Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pending Bonus / The JJ Hand / Day 11 / A New Blog Recommendation

First off the results of the JJ hand I posted on June 13th.  To refresh your memory.

It was very early in the session I would say less than ten hands into the 2400+ that were eventually played and naturally I raised with pocket Jacks and as you can see my opponent would immediately shove after my flop continuation bet and here is the dilemma. I had no information on this player, no previous notes on him at all and looking at the board and knowing how several of these players play that all-in could have indicated a variety of things including a flopped set, top pair top kicker, the nut flush draw, flopping two pair perhaps with a 78s, and of course the possibility also existed they had flopped the openender and the flush draw at the same time.  I made the call in this situation and before I tell you what happened whether, or not I won or lost the hand, feel free to toss out some opinions as to what you would have done under the circumstances.

 It turned out he had flopped a set of eights.

I took the last 3 days off from the poker grind as I was going to go over to my friend Michelle's house aka "my sister from another mister", on Friday so I took the day off but we decided to reschedule it for the following day Saturday morning crashed on her couch over night and left this morning. On my way to her house on Saturday I stopped off on the strip and picked up a $300 withdraw that I had done. People on Twitter have asked me previously why do I play on  WSOP instead of playing on Bovada or someplace like that. I've always given the standard answers about being a US based site, but one of the other real answers is what happened with this withdraw. It was processed and the cash waiting for me to pick up in exactly 37 minutes.  If there were no other reason to play WSOP that would be the main one.

I withdrew the $300 because I got an answer to my email about the reload bonus. 

"Hey Flushhdraw,

Thanks for contacting us; my name is Xxxxxx and I'll be helping you today.
Flushhdraw, the bonus policy explains all bonuses must be wagered before you are able to cash out the bonus and any winnings attached. All reload bonuses offer are pending bonuses, which means you must accumulate APPs in order to release the bonus to your bank-roll. I've provided a link below which explain the bonus policy in-depth.
Therefore, should you make a withdrawal request tomorrow; you can deposit at any time you wish using valid a reload bonus code. If the explanation provided is not clear feel free to call our support team. 

It's a pleasure to have you as a player, and we look forward to helping you again in the future.
Action’s on you!

Player Support Representative"

Times have changed or perhaps it's just the way a US based site runs things, but what I mean is prior to Black Friday back in my PokerStars days. Back then, and I don't know what it's like now they may still be the same, but I remember back then if you did a withdrawal during the time frame of a reload bonus, you were shit out of luck and sitting on the sidelines as far as being able to take part in that bonus, but as far as WSOP is concerned money talks and bullshit walks and they do not care if you've done a withdraw and then a deposit as long as you've got the code you're good. It gives them more kudos in my opinion and just another reason why I don't have no intentions of switching sites.
so I withdrew $300 on Saturday and redeposited back Sunday morning. Sometimes they do a little goofy on their bonuses because it's supposed to be 100% but they always seem to cut it back by $10. This is not something I would contact support about because it's pretty minor All Things Considered but when I checked my account today it shows that I have $290 in pending bonus whatever no big deal that's still $290 that I need to try to clear in the next two months and at the current stakes I average 35 points per 2000 hands that I play so it should take me approximately 3 days to clear each $10 bonus. That means if we break that down into a two-month increment if I played every single day for 2000 hands a day which we know won't happen as I do take some time off, but say I did do that then in the two months I could clear $200 of the $290 pending at the current stakes.  As soon as I can start adding tables of $20NL I will be able to earn more point clearing more bonus money.

So for today's session.  I only had to play about 10 hours to get my 2000 hands which is my daily goal.  I was on a double dose of caffeine today to get this accomplished as I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, and while the pills are throwing my heart into PVCs as you know I find it an acceptable risk. I went into  today with a bankroll of $340 after returning the $300 to the account balance and today was definitely one of the swingy ones with a relatively moderate drop almost from the first dew hands and then a solid steady climb upwards.  Here is the rundown of hands played / profit or loss.

340 / ($23)
1115 / ($31)
1200 / ($39)
1280 / ($25)
1510 / ($14)  
1600 / +$10
1650 / +$12
1910 / +$30 
2023 / +$32.76

A swing of over $70, 7.2 buyins only fortunately for me it was a swing in a positive direction and resulted in the 4th straight winning session and table earnings of $157, just shy of 16 buyins over those last 4 sessions.  I am riding this upswing in variance and loving it although I will admit after the first 1200 hands were played today I thought that upward streak had come to an end.  One thing I noticed is that comfort level I have spoken of previously is pretty much with me as when I was down 4 buyins it did not phase me in the slightest and I think it's because the amount of buyins I started today with in my bankroll, 34, had a very positive psychological effect.  Table earnings were $32.76, another $2 in rakeback, 37 APPs were earned so my average of 35 was pretty much on target and I ended the night with a bankroll of $374.93.  

Here are a couple of hands I want to share and discussion on the 2nd one is welcome.  

This hand was very nice and was pretty much the catalyst towards today being a profitable one.  My opponent raised and I simply called.  When the flop came he wasted no time and open shoved.

This hand is interesting and I am interested in what anyone who wishes to offer an opinion would do.  I actually raised this hand preflop and while the HJ is not ordinarily a spot for raising T8s although I will do it in late position, the table, as do a lot of them on WSOP, was running relatively tight.  My preflop raise was standard pot size, 35 cents if I am first in, 45 cents if there is a single limper, 55 cents if their are two limpers and so on.  I fired a flop continuation bet of my standard 3/4 pot size and was called.  On the turn I cut it back to 1/2 pot and you can see what my worthy opponent did.  What's your move, call or fold?

You'll notice the color coded red not on this player indicating over aggressiveness in my opinion and I have played many many hands with him and while he tends to be overly aggro he is also someone who knows when to back off.  What's he holding.  Knowing him as I do he is not raising that amount with a draw.  He's not opposed to raising with a draw,but not that size.  A draw raise with him would definitely be smaller so immediately I know I am up against a set or 2 pair here.  I've turned the flush draw here and with now $7.26 in the pot and my odds to hit being 4-1 I am getting almost 2-1on the call, but notice what he has behind.  I start considering the implied odds here and am fairly certain, because if it's hit it would in fact be the runner runner variety, that if I can score this flush on the river then he will stack off and in that case I must consider his remaining $5.12 as part of this pot when making my decision now making this just about 4-1 to make the call.  I will reveal what I did in a couple of days, but what would be your decision here?

$20NL is getting closer and closer.  My comfort zone is 40 buyins so $400, which at the same time would be 20 buyins for $20NL and when $400 is achieved I will add a single $20NL table to the mix, but only one.  I refuse to find myself in a 5 buyin slide at a higher level wiping out the moderate success I am achieving at this point.  As the bankroll increases by $100 increments and additional $20NL table can replace a $10NL one, but will be done one at a time.  Just over $25 to go to get there and I will not budge on my decision of waiting for an account balance of $400. If I am a single dime shy of that mark then I will not add that higher stakes table.

I would like to let you know of a new blog on the bloglist.  The author is xedx7, a reader and welcome commenter here at Roads To Tomorrow.  In a comment he told me to check his blog out and until he had done that I was not aware he wrote a blog.  It took me all of 30 seconds after looking at his blog to know his would be a welcome addition.  It is called "Adventures Of An Ace" and you can get to it by clicking the title above, his link in the Good Reads section or you can click here, and it will take you directly to it.

That's going to wrap things up for tonight.  Another good one and I hope I can ride this wave straight into $20NL which could happen sometime during tomorrow's session if things continue to go along this current trajectory.  I want to wish any and all of my reader's that are dads a very happy Father's day and I hope your day was awesome and the same to any single moms out there for this is your day as well.  Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the blog! Also, congrats on another winning session! It's very motivating seeing you succeed. As for the hand, I'd check/fold the flop, check/call the turr. The JJ hand and the 66 hand are same but you were on the opposite ends.

  2. It's a fold, your implied odds aren't good enough and he won't fold if you shove