Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Start Of June

I had a different blog entry written out, but then I had to delete it. It was all about how the monotony was boring me with the cash games and I had every intention of switching back to the tournaments for awhile. It was based on the premise that I had written before how I can't stay on one thing when I'm playing online I need to keep switching it up from time to time. I was writing this blog entry giving my readers the info as to how I would be buying into the rebuys, focusing on cost control and what other tournaments during the day that I would be playing along with those rebuys. I had three or four paragraphs written out and I had even started making the changes on the right side of the blog, but then I realized I can't do it. 

It's true I don't want to play cash games online and it's true that I have had a hard time focusing on playing those cash games, but it is also true that if I want my $2,000 I have to deal with it.  I may have to do what I don't care for now to get me doing what I want to for a lifetime.  With that said the excuses of "I need to play a tournament to keep my interest piqued" or "I only could play a few hours because I just wasn't into the game" these things need to be completely eliminated. Although they are in fact true the other true fact in all of this is that the only thing that's going to do it is steady earnings, steady monthly increases, increases in the cash game stakes that are played, nothing more nothing less and I realize it doesn't matter what I like to do right now the only thing that matters is what I must do.

I wish I had realized all of this before I had once again eliminated the stats because they were going to be a non-factor as everything was being switched over to the tournament format. I wished I had realize this before I dropped $70 playing the tournaments along with the cash games, but nonetheless I start June with a $200 bankroll, 20 full buyins and with the improvements made to the game recently 20 should be enough although my comfort level is 30 so hopefully we can climb to that as quickly as possible and when the bankroll has 20 buyins for the $20 tables start adding them one at a time.

Now here's the real question. How am I going to do it? Can I do it? How am I going to stop myself from ending sessions early?  How am I going to stop myself from jumping into tournaments?  Will I be able to find the self-control and discipline to simply grind the cash games 10-12 hours a day without making or coming up with excuses of why I can't accomplish this. Will June finally be the month where I get to work seriously, where I don't make withdrawals from my poker account to just to go out have a little fun, where I focus on what I'm doing, what I have to do to accomplish what I want to accomplish, or is it going to be pretty much the same as the last 5 months where I get the urge to bust out for a day or two and grab whatever money I can and hit the streets like an undisciplined teenager.  Will June be the month where I get it all together finally and get my head and mind on business where it needs to be.  

The only thing that's going to help make that happen is the fact that apparently the intense heat has already hit us and I hate heat, I hate saying the word heat and if I had my way I would hibernate in the air conditioned indoors until September got here. Of course with minimum money available in June and July it shouldn't be too hard to keep my nose to the grindstone so to speak, but then again that's going to make me want to grab money out of the poker account even more if I'm trapped inside for the next two months.  I've always prided myself on my discipline, but when it comes to hitting the strip or downtown at the Nugget and I do have money available my discipline seems to go right out the window, but look where that's gotten me. Yep, I got $200 online and I probably spent over a grand frivolously in the last 5 months. 

The planned grind was no longer and will no longer be a certain amount of hours instead, while I am playing online, it will be a certain amount of hands played and that amount will be 2000. If I can get that in 9 hours my day is done and if it takes 11 hours so be it but it will be 2000 hands or a little bit over.  it's kind of hard to stop exactly at 2000. I'm hoping that doing a hand count per day rather than set hours will help keep me focused and I will not be so inclined to call sessions over early. I don't know if this will work, but at this point I'm willing to try anything to try to get my mind focused and on the game playing online.

Started out in a hole pretty quick in the session down $35 with $5 of that from PLO8. When there are only three tables of NLH available I fire up a PLO8 table which recently I've done incredibly well on in an effort to always have four tables running. After 3.5 hours there was a very modest Improvement, down $27 so I still had a bit of digging to do to get out of this early hole I had fallen into.  Two hours later not only had that entire $35 loss heen eradicated, but I was also up $22. A swing of almost 6 full buyins in the space of two hours the only good thing was that this swing was for the good.  Earnings were at $36 when the heartbreak of the session hit and I ended up losing two and a half buyins when I flopped a set of Queens but my opponent flopped a set of kings and then just a few hands later on a different table my flush loses to a higher flush. Up only $6 for the session at that point.  Grinded those two and a half buyins back and when it was all said and done a $36 profit in 2010 hands at NLH, and a $6 loss in 50 hands at PLO8.

Finally I am requesting an account statement for each month of 2016. WSOP will only allow you to get one of these account statements once a day so I am going to request each month each day. I requested January today and you can see it listed over on the right side of the blog. I am also going to list the total amount of withdrawals for 2016. Just looking at January already I'm sick to my stomach. $350 in withdrawals that month $303 made at the tables and all of it spent, but the reason I'm doing this is so that I have something to look at when I get that urge. When I want to do a withdrawal from my poker account to go out and have some fun for 24 hours hopefully I will look at that, remember what I've done in the past, and not wish to repeat those mistakes. That's going to wrap this one up. A $30 profit at the tables  when expectation per day is only $18  so overall a good day that I cannot complain about as I obviously ran above expectation. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. The planned grind was no longer and will no longer be a certain amount of hours

    Why play a certain length of time or a certain number of hands? Wouldn't it be better to grind until you feel you're not giving your A game and give it a rest. Six hours of quality poker is surely better than 10 hours when tired, bored, etc.

    1. The reasons are actually several. Part of it is discipline which has somewhat slipped with me recently and part of that discipline in my opinion is a need for daily volume which in itself has multiple reasons the time required to have to grind online being the primary one. In my opinion that discipline begins with a daily requirement and quite frankly, if I can't accomplish something so basic and simple, then that does not say much about me as a serious player.

  2. Quite a cooler FD. We both had no choice, however. KK v QQ, set over set. That shit’s harsh. Cool you ended with a profit though. See ya around.