutoff point for the contingency plan this now gave me at least 10 buyins to play around with before I would have to go back to tournaments.  The whole day was one of constant things coming up, Incidence taking me away from the computer, and it ended up being a shortened session, but in approximately 700 hands or so a profit of $44.  The last few hundred hands played at break even, but the first 380 hands an explosion and I ended the night with a bankroll of $251.64.

So on to June 15th, day 7 of the restart. A complete opposite start than that of day 6.  Down (-$19) in the first 145 hands.  Ughhhh how revolting.  One hand of interest that I will throw out for discussion.  QQ in the big blind.  The CO limps, button and small blind fold, I raise and the CO calls.  Flop c-bet is 3/4.  I fire a second barrel on the turn and Villain goes all-in for his last $5.64 effectively costing me another $4.  No information on him, no previous notes, screenname completely unfamiliar.  You gonna fold for another $4??

So my mind starts running over the possible holdings.  JJ?? No raise preflop so doubtful same analysis for KK and AA.  A pocket pair that he might limp with 88, 99, something like that and he just might turn shove here on this board trying to rep a 7 with one of those hands figuring there's no way I have anything with a 7 since my preflop raise came from the big blind which let's face it is a pretty safe assumption.  Obviously him limping in with something that had a 7 was a possibility such as 78s, 79s something like that, but I felt 88, 99, or even TT was far more likely here so after some thought I called the raise.  Thoughts??  Opinions??

BAM!!! I was wrong!!!  An open limp in the cutoff with T7s.  Really???  Grrrrrrrrr.

So I fall to minus (-$23) within the first 200 hands when this one came up.

Ok, I know T4s sucks, but come on I'm getting 7-1 odds preflop.  I mean 7-1!!!  For that price I might be willing to see the flop with the keys to the palace on the table, well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. I called the 21 cents.

 Hmmm the flush draw, just what I was looking for, but not thrilled with the two aces on that flop.  Now here's where it gets interesting.  Bwy is a reg, but no actual notes on him.  I have seen him go all in preflop with QQ, but that's it.  I check the flop and he fires 30 cents into a $1.73 pot.  Metagamed called but no huge surprise there with him. The 30 cent bet seemed off to me big time and I figure a check/raise here and I'm takin this puppy down right here, right now.  Uhhh yeah that didn't work,  he called, but Meta folded so we're heads up.  Turn is a non diamond 2 putting a board of A6A2 out there with 2 diamonds.  Two choices, fire out again or check it, but I now figure he does have an ace, but with a decent kicker and even if this river is a diamond if its somewhat highish I could be running a river flush into a boat, either way even if I bet no way he folds here, but if I check this turn after a check/raise it might throw him off, I've seen it happen before With other players in this particular player is not the overly aggressive type and so it might work even though he has position on me.  The two actions might confuse him slightly into checking behind giving me a free turn card.  I checked and he did also.  I love it when a plan comes together, but I figure the only way I'm winning this is a diamond on the river and it damn well better be lower than an 8 in the process or we definitely could be looking at flush vs boat here.  The river was the 5 of diamonds.  No way in the world I figure this reg is limping this pot preflop with anything less than an A8 and I figure him for an ace holding trips, but with that low diamond I got him, I know I do. Time for a value bet.  Too high and I'll lose him because I think he is a player that will lay down the trips if he figures I out kick him.  I go 1/2 pot, $2.57, he calls, and we showdown.

I'm sure some may think I never belonged in the hand to start with, but getting 7-1 preflop I felt it would have been the wrong play NOT to call.  My actions postflop even I admit can come under scrutiny, but at the time I felt it was the best play under the circumstances. All opinions, for and against, as always are welcome.

A few pots won, some pots lost, and a couple of traps with AA the session rundown was like this.

420 hands (-$12)
550 hands +$5
900 hands +$11
1120 hands  +$6
1200 hands (-$6)
1430 hands +$16

That $22 increase was due to these little gems.  Different tables, but practically back to back.

All-in on the flop.  Cold called with the KK to try and lay a trap.  This strategy works a lot, but needs to be pulled against overly aggressive types.

We were all-in on the turn, but the crazy thing was I bet, he raised, I shoved and he snap called.  Must have thought I was bluffing is the only thing I can think was his thought process.

Onward we go.

1620 hands  +$29
1960 hands  +$35

Final Totals:  2049 hands  +$35.50

From trying to recall the cash game Grind from the beginning of the year and seeing what's happening now I am learning certain things that I am adamantly convinced of. First off, for me personally, and although I know it could be even higher, but I'll go with what I have seen and experienced so far, I can expect to experience downswings or downward variance if you prefer, as high as 12 buyins. With that said and knowing that the 12 buyin downward swing could easily be 15 I am more convinced than ever that the standard bankroll must be 40 buyins at least for me, at least for my comfort level. I'm also convinced that surrender must never be an option. In my last blog entry when it was 10,000 or 11000 and and I was showing losses of $4 I had asked the rhetorical question when am I supposed to admit to myself that this is not going to work for me, and even though I asked that question in my blog I also followed it up with that I was not willing to give up yet. These last two days have shown me that you can't give it up you must keep grinding no matter what the downswing, no matter how many buyins that you are down providing you are playing your "A" game, no matter how many days you go without a winning session or if you run into streaks where it eliminates whatever profit you were able to amass, whatever the case is you must not give up, surrender is not an option, and as I've said so many times before no matter what is happening you must play through it. This is the major difference between what I had wrote about on the last entry and what I've done previously. Previously I had given up and tried to switch over to something different, but this time I didn't do it, this time I stayed the course, this time I kept the plan in place and even though the bankroll amount was getting a little dicey as far as the number of buyins available especially when I had dropped down to an account balance of $186 during that session I refused to give in and my reward for this has been the last two sessions, and has resulted in $75 worth of table earnings in the last two days alone. The earn rate is past 5bb/100 and although that is still below expectation in my mind it is climbing. Let's just hope we can keep this run good going. I ended the night with a bankroll just over $288. 28 buyins almost 29, another 12 buyins, $120 to go until I'm at my comfort zone.

Tonight I will show the screenshots for February as I end this entry. Although I did not always have profits at the tables, bonuses and rake back always seem to save my ass, but that was not the case in February and you will see those numbers below. I'm also going to change the earnings on the right side of a blog to break down what exactly each month was as far as bonuses, rakeback and table earnings. So with that said, until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Start: $456.86
End: $190
Withdraws $190

Although the summary shows withdraws of $290, $100 of that was actually done and completed on March 1st so I have indicated the correct withdraw amount for February as $190.

End amount $190 minus start amount $456.86 equals negative ($266.86) plus withdraws $190 equals total for the month negative ($76.86)

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  1. Nice wins!

    The QQ hand is tough to fold in HU against unknown player. You could be up against a J10 of hearts type hand, or even just a 109 hearts that villain decides to semi bluff on the turn. Of course 7 is possible, and even KK/AA is a small but distinct possibility. I would call and make note, hopefully you would run into him in the future.

    As you expected, I say the 10 4 hand is a fold preflop. The 7-1 pot odds is a red herring. The problem with that hand is reverse implied odds. The check raise on the flop is reckless, a tiny bet into a AAx 2 toned flop usually means someone has an ace or better, or has a flush draw and wants to set the price. Lots of people likes to limp or call a small raise with Ace rag suited, especially with A2-5 because it can make a wheel. I like the turn check and river bet, but be prepared to dump your hand if villain raise the river.

    BTW, you don't need multiple screen shot for each hand history. Verbal description like you did in this post is perfectly fine. You just need to put in a few more details if you remember such as the PF raise size for the QQ hand, and who is the preflop raiser for the 10 4 hand.