Thursday, June 16, 2016

Seeing What I Can Gather Together For The Reload Bonus

First things first. It turns out I made a slight error on my earnings for December 2015 which wasn't so slight and was nearly $200 in total earnings. I was basing the starting amount on what the account statement told me but that began I believe on December 8th, but utilizing my blog entries from that time I found out that I started that month on December 1st with $45 in my account and of course all the other numbers are of course accurate. I obtained this information from this post here.   the December earnings have now been broken down on the right side of the block and are now correct.

The following comes under the heading of "bad timing", but I'm going to do everything I can to get what I can out of this. It turns out that WSOP has a Reload bonus going of 100% up to $1,000.  Unfortunately money is scarce, but I do have my online account.  I have sent an email to WSOP asking what their policy is regarding withdraws and then deposits to take part in a reload bonus so I will await their response before I decide on how much, if anything, to withdraw from my online account and then redeposit to take part in the reload bonus.

As for my monthly disability payment I can pull $780 from the ATM,  $550 of that goes to my landlady leaving $230.  I will need some food and I am supposed to possibly meeting a visitor who reads my blog for lunch, but I can deposit  I can deposit $150.  This will have to be withdrawn back out a few days later to pay for the remainder of my monthly living expenses .  If both these plans are feasible I could have anywhere from $300-$600 in bonus money to be cleared over the next 2 months and that would be one hell of a bankroll addition.

Day 8 was a shortened session.  I ran about 8 hours or so played over 1300 hands and booked a $50 profit.  My 3rd straight winning day and up over 12 buyins during this time.  Ended tonight with $340, 34 buy-ins in the bankroll.  I ended things for a few reasons. First I was starting to get somewhat fatigued as today was the first day in 3 I did not take a caffeine pill so I think I need to take one each day, but I also needed to do some laundry tonight.  It is so nice not to have to drag it to a laundromat any longer.

Tonight's session rundown was pretty much a positive climb after the first 550 hands.

1-550 hands played.  Up about $8 and then about $11 down then at the 550 hand mark up $3
1040 / $32
1170 / $34 
Finished with 1311 hands played, +$50.03 and $2 rakeback.

That's all for now just a short post tonight. No real hands of interest to post, just an overall good session and I'll keep you posted on what happens with the reload.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. Well done, FlushD. Stop by my blog if you get a chance.