Sunday, July 31, 2016

Coming Out Of The State Of Confusion

I've barely touched online play for several days until today. After switching it back to the tournament's again I found that I've come to a point in my poker journey where I was  feeling more confused than ever. I have gone from cash games to tournaments to cash games tournaments to cash games to tournaments for at least the last 6 months now and each time I've made the switch it seems the correct thing to do. The reason I was in the most recent switchback was because of a 15 buyin loss at the cash tables in July. But like what always happens I start asking myself was it the correct move??  Is it what I should be doing and that's where the confusion sets in, where it has been sitting in for the last 6 months, and the confusion is what causes me not to be able to choose a single path and stay on it.

Then the live game aspect came back into reality.  I ended up at the Golden Nugget on two specific days one of those days I spent 17 and a half hours inside that casino and to make a long story short, 14 hours 40 minutes playing $2/$4 limit cash games for total earnings of $150, of course if it wasn't for a high hand bonus those earnings would have been $38 but that's beside the point. 2 tournaments lost for a cost of $90 so a total profit of $60 and since this was poker related that $60 was added to the bankroll.  Some of my readers may be posing a question. Flushh didn't you just recently say you were bored the last time you were playing the $2/$4 tables and the answer would be yes, but I made some premature conclusions and did not think it out in its entirety. I wasn't bored with the game of $2/$4 limit Hold'em, but it was the specific game that I was in, the specific location to be precise.  I was at the Orleans that day and night and the Orleans is a borderline Geriatric Center with a bunch of elderly nits sitting around waiting for bad beats to happen. I can't speak for the other games, but in the $2/$4 game over there the action is almost minimal.  The final session of $2/$4 limit that I played at the Golden Nugget went almost 12 hours.  Obviously if I'm playing a game for 12 hours it can't be boring me and actually that session at the Golden Nugget was just the opposite. I was struggling before that high hand hit. A flopped set cracked by 85o, a flush beat by a higher flush, a straight beat a full house and even lost with a full house to a bigger full house put me about $140 down, but even during all that I was so in the zone, I was absorbing every moment of that game, craving for more and more and more, I couldn't get enough, it was like a drug, the most addictive drug in the world and I just sat there never wanting it to end. Don't get me wrong I wanted the session losses to end and turn around no doubt about it, but I mean every other aspect of that poker game I felt like I could sit there forever and a day.  Of course, the Golden Nugget is not filled with nits, it is filled with loose passive fish willing to let the chips fly, calling stations that call flop bets with 55 on AK9 boards, players that limp into 100% of the hands they are dealt. I am not joking there are players that do this every single hand they are dealt they put their $2 in and many times take it all the way to the river just call call call, and last, but certainly not least, people with the absolute nuts and they call River bets and no not because they were sitting with a friend at the table it's obvious that these players don't know one another and they call it the absolute nuts on the river, I mean how can you not love a game filled with players like that?? 

As far as live tournaments go I learned something very important. The $45 tournaments are out of my playlist in a live setting. I do not like $5K starting stacks, it does not give me the room I want to maneuver. Any future live tournaments I play, unless it's simply an occasion just getting together with friends to have some fun, will be a minimum 10K starting stack and for that those will be starting buyins of at least $65. 

So I went back to the tournaments for a few days online and made a few dollars doing so, but there was something nagging at me something telling me this is just another instance where I decided to go back to something old and abandoned something else. Just the same old story where poor ClaudePOKERAA gets dizzy watching me go back and forth. Of course I will take this opportunity to say that I really didn't appreciate Claude going back and quoting previous entries just to throw it in my face. Just because I write something does not mean it's etched in stone and if I am going through a confusing time as I admit I have been for months, the last thing I need is somebody pulling something from an entry or two ago or even further than that and saying hey look this is what you said about this. Really bro it wasn't appreciated, but hey what can I say some people have a need to figuratively kick somebody when they're down.  I wouldn't personally do it to somebody going through a difficult time, enough said. I needed time and what better way to spend that time then in a casino. I needed time to sort out what's been happening. Some late-night poker talk with my main bro Joseph (maninblack) about the situation, there were comments on the blog, a conversation with my friend Michelle who is a damn fine cash game player in her own right about the downswing that I hit and the possibilities of such things happening and there were things that I just had to put together and through it all I finally realized what I needed to do, but with that there have also been some changes to the overall goals and the current plan progression. 

I need to give a shout out to Joseph as during our long poker talks he gave his input on certain things that I disagreed with, but it turned out he was absolutely right. You were right Joseph I cannot take it back and don't worry my friend, even if I tried to deny it later on down the road I'm sure Claude would be able to find two single sentences out of a six or seven paragraph post and throw that out there for all of us to see so no worries. The first thing Joseph told me was that my $2,000 goal was not enough for a full bankroll grind at $2/$4 limit cash games live. I felt he was being overly conservative and quite frankly, may have on one or two occasions, when we discussed this particular thing asked him point-blank, "Are you out of your ever-lovin fkn mind?" Turns out that the FAQ section of the low stakes limit Hold'em section of 2+2 says the very same thing that many professionals utilize a bankroll of 1000 big bets. The exact same thing Joseph was telling me was completely confirmed by an industry respected poker source. Maybe I should learn to listen to my friends a little bit more.

The second thing was Joe had recommended was that I cut back from 6 tables back to 4. At the time I was losing less on 6 tables that I had on 4 tables to start the month off and you guys are not going to believe the rest of the story. I was so consumed with doing what I wanted to do, so focused on grinding as many hands as I could, I was completely ignoring the fact that the new sizing on the six tables..... I couldn't see what was completely happening on those tables. Let me explain that further. I could see my hole cards and I could see the cards on the board, but what I couldn't make out, what was nothing but blurred really was the betting amounts that the players would put out in the No Limit cash games. A lot of times I was making my best estimate as to what the amount was. I could double click the top of the table to bring It to full screen real quick and see it exactly and then double-click it again to bring it back down to its original size, but the problem was when I was doing that it was causing me to time out on tables and I was being timed out from time to time with pocket aces. So I stopped enlarging them and to be completely honest with you I was basically guessing at what the bet sizes precisely were many times. I could tell if it was under a dollar by the amount of digits in it, but if it was over a dollar I could see the curve of the second number but could never be sure if it was a $1.30 as opposed to $1.80 as an example and as after I admitted this to Joseph in one of our conversations he pointed out how many times did somebody bet $8 and you thought they'd bet $3 and obviously it would have happened without me ever knowing it because with the six tables popping one after another I wasn't going back to look at the sizes in the replayer.  I really thought that I could get by the way I was going under those circumstances. it was obviously a very foolish thing to do and I think had more to do with personal pride and ego than anything else. So I told him last night that no matter what I did, it was obvious to me, after admitting the absolute foolishness that I had committed, that because of my limited vision I had to stick with four tables and four tables only, but there was still a problem. All of a sudden the goal is now $4,000 and how the hell am I going to get four grand??  I'm certainly not going to do it playing the $1 and $2 tournaments and I'm certainly not going to be able to do it playing $10NL so I guess the bottom line was I was pretty much screwed, but that's the great thing about talking poker with a fellow poker-playing friend. You can bounce ideas off of each other, a person can recommend one thing then its discussed then recommend something else and then the other person can come up with something and just keep bouncing those ideas off of another person can be so helpful and then I came up with a possibility and I ran it by him to get his opinion.

AgSweep left a comment in which she said in part "build in some variety but still potentially working towards your goals."  This particular comment just slammed into me in a good way and then I realized variety is the key to it all. The switching back and forth has obviously been an attempt at variety in my poker which at times I totally realized and other times I have not, but what if I could do this variety on a daily basis. Combine the cash games and tournaments at the same time. Completely dismiss the $1 and $2 tournaments and only play the $3 rebuys 4 times a day along with the cash games from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.  it seems like the absolute perfect idea but my ideas over the last six months sometimes leave something to be desired but my friend Joseph thought it was an excellent idea. I was glad he thought so I just needed some sort of confirmation for my own psychological well-being if nothing else. 

I decided to implement this new approach immediately. However if I'm going to play these rebuys I need to play at full strength and that means an immediate rebuy which by the way I noticed WSOP has increased it and it is now charging the rake on the rebuy which that's not what they did before but it's only an extra 27 cents, but the bottom line is each one of these tournaments is going to cost $8.73 assuming I make it to the add-on. A daily total cost of just under $35 and at the same time try to grind the cash games for probably at least 2000 hands a day and do all of this on a $500 bankroll. Can it be done is the only question that's left.

I was actually going to take the next couple of days off and just start this all in August, but as the old saying goes "no time like the present" and besides maybe if I play the final two days in July it can help me salvage this month at least a little bit. I got on the tables just before 9 a.m. in time for the first $3 rebuy tournament, but didn't even make it to the add-on.. I am taking the immediate rebuy as I stated before and the add-on, but if I get knocked out before the add-on. I am not rebuying additionally. The 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. were futile however I did make the final table out of 89 players in the 4 p.m. finishing 6th for a return of $40.95.   Ended up quitting the session 21 minutes before 11 as I was just so damn tired.  The cash games which was predominantly 3 tabling most of the day along with a tournament going was 2208 hands played and earnings of $18.88.  It would have been more were in not for two errors made that ended up costing me a solid $10, but hey, live and learn.  Still the session earn rate was over 8bb/100 so can't complain.  However Joseph is going to be impossible about this as he told me he was sure as soon as I returned to playing a max of 4 tables I would pull a winning session.  Grrrrr. Ok Joseph, but before you hurt your arm patting yourself on the back it was only the first session,  Many more need to be played to prove anything lol.

I'm going to end this entry by following the advice given by Seattle Irish where he said don't make any definite declarations and I will not.  I am doing this for now and hopefully I will be doing this for the forseeable future, but for right now I will take it one day at a time.  Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Goal:  $4000
Bankroll:  $539.64
Progress:  13.5%

Saturday, July 23, 2016

What I Am, What I Have Always Been, What I Will Be For Life

I know no matter what I write here very few will take the time to consider the in depth soul searching if you will. Many are going to simply look at it as more indecisiveness on my part and to a certain extent I can't blame anyone with these thoughts, but perhaps, just perhaps, if I fully explain what's been happening, what has happened, maybe, just maybe, some of my readers will understand what has happened in the whys of it.

Where did I get off track I don't mean recently I'm going back over a year ago. On Thursday I decided to have a day out and played some $2/$4 live limit cash at The Orleans. Ended up  losing $71 in about eight hours of play, but I had a very enjoyable time getting out, but the craziest thing in the world happened. It was something that I would never have believed possible. As I was playing that limit game, there were chips being thrown around, and I found myself actually bored. When I came home that night I was up until the very early morning hours trying to figure what happened, why was I feeling the way I was and then I started thinking from the beginning.

I've been playing poker for 12 years and I've always been a tournament player. when I was in Tennessee planning my move to Las Vegas it was to play tournaments full-time as well. Somewhere along the lines I got off that track, I started believing the only way that I could make consistent money was to switch over to a cash game player and maybe consistency is more in that aspect of poker, but if playing live no-limit it's something that nearly put me to sleep and if even the limit games that I always loved before seem boring to me there had to be a reason because it didn't make sense. Grinding online it seems to be the same thing all the time and it almost feels robotic.  
I was up till about 3 a.m. with all of this going over and over in my mind and then I realized it's because tournament play is always changing. The changes in the blinds, the stack sizes a lot of times determines what you can do and how you can approach it and for me I find cash games, for the most part, takes that away and it just seems so mundane to me. It was about 3 a.m. and I was ready to get some sleep and I realized I needed to go back to what I am, who I am, and no matter how I try to slice and dice it, no matter how many times I've gone back and forth back and forth over the last 6 months, when it comes right down to it I'm a tournament poker player and I always will be. I set my alarm for 8:30 a.m. to get up for the 9 a.m. $3 Deepstack Rebuy and I was determined I was never going to look back again. 

I know that I I'm going to get flamed for this and many readers are just going to tell me oh you're just flip-flopping again you're just doing this and you're just doing that and the Haters will have a field day, but it was actually two individuals that helped me to this realization. First was my friend Joseph AKA ManInBlack and as we were on the phone talking today and I was playing tournaments even though I didn't realize it he told me since I had returned to the tournaments today he could already see the difference. He could hear an excitement in my voice that had been lacking for a long time. The other individual was Kat Martin when he left his last comment the part where he said "if you want to play poker for profit you get in the good games" and for me that's tournaments, it always has been and always will be. PokerProLabs for 2016 shows me as having played 297 tournaments, total profits of $348.99 and an average ROI of 39.52%. In 297 tournaments played I have 76 final tables, and out of those 76 I have 27 top 3 finishes and 11 wins. Back in the day when I was playing on PokerStars in back to back years 2009 and 2010 I was ranked in the top 3% of over 1.9 million tournament Players. I've wasted so much time over the last 6 months trying to change what I never should have in the first place, going back and forth back and forth like somebody pacing a hole in the floor trying to find my way trying to find something that never should have left me in the first place, but I will never make that mistake again.

A big part of me was ready to toss everything after I wrote my last entry and I ended up texting with my friend "Sherry".  It seems she woke up in the middle of the night and thousands of miles away could sense that something was wrong with me.  She immediately texted me inquiring as to whether there was anything wrong, if I was ok and I tried to slide it off at first and not tell her what was going on with the poker, try to gear  the conversation towards how her day went, but she wouldn't hear anything of it, she wouldn't budge, she wanted to know what was happening, what was going on, and so I finally relented and told her what's been happening.  Admittedly I was pretty down about myself, my disappearing poker skills, and basically told her it was probably over. I had obviously lost something. It was her considered and vehement  opinion I might add, that what I needed to do is get right back at it. Take a short break if needed, but don't let the dream die. As far as she's concerned I'm already living the first part of the dream, living in Las Vegas, playing poker full-time and although I've tried to explain to her that that is not exactly the dream fulfilled she refuses to see anything but the positive. When it comes to this and it comes to me in general she is definitely a half-full glass type of person. I promised her that I wouldn't give up anything and you can never break a promise to a lady.

Today was the first full day back on tournaments and in the revised which I have stated I despise I cashed twice with two final tables. Total profit for today was $61.35. Since June 9th at the $10 NL tables in / 71000 hands I made $111 and then one day at the tournament tables and made more than half that. I have come home.

Go ahead rake me over the coals people maybe I deserve it because it took me far too long to realize what I'm now realizing. I've been so damn confused over the last 6 months on so many levels, but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt I know where I'm going now. Until next time take care everyone and I will definitely, now and forever, see you at the tables. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Farewell To Thee

I played my last No Limit cash game today and unfortunately I have to say that it is not profitable enough for me to continue. I've heard time and time again that you need a significant sample size of hands to know whether or not one form or another of Poker is profitable and I've always heard that sample size to be at least fifty thousand hands. I have played in excess of 67,000 hands since June 9th and my earn rate is 1.5bb/100. Obviously this is not the road I'm supposed to be on. I always knew that grinding No Limit cash Games Live was not something I wanted to do, but I thought that doing it online would be a good spot to build up to the necessary bankroll for my plans, but obviously I was wrong.

Unfortunately I don't seem to have anywhere else to turn.  WSOP offers mostly rebuy tournaments and my ITM percentage in those is hideous. Other than that my choices are $1, $2, and $20 tournaments.  With the bank roll dropping below $440 I am obviously not rolled the $20 tournaments and as for the $1 and $2 ones even at a 30% ROI the best I could hopefully average in earnings per day is about $5. It looks like it may be time to close out the WSOP account. Obviously there's no sense in continuing what I've been playing because considering the time that I put in it's just not worth it and if I put in less time think about how much longer any goals that I set would take. No matter how you slice it, no limit cash games are just not meant for me.  This may also be the end of this blog. If I have nowhere to go in poker, nothing to play, there's not going to be much to write about. 

The only other option I see is attempting to play $2/$4 a lot earlier than anticipated. I have $236 online, another $200 offline, a new credit card with a $500 balance on its way which I could turn into $500 in cash without paying the higher interest rates of a cash advance, and I can add another $165 to that. In total I would be looking at almost $1,100 for a  starting bankroll at the $2/$4 live limit tables. Other than that I see no other possibilities and let's face it that possibility in itself may not exactly be the best way to go. Under rolled and a $500 credit card debt to get started. Unfortunately it might be the only option left.

It is a sad day for me because I really thought this would work but the volume put in along with the earn rate tells me otherwise. I'm out of ideas , but I'm not doing anything just yet I'm hoping something comes to me, something I haven't thought of yet, but I think I've thought of everything. No limit cash online the earn rate is not good enough, limit games online are non existent, SNGs have no resemblance of regularity, and MTTs well that's already been touched upon earlier in this entry and when it comes to online poker those are all the options available.

It is with a heavy heart and sadness that I bid you farewell.  If any other option comes to mind I will definitely be writing about it in this blog, but as for right now I just don't see any viable future. Take Care everyone..... be well.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's Run The Numbers

Those of you that have read my blog for any length of time know that my goal in grinding these No Limit cash games online is to accumulate a total bankroll of $2,000 and then with that bankroll start playing $2/$4 limit games live with the intention of moving up stakes everytime 500 big bets is achieved for the next level. So when the bankroll is $3,000 start playing $3/$6, when it's $4,000 start playing $4/$8 and so forth and so on.

Many of the people that I communicate with whether it be on 2+2, Twitter, or comments on the blog, I would say at least 95% of you I hear the same thing from.  The rake cannot be beat at $2 $4. Those that say this are wrong. It's not just my opinion there are people at this moment playing $2/$4 live in Vegas and other places around the country and  winning consistently. They're not winning great deals of money, but they are winning. I decided to go over the numbers to see if I cannot show you why $2/$4 beatable when you look at the numbers.

In order to show this we are going to have to assume certain numbers or averages.  The numbers and averages we will assume for the purpose of this is a person that wins money when they see the flop 40% of the time an average pot size of $30 before the $4 rake is taken out. With that said out of 100 times that I will see a  flop I will win 40 of those times. On average the 40 times that I win the pot I will put on average about $12 into it. Of the 60 times I don't win I will on average put in $6 into the pot. if we take those numbers 60 times $6 equals $360 and then 40 x $12 equals $480.  We will also have to add another $40 for a dollar tip for the dealer each time we win. When you add those numbers up $360 + $480 + $40 that comes to a grand total of $880 that I have put in to the pot in the 100 times that I have seen a flop.  With an average pot of $30 we now subtract $4 for the rake which means on average the dealer is  is pushing $26 to me when I win. There will be times that the pots will be $40 and there will be times when the pots are 20 something dollars that's why we are using an average, but an average of $26 being pushed to me when I win 40 times out of 100 equals $1,040 that has been sent my way less the $880 that I have put into the pot during those 100 instances equals a grand profit of $160 for every 100 flops that I see.

If we figure that the average dealer will deal 25 hands an hour and I will see a  flop 20% of time that means each hour that I play I will see 5 flops and thus it will take me 20 hours of table time to see those 100 flops. If we take the $160 in profit and divide that by those 20 hours we are looking at earnings of $8 an hour which is 2 big bets per hour playing in a $2/$4 live limit game.

ClaudePOKERAA asked me in a comment in my last blog entry why is it that I think that I can beat $10/$20 and $40/$80 if I chose to play that high. That's a very good question one deserving of an answer. The reason is even though I've never played those levels the fact of the matter is when it comes to poker everything is a progression. You start at one level, when you've proven yourself you go to the next level, and there's no reason to think that I will not be successful at each level that I play. Basic poker skills will be in place so there's no reason in the world to believe that I will not be successful at whatever level I am playing.

You also have to remember this is limit poker that I will be playing and there is only so much that any player can do.  Let's say you have a hypothetical overly aggressive player at a limit table that is trying to steal pots and push the other players around they can be controlled and by simply initiating a check/call approach with that hypothetical player one would be able to see, rather cheaply at that all things considered, exactly what they're doing and with what. It's not like no limit, they're not going to be able to stop other players from getting information on them because they're shoving $200, $300, or $500 dollars into the middle to prevent others from seeing what they're doing, but it only comes in one single bet at a time.

Limit poker is a science and you have to have the ability to truly outplay your opponent's hand after hand after hand. No offense to the No Limit players out there, but it doesn't take much to shove $300 in a single bet to scare the other players off.  In limit poker you have to make money the old-fashioned way, you have to earn it dollar by dollar, bet by bet, and hand by hand.
It also may be a situation where I will not want to go to the higher levels. It has been suggested to me that the limits higher than $4/$8 or perhaps higher than $10/$20 are simply filled with 90% regs waiting for the occasional tourist. I have not been able to find out if there is a casino in Vegas that offers $5/$10 limit hold them. If anybody knows this one way or the other please let me know  I mean I will try out the higher levels a few times once I reach the bankroll for it, but it's possible I might want to stop at $4/$8 especially if I'm making two big bets an hour like I expect to make at $2/$4 which would be $16 an hour and I would be more than happy with that kind of money coming in. It would give me the opportunity to live my life and enjoy it clearing approximately $3,200 a month. Right now I get $826 a month from disability so an increase of four times that amount per month for someone like me would make me feel like a millionaire.

The online grind continues to be a daily struggle dropping ($16) yesterday and earning a profit of only $6 tonight. This seesaw that I'm stuck on shows no end in sight unless you consider the smallish loss yesterday and small win tonight a sign that things are slowly starting to change, but I still find myself in relatively deep holes before scratching and clawing my way out. In yesterday's ($16) loss I was down $61 at my worst point and fought my way back to a ($16) loss. In tonight's session I was down ($35) and fought my way back to a $6 profit. Another $10 in bonuses and $4 in daily rakeback helped make it a $21 day, but this stretch that I am going through, well frustrating doesn't even begin to describe it.

At the same time I'm feeling fortunate and proud of myself because the struggles I'm going through are relatively tame as far as dollars involved. I'm down about $65 at the tables for the month, but I'm fortunate that bonuses and daily rakeback has helped overcome that.  I'm also proud of myself. if this had been two months ago I would have been going off of these cash game tables, completely given up on the prospect of them, and been searching for greener pastures, but that is not the case this time. I have stuck with it and will continue to stick with it running 14 hour sessions each day that I play or close enough to it to guarantee myself 2500 hands played each day. Like Rayz Rayl says in one if his Vlogs it's all about the volume. The dollars are immaterial, we look at things on a monthly basis, but when it comes down to the poker it's all about the volume.

On a final note I would like to share a hand that came up during yesterday's session. I was talking over this and with a fellow poker player and I wanted to get the opinions of my readers as to what you felt was the correct play. The screenshot is below. UTG had min raised to $0.20.  The Hijack cold called and I 3 bet to 95 cents with KK.  The button called and both blinds folded and UTG 4 bet shoves for $19.  The Hijack folds and it's back to me.

Now the player I had this conversation with said that this was one of the only ways they would fold KK preflop here,but since I had no information on him I don't see how I can assume that he holds AA.  To me,it would have been more likely to be an AA situation if UTG had limped/3bet preflop, but while I realize AA is a possibility I have to consider other possibilities as well.  QQ and JJ spring to mind along with AK and AQs.  Hell I have seen crazier all-ins preflop on these tables.  I made the call, but what would you have done?  Keeping the results secret for a few days was I right or was the player I discussed the hand with correct.  Are you snapping or are you folding?

That's a wrap up.  Tomorrow is a new day and a new 14 hour session.  Maybe tomorrow and the following days are the days I bust out of this frustrating funkiness I have been in all month.  One can only hope.  Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $522.83
Progress:   26.1% 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stuck On A Seesaw

The title of this entry explains the entire month of July so far.  I have been stuck on a virtual seesaw. July is in fact a losing month thus far, but not a huge amount of money.  The two worst sessions have been a loss of ($86.50) and a loss of ($61.61) at the same time the two best sessions have been profits of $58.83 and $52.75. Overall it's a loss of ($44.41) just shy of 4 and a half buyins for the month so far, but this is the way the sessions have gone for the first 9 sessions in 11 days as I did not play on the 2nd and the 11th.


This July downswing covers ($44.41) in losses over 23,517 hands, but is it a downswing?  What is a downswing truly?  Is it a certain amount of buyins lost?  Is it losses after a certain amount of hands?  Is it the amount of bad beats that you take that leads to overall losses over a span of time?  The truth is I don't know what the real definition is.  Some people may say this is just negative variance that I'm experiencing and others may say I'm in a downswing but a very minor one considering the amount that is involved. Maybe it's just called seesawing and it's neither a downswing nor is it considered negative variance and it's just another aspect of cash games that I am not yet familiar with. I don't know maybe the very word itself is subjective and like a lot of things in poker if you asked 100 people you'll get 50 opinions on one side and 50 opinions on the other. The only thing I do know is that whatever this is called sooner or later I'm going to come out of it.
If you take the month of June when I got started on June 9th on a determined cash game grind I had a 4 day stretch where I lost ($60) but other than that the month was steady consistent increases, but yet I start July with a seesaw effect so whatever it is you want to call it I'm currently in it. I am still showing overall profits for the month because I have cleared $40 in bonuses and will be clearing another $10 1 with today's session and I have also accumulated $23 and daily rakeback so I suppose I can be thankful that I am actually showing some positive numbers even if they are not strictly at the tables.

I've decided to step up the grind from 12 to 14 hour sessions. I've been wanting to do this by playing a couple hours later each evening, but I never seem to be able to do so. By the time 11 o'clock rolls around I really don't want to go an extra two hours. I know this is going to sound insanely silly but I refuse to play a 13 hour session simply because I view thirteen is an unlucky number lol. Go ahead and laugh, I know it's silly and I'm even laughing at myself over it, but for some reason I simply can't get away from avoiding the number 13 at all costs. Maybe there's nothing to it, there probably is nothing to it, but then again I look at it why even test it so right now I have been playing 12 hour sessions, I refuse to play a 13 hour session, so a 14 hour session it is. Since I am up at 9 a.m. every morning I decided why not get started at 10an and simply put in an extra hour in the morning and an extra hour at night.

So today's session started at 10 a.m. this morning and will go to midnight or a little bit past obviously if I'm in a hot Rush of cards at midnight I'm not going anywhere. One reason I am doing this is so that I can take  a couple of extra breaks during the day if I want to and still guarantee myself an average daily grind of 2500 hands. I have found that the 3000 hands which I was shooting for at this point in time is not always feasible. The main reason is because since I am currently only playing $10 tables at this point and not a mix of $10 and $20 tables there are times where there are not 6 tables available to me. Sunday was a classic example of this as I was never able to get on more than 4 tables at any one time after 6 p.m. It seems like it was just a slow night, but with a daily goal of 2,500 hands my original monthly goal of 40,000 hands for July has been now been increased to 50,000 and since I've already got 23,000 played it looks like I'm going to blow past that which will be a good thing as I am trying to get that extra 2% in daily rakeback by making Platinum Status this month. An extra 2% only equals approximately an extra $15 a month in a rakeback, but I will take any increase that I can get while the getting is good.

Bankroll this month has been as high as $563, but the last  session of a ($61) loss brought it back down to just above $500. I must say I was looking forward at having a fix on six the six being a $600 bankroll, but the last session brought things back to reality, but that's okay. I'm going to keep grinding and keep playing through this and sooner or later I'm going to get back into some consistent profits, I just hope it's sooner rather than later.  So until next time everyone, take care, and I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Big "C"

I wish the title of this entry was referring to poker in some way. The big continuation bet or the big cashout even but unfortunately this title has nothing to do with poker. In this case The Big "C" is the word nobody ever wants to hear and that word is cancer.

I got a new doctor since I'm living in a new area and I had my first appointment with her today and as she gave me what amounted to about 27 different referrals to different Specialists she spotted something on my nose of all places. It could have been a blemish or some sort of adult acne but she took one look at it and she said I think you have skin cancer and you need to get to a dermatologist to find out if that is it. I was somewhat incredulous and I said you got to be kidding me and all she said was go to the dermatologist and prove me wrong. I think she's hoping that I can prove her wrong.
Cancer in any form is scary as hell. The first thing I asked her immediately was is it fatal? She never skipped a beat and immediately answered absolutely not. That gave me a little reassurance but I find that ever since I came home from that appointment at around noon I'm nervous as hell. I don't like to feel nervousness or fear of any kind because to me I'm showing weakness, but I'll be honest I can't help it on this occasion. I'm finding that I'm very jittery and nervous, I catch myself tapping my hand incessantly throughout the day or tapping my foot when there's no music being played, that sort of thing. All I can do is wait for the doctors at the Cancer Center Dermatology Department to contact me. She told me to wait 3 to 5 business days and if I didn't hear from them give them a call. It's just one of a long list of referrals that she gave me. Check this out.

Because of the blood clot issues and the one in the lung that damn near killed me in February I need to be seen by a pulmonologist, a lung doctor.  She would also like to know why I get blood clots so that would be the second referral to a hematologist, a blood doctor at a different Cancer Center. The thing that put me on disability is a condition called Venous stasis which creates ulcers on my left leg which are in essence open wounds that take 12 to 18 months to heal when they hit me. These were caused by constant standing when I was working in the retail field and as you might imagine open wounds on a person's body for that length of time creates a lot of infections and the reason they put me on disability is they knew sooner or later one of those infections which spread to the bone and they would have no choice but to amputate my left leg. That was the defining reason why I was put on disability and it's also the defining reason why I, unlike so many people that apply for disability and get denied 2 or 3 times and have to hire a lawyer, I was immediately approved for it in approximately a month and a half at the time. With that said because of the Venous stasis condition she also gave me a referral to a vascular doctor. I'm fairly certain I have a tear in my right rotator cuff and my left shoulder also hurts and each morning I wake up with lower back pain. The back pain could be the excess weight that I carry as I do struggle with a weight condition which I am trying to rectify and it could be associated with simple middle age as I am 48 years old, but she wants me to have an MRI on both shoulders and the lower back and so the referral for that. The last thing she gave me was an order for a blood test which I find more of an annoyance than anything as you have to fast for 8 hours prior to that and is something that I will get done first thing in the morning when I do finally go do it.  She did give me a prescription of Percocet which I got filled and for the first time in months the arthritis in the knees has no pain. The cartilage is completely gone and it's bone on bone now and it cracks like a rifle shot every time I get up from a sitting position but God I love Percocet, it cures what ails you.

As for poker. July 7th was a day of a small profit, but it was also a day where 90% of the big pairs held up. I did get stacked with AA a couple of times but in the entire session I was never worse than even or maybe a couple of dollars down. Once again I hope this is a sign that I'm coming out of this negative variance. That I've been stuck in since the beginning of July but only the next few sessions will really answer that question. I only ended up with about four or five hours sleep last night and because of the doctor's appointment today I didn't get on the tables till 1:30 and was planning on playing my normal 12 hour session, but even a second caffeine pill couldn't stop me from being completely exhausted at about 11:30 so I called it a day after 10 hours instead of 12. Still got in over 2,700 hands and earned a profit of over $20. Ended the night with a bankroll of $487.07 which puts me in the green for total earnings of a paltry $1.07, however bonuses and rakeback has what has done it and I am still losing at the tables this month, but as I said I'm seeing signs that I'm coming out of it and hopefully over the next few days I can put together some really good sessions, but we still have to wait and see.

I have made a change to my bankroll management plan and the change was made because of my comfort level that I have talked about quite often. In July I have played some very limited $20NL and am showing a small profit with a relatively half-decent earn rate of course I've played less than six hundred hands so you can take nothing from that, but I discovered two things. The first is I am not comfortable playing $20 tables at my current bankroll and would prefer to have a bankroll of $600. The second is I don't like playing a single table of $20NL and would much prefer to have three $10 tables and three $20 tables going as I like the more even-keeled balance of the two levels. There are times when there are only two $20 tables available and during those times I would have four $10 tables and two $20 tables, until a 3rd $20 table became available.  That means I have a little over $112 to go till I hit the $600 bankroll and then I can jump in full force playing three tables of each when available.  When that time comes I will be on a strict $100 stop loss and this $100 is not just at the $20 tables it would be $100 in losses at all tables no matter what they were, but the bottom line is if the bankroll were to fall back down to $500 it would be back to $10 tables only until I was back at $600 once again.

I ran a little short on money this month as this was the final month that I will have to pay my landlady $550 and starting next month it will go to the normal $400, that and three delivery orders which was kind of foolish on my part, but they were so delicious, so it looks like I am going to have to get a loan from my bankroll for $50 to get me through the rest of the month. Paying this back will be no problem as I should have in the neighborhood of $250 leftover out of my August disability check.  I also have a friend coming into town and will be meeting up with her in August probably just grabbing lunch together or  something like that and I have another friend who's coming for a vacation for a few days in October and we already  decided that we will be hanging out when she arrives. Another friend will be stopping by to visit the next time she makes the run down Tucson and that would simply be a visit for a few hours or maybe the afternoon or something. 

The friend visiting in August I will refer to her as "Tracy". The friend visiting next time she makes the run down to Tucson I will refer to her as "Tammy" and the friend that's coming in October I will refer to her as "Sherry".  I have put all 3 of these girls in the friend zone as I am not looking to get involved with anybody in an exclusive long-term relationship. Let's face it as a struggling poker player running sessions 12 hours a day I really don't see how's that could be feasible at this time not to mention two of these three currently reside out of state and the 3rd is in Reno, however with that said I've been getting certain hints that they may have other things on their mind.  Tammy l, on numerous occasions has come out and said I love you and as far Sherry goes, well let's put it this way, if I were inclined to get into an exclusive relationship that's definitely the girl it would be. When Tammy and I do meet up we will either  give each other a hug or get locked in an embrace that would make Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara look like amateurs and as far as Sherry goes I just don't know where it's going to go. I don't even know if it could go anywhere. I have reminded her that we're just two friends spending a few days together after she referred to me as her "date in October" but what she doesn't know, and she'll never find out, is I could so easily fall in love with her and I'm going to have to fight with every last breath not to let that happen when she gets here.

I also have a couple of friends that are local girls one of which I will refer to as "Sally" who I had a date to take to a concert before we had a falling out awhile back that turned out to be a miscommunication on both our parts. We are talking again and, I don't know, we'll see what happens and the other is a European girl who I will refer to as "Mary" that I had met online when I was still in Tennessee and we too had a falling out, but it turns out my psychopathic ex girlfriend here in Las Vegas had threatened her on Facebook in a private message and warned her to stay the hell away from me. God I'm glad I'm rid of that little fkn troll I had gotten involved with. What the hell I ever saw in her is beyond me and I'm simply going to go with the assumption that I must have been going through temporary insanity at the time. Anyway "Mary" and I have also been texting on a daily basis. What happens from here is anybody's guess.

So that's going to be a wrap up. Overall not the best of poker days, but not the worst of days by a long shot and this month I'll take any day that shows any profit of any kind. I will keep you updated on the medical situation and anybody that might want to say a silent prayer it would be very much appreciated. I'm not overly religious and consider myself spiritual, but even I know prayer never hurts. So until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll: $487.07
Progress: 24.4%

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Rough Start To July

July to start things off has definitely been a rough road to travel no doubt about it. It's started on the very first day of July where I played 2545 hands for a ($35.42) loss. That was a session in which I was down ($67) at one point and made somewhat of a comeback. July 2nd was a day off and the very next day July 3rd with an 1877 hand session for a $22.52 profit. It looked like I was coming out of that stretch of negative variance that I had gone through on the first of the month however July 4th had not yet arrived. July 4th was without a doubt my single worst session I ever experienced to the tune of an ($86.50) loss, 8.5 buyins in a single session that went 15 hours and just under 3000 hands.  I had started the day with a bankroll of $487.10 and when the session was completed, I got knocked back all the way down to a $400 bankroll, $403 when daily rakeback was added at the end.If it could go wrong it did go wrong. I lost count of the big pairs that got cracked, numerous flopped sets that ended up being beat on the river usually by flushes, draw after draw after draw that went nowhere, it was that kind of day. I made a few mistakes which I recognized and that probably cost me depending how you look at it maybe 1-2buyins but that's still over 6 buyins in losses that occurred through simple negative variance an unfortunate poker situations that happened to all players.

It was somewhat disheartening and worse it started old thoughts going through my mind again. Should I be doing cash games? Should I switch over to something else? Should I withdraw a couple of hundred and go have some fun?  Even after everything that I have realized in recently, everything that has been shown to me with the numbers and getting the account statements and seeing what I've done in the past with withdrawals from the bankroll, constantly switching  on what poker road I need to be and stay on and even with all that and attempting to learn from this, the fact that these thoughts still go through my mind shows me I've still got some work to do, not on my game, but on me. I took nearly a 25% bankroll and automatically it's started a fight or flight syndrome almost a panic attack and that's where these thoughts come from.  I'm trying my hardest to control my impulses when it comes to getting off the correct poker road and spending my bankroll frivolously. It's all part of self-control and discipline absolutely must learn to control because if I can't, I might as well give up right now. Fortunately, I look at the situation as a test and I can say I passed the test. For the first time in 6 months I passed this test and when the following day rolled around, that being today, July 5th, I was right back at the tables. I was not giving up on the cash games, I was not switching over to tournaments, I was simply determined to play through this to the best of my ability and hopefully get back on some positive variance.

I got started at around 12:30 and played till about 5ish with a few breaks mixed in when I decided to take another break for dinner. At that point I had played 711 with earnings of $29.52. When I came back upstairs to my room to fire up the tables again it was about 5:30 p.m. and instead of firing them up right away and getting back on those tables I started realizing the tables. I wanted to see how large they could be and still give me access to possibly six tables. With my bad vision overlapping is a must but I was able to set it up where the top middle and bottom middle tables there is only a small strip of space for me to  click on if I do need to bring that table to the front immediately, but I was able to set it up so that I could in fact add two more tables. At 6 p.m. this evening I fired up 6 tables.

Obviously the tables are smaller than they were but I'm able to see the cards quite clearly and since I do not put in specific bet sizes and instead use the preset buttons of half pot, three-quarter pot, and full pot size and utilize the plus and minus buttons if I do want to add a few extra big blind increments I had no problems there either. The only difficulty I have occasionally is seeing the exact bet size from my opponents, but the chips being different colors on the table helps and if I am having difficulty viewing that, which I found out did not happen often, I can always double click the table at the top and it immediately makes it full screen size so that I can look at something that I might have trouble seeing momentarily and then another quick double click put it right back to its original size.  The first thing that I noticed was that even though it's only two additional tables, you would not think it would really change a whole lot, but in actuality it does. The action is fast and it's furious and it forces me to focus just on poker. Not checking my Facebook, not to be sending Twitter tweets, not to look something up on the Internet, but to simply concentrate on the six tables. If I want to review a hand with the WSOP replayer I simply sit out of all tables and review the hand that I want to review and jot down the notes that I want to jot down on my opponent and then sit back in to all six tables once again. This process usually takes less than 60 seconds so it's not like I'm missing all that much. I absolutely loved the six tabling. I loved the constant action and the fact that it forced me to focus on poker and nothing but poker.

However, on WSOP I'm not usually going to have 6 tables of $10NL available to me and therefore I've needed to make an adjustment about my personal bankroll management rules regarding $20NL. Instead of the $500 requirement I'm cutting it back down to $400 again, but with very specific conditions. The first of which being that if at any time the bankroll drops just $1 below $400 that $20NL table must be eliminated and I can only play whatever $10 tables are available. If that's only three so be it. I will replace a $10 table with an additional $20 table with each $100 increment of bankroll that is obtained meaning when I have $500 in the bankroll then two $20 tables will be played and four $10 tables, when the bankroll is at $600 I will be playing three $10 tables and three $20 tables and so forth and so on. The most available tables of $20NL I've ever seen is 4 so I will definitely be mixing stakes for the foreseeable future.

So for the next five hours or so with a couple of breaks mixed in I grinded 5 tables of $10NL and a single table of $20NL. I am going to assume that my earn rate will drop, but I believe that the volume will make up for it and increase the average daily earnings.  I found out right from the start but there are times I can average 400 hands an hour and since I run my sessions 12 hours a day with breaks mixed in, I estimate that I play a solid 10 hours of Poker and with six tables I should easily get in 3000+ hands played a day and easily earn 50 APPs per day which means I should be able to clear all of the bonus that I have pending and will easily hit Platinum Status by the end of July adding another two percent to my daily rakeback. I plan on starting an hour earlier from now on at 11 a.m. and ending my poker day at 11 p.m. because I am finding especially during the weekdays that the tables don't completely fall apart at 11pm, but enough so that it makes it difficult to maintain full tables and I do not like playing short-handed in any way with even a 7 handed table being something I don't want to deal with. The final tally from the 6 tabling session was $10NL, 1462 hands with earnings of $9.28 and $20NL,  217 hands with earnings of $13.95.

I end of the day with a bankroll of $468.35. I feel fortunate to only be less than $18 down overall for July so far. I am down ($46.55) at the tables, but only down ($17.65) overall because of $20 in bonuses and $9 and rakeback, but considering how two of the first 5 days of this month has gone with losses from those two days adding up to nearly ($122) things could be a lot lot worse.  Combining all sessions today earnings were over $52 so I'm hopeful it's a sign that I am getting past this struggle that July has been so far, but then again that's what I thought after the $22 profit session on July 3rd so I'm hoping for the best but I'm not assuming a damn thing just yet. That's going to be a wrap up for now. 11 a.m. starts the first full day of six tabling. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll: $468.35
Progress: 23.4%

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Drive For Five Is Still Alive

July started off with what appeared to be a horrendous start. I played on the 1st and the 3rd and took the day off on the 2nd to visit a friend in the hospital and on the 1st, since I knew I was taking the following day off I put in an extra long session which turned out to be a good thing because if I had played my normal session the start would have been more horrendous than it was.

On July 1st to start off the month during the course of the session I found myself down ($67) and in a hole that I was going to have to climb my way out of. Being down 6.7 buyins and is a little disconcerting and a lot of time you have the natural reaction to question yourself. Am I doing anything wrong? Did I screw up somehow too be this much down playing for nickels and dimes in a single session? You then recall the hands that you've been losing the big pots with and that usually will answer your question one way or the other. In my case there wasn't much I could do. Here are a few examples.

QQ vs. JTo: Ten on the flop, and another on the turn.

KK vs. AQ aipf Ace on River ($8.30)

Flop set lose to rivered flush

Flop Broadway, absolute nuts and lose to a full House

AA cracked by JJ. All-in on the flop 2 outer hits the turn.

When things like that happen over and over again the only thing you can do is utter a few curse words, try to curb the urge to throw the laptop against the nearest wall, and simply play through it. That session on July 1st ended up going just shy of 15 hours with over 2,500 hands played and it was in that last few hours that I was able to pick up just over three buyins back making the loss for the day ($35) which all things considered wasn't too bad as it could have been a lot worse.

As I said I took the 2nd off and tonight, July 3rd, I put in a session of about 11 and a half hours going just a little over 1,800 hands and earnings of $22. I cleared another $10 increment of the bonus, $2 in daily rakeback and at this point I am up $1.10 overall because of the bonus and rakeback and at the actual tables still down ($12.90)  After tonight's session I ended up with a bankroll of $487.10 putting me $12.90 away from the magic $500 mark and some hands and sessions that include $20NL which will hopefully be successful and allow me to grind more APPs per day in an effort to clear bonuses remaining a little bit faster to say nothing of increasing the daily earnings. The drive for five is still alive.

That's really all there is for now as there's nothing too exciting to be reporting at this time. I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very happy, fun, and safe 4th of July in whatever you will be doing to celebrate the holiday. I was considering if I was going to do anything this year, but although it might be enjoyable I really should not give up a day of grinding just to watch a few fireworks go off. Putting the grind off to have fun is one of the things that put me in the low bankroll and still being forced to grind online situation that I'm currently in and I'm doing my best not to repeat my mistakes.  So the to the rest of you I will simply say have a great holiday. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Drive For Five / June Report And July Goals

It was looking like the last 3 days of June we're going to be a stretch of break-even variance or possibly worse.  Sessions on the 28th and 29th covering a little over 3,400 hands for table earnings of $2.64. Daily rakeback and the clearance of a $10 increment of the reload bonus added a few dollars to that. This was no real surprise for the two sessions before that I had to earned $70 total running at 24bb/100 which is totally unsustainable and was not surprised by the happenings of the next two days. On both days I started out in a hole which I had to dig myself out of and was able to by the time the sessions ended. Going into the 30th I expected to endure the same sort of early struggle and was just hoping it could be at least a break-even session rather than a loss.

The final day of the month however proved to be completely opposite as unlike the previous two days I started out in the positive almost immediately up a little over a buy-in before I even had 100 hands played. Sometimes the poker gods are for you and sometimes they're not and today they were definitely for me as I ended up playing 1277 hands earning $47.47 plus a dollar in daily rakeback. Without a doubt the key hand of the day was where me and my opponent had approximately $15 on the table as we had both worked our stacks up a bit and we were all in on the turn when I had flopped a set of twos and he had flopped a set of fours. At that point I was up about $21 and as soon as I saw his set of fours I knew three quarters of that profit was going right out the window, but the last thing in the world I expected was hitting a 1 outer on the river giving me quads. Were it not for that hand this $47 session would have been still a winner but only $17 so I feel very fortunate it turned out the way it did naturally.

June was a great month as far as I'm concerned where total earnings were $286. Bonuses contributed $30 of this and I think another $50 at least came from the daily rakeback but I'll have the exact numbers in a day or two when I get an account statement. June 1st to June 8th I was still flip-flopping back and forth between cash games and tournaments and cash games and tournaments, but on the 9th of June was when I basically got my head out of my ass, realized that cash games was what I had to stay at no matter how bad it got, although I was prepared with a contingency plan, and from June 9th through June 30th I ended up playing 29,683 hands with earnings of $261.82 with an earn rate of 8.8bb/100 at $10NL. I ended up losing just shy of two buyins at $20NL, 848 hands and losses of ($38.86) On one of those days I also played 88 hands of $0.50/$1 Stud8 for a total profit of $2.34. That stud game was in no way looking to make any sort of money I was basically playing it just for the APP points that I could get from it. 

The drive for five is the drive towards a $500 bankroll. $500 is the magic number where it will allow me to step up in stakes. Slowly at first and I would run 2 tables of $20NL and 2 tables of $10NL with a $100 stop loss. If that $500 were to drop to $400 then it is back down to 4 tables of $10NL.  Four tables of $20NL will be allowed when I have both a $600+ bankroll and I have won 5 buy-ins at $20NL.  If both these conditions are not met I will run two and two, but even if both these conditions are met, I've noticed on WSOP that the $20 tables do not always have 4 tables available in fact many times from the times I've looked and noticed they only have 2 available so I very well may be only running two and two. No matter how you look at it 25 buyins is the goal for the initial step up.  As for $50NL that would start when I have 25 buyins for that level which would be $1,250 but that is a ways off in the future. Possibly August, but I certainly don't see that happening in July.  As stated earlier I had played some $20NL in June and had done so when the bankroll head reached $400 but after doing so I realized that the $500 number puts me more in a comfort zone. Going into tomorrow I have $14 to go to hit that $500 mark.

Tomorrow should be a full session, 11 hours, and close to if not exceeding 2000 hands. Ended the session early today because I forgot to take a caffeine pill that I pretty much now need on a daily basis if I want to meet my volume expectation and goals, but I forgot to take it today and by 7:30 I was yawning my head off.  Not tired enough to go to sleep as I am writing this entry at 125am., but I've played this game long enough to know when you startyawning you better damn well get away from those cards and away from the table and that's exactly what I did. It is vital, if I want to get my volume goal completed each time I play, I need to take a caffeine pill two or three hours after I start the session so around 3 p.m. that will get me through the rest of the night.
The July goals are pretty simple, grind, grind, grind. My goals for July specifically are as follows.
Hands:  40,000
$10NL Earn Rate:  8bb/100
$20NL Earn Rate:  6bb/100
Table Earnings:  $320
Rakeback:  $30
Bonuses:  $60

These goals are based on $10NL only. While it is true I am very close to $20NL I could fall into some negative variance or even a full-fledged downswing beginning tomorrow so I cannot assume anything except the level that I am currently playing. If I am able to get into $20NL and am able to be successful then I will surpass my goals so the goals that I have listed above are what I feel to be the minimum expectation for July.

As the bankroll approached the $500 mark I am starting to wonder just when I should start withdrawing some of the money and holding it aside or better yet storing it in a safety deposit box in the form of cash or poker chips.  Ever since Black Friday I have been concerned about keeping money online and while WSOP is a US regulated poker site the threats that legislation could be passed reversing this, hackers, and any number of things could happen that I don't want to keep more than a few hundred on there at any one time. It may sound just a touch paranoid, but better safe than sorry.  I think many of the Full Tilt players back then would agree with this sentiment.

The recent adjustments that I made to my game resulted in an increase in the earn rate of 1.5bb /100 over the course of approximately 8000 hands played.  I will continue along this path for July as the 8000 hands is too few to make any determination but since the goal for July is 40,000 that should give me a far better indication. If my earn rate for July is above 7.3 then the adjustments were the correct ones. That's going to be a wrap up for now. Ready to start off July hopefully on a positive note. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.