Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Rough Start To July

July to start things off has definitely been a rough road to travel no doubt about it. It's started on the very first day of July where I played 2545 hands for a ($35.42) loss. That was a session in which I was down ($67) at one point and made somewhat of a comeback. July 2nd was a day off and the very next day July 3rd with an 1877 hand session for a $22.52 profit. It looked like I was coming out of that stretch of negative variance that I had gone through on the first of the month however July 4th had not yet arrived. July 4th was without a doubt my single worst session I ever experienced to the tune of an ($86.50) loss, 8.5 buyins in a single session that went 15 hours and just under 3000 hands.  I had started the day with a bankroll of $487.10 and when the session was completed, I got knocked back all the way down to a $400 bankroll, $403 when daily rakeback was added at the end.If it could go wrong it did go wrong. I lost count of the big pairs that got cracked, numerous flopped sets that ended up being beat on the river usually by flushes, draw after draw after draw that went nowhere, it was that kind of day. I made a few mistakes which I recognized and that probably cost me depending how you look at it maybe 1-2buyins but that's still over 6 buyins in losses that occurred through simple negative variance an unfortunate poker situations that happened to all players.

It was somewhat disheartening and worse it started old thoughts going through my mind again. Should I be doing cash games? Should I switch over to something else? Should I withdraw a couple of hundred and go have some fun?  Even after everything that I have realized in recently, everything that has been shown to me with the numbers and getting the account statements and seeing what I've done in the past with withdrawals from the bankroll, constantly switching  on what poker road I need to be and stay on and even with all that and attempting to learn from this, the fact that these thoughts still go through my mind shows me I've still got some work to do, not on my game, but on me. I took nearly a 25% bankroll and automatically it's started a fight or flight syndrome almost a panic attack and that's where these thoughts come from.  I'm trying my hardest to control my impulses when it comes to getting off the correct poker road and spending my bankroll frivolously. It's all part of self-control and discipline absolutely must learn to control because if I can't, I might as well give up right now. Fortunately, I look at the situation as a test and I can say I passed the test. For the first time in 6 months I passed this test and when the following day rolled around, that being today, July 5th, I was right back at the tables. I was not giving up on the cash games, I was not switching over to tournaments, I was simply determined to play through this to the best of my ability and hopefully get back on some positive variance.

I got started at around 12:30 and played till about 5ish with a few breaks mixed in when I decided to take another break for dinner. At that point I had played 711 with earnings of $29.52. When I came back upstairs to my room to fire up the tables again it was about 5:30 p.m. and instead of firing them up right away and getting back on those tables I started realizing the tables. I wanted to see how large they could be and still give me access to possibly six tables. With my bad vision overlapping is a must but I was able to set it up where the top middle and bottom middle tables there is only a small strip of space for me to  click on if I do need to bring that table to the front immediately, but I was able to set it up so that I could in fact add two more tables. At 6 p.m. this evening I fired up 6 tables.

Obviously the tables are smaller than they were but I'm able to see the cards quite clearly and since I do not put in specific bet sizes and instead use the preset buttons of half pot, three-quarter pot, and full pot size and utilize the plus and minus buttons if I do want to add a few extra big blind increments I had no problems there either. The only difficulty I have occasionally is seeing the exact bet size from my opponents, but the chips being different colors on the table helps and if I am having difficulty viewing that, which I found out did not happen often, I can always double click the table at the top and it immediately makes it full screen size so that I can look at something that I might have trouble seeing momentarily and then another quick double click put it right back to its original size.  The first thing that I noticed was that even though it's only two additional tables, you would not think it would really change a whole lot, but in actuality it does. The action is fast and it's furious and it forces me to focus just on poker. Not checking my Facebook, not to be sending Twitter tweets, not to look something up on the Internet, but to simply concentrate on the six tables. If I want to review a hand with the WSOP replayer I simply sit out of all tables and review the hand that I want to review and jot down the notes that I want to jot down on my opponent and then sit back in to all six tables once again. This process usually takes less than 60 seconds so it's not like I'm missing all that much. I absolutely loved the six tabling. I loved the constant action and the fact that it forced me to focus on poker and nothing but poker.

However, on WSOP I'm not usually going to have 6 tables of $10NL available to me and therefore I've needed to make an adjustment about my personal bankroll management rules regarding $20NL. Instead of the $500 requirement I'm cutting it back down to $400 again, but with very specific conditions. The first of which being that if at any time the bankroll drops just $1 below $400 that $20NL table must be eliminated and I can only play whatever $10 tables are available. If that's only three so be it. I will replace a $10 table with an additional $20 table with each $100 increment of bankroll that is obtained meaning when I have $500 in the bankroll then two $20 tables will be played and four $10 tables, when the bankroll is at $600 I will be playing three $10 tables and three $20 tables and so forth and so on. The most available tables of $20NL I've ever seen is 4 so I will definitely be mixing stakes for the foreseeable future.

So for the next five hours or so with a couple of breaks mixed in I grinded 5 tables of $10NL and a single table of $20NL. I am going to assume that my earn rate will drop, but I believe that the volume will make up for it and increase the average daily earnings.  I found out right from the start but there are times I can average 400 hands an hour and since I run my sessions 12 hours a day with breaks mixed in, I estimate that I play a solid 10 hours of Poker and with six tables I should easily get in 3000+ hands played a day and easily earn 50 APPs per day which means I should be able to clear all of the bonus that I have pending and will easily hit Platinum Status by the end of July adding another two percent to my daily rakeback. I plan on starting an hour earlier from now on at 11 a.m. and ending my poker day at 11 p.m. because I am finding especially during the weekdays that the tables don't completely fall apart at 11pm, but enough so that it makes it difficult to maintain full tables and I do not like playing short-handed in any way with even a 7 handed table being something I don't want to deal with. The final tally from the 6 tabling session was $10NL, 1462 hands with earnings of $9.28 and $20NL,  217 hands with earnings of $13.95.

I end of the day with a bankroll of $468.35. I feel fortunate to only be less than $18 down overall for July so far. I am down ($46.55) at the tables, but only down ($17.65) overall because of $20 in bonuses and $9 and rakeback, but considering how two of the first 5 days of this month has gone with losses from those two days adding up to nearly ($122) things could be a lot lot worse.  Combining all sessions today earnings were over $52 so I'm hopeful it's a sign that I am getting past this struggle that July has been so far, but then again that's what I thought after the $22 profit session on July 3rd so I'm hoping for the best but I'm not assuming a damn thing just yet. That's going to be a wrap up for now. 11 a.m. starts the first full day of six tabling. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll: $468.35
Progress: 23.4%


  1. If you are six tabling, do you have a HUD as well? If not, how do you study player patterns and behaviours ?

  2. MrBen the use of HUDs or 3rd party software such as Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager are illegal in the state of Nevada. It is for this reason that WSOP Nv does not store the hands played on the harddrive of the computer being used.

    I actually like it better this way because I feel when a poker player relies on these outside sources for information it takes away from their own observations of their opponents and more so takes away from the skill set needed of the individual in using their own eyes and mind for discovering reads of betting patterns and whatnot and I feel without the use of these aids it will make the serious player an even better all around poker player.

    I watch for anything unusual on my tables and if I spot something,I sit out of the tables, look at the hand on the replayer and write whatever note is appropriate on that player and assign to them an icon or color code of which I have assigned personal meanings to, such as the fish icon is an aggrodonk, the bull is an overly aggressive player, the frog is an overall decent player, but they have some leaks I have spotted, such as not value betting, over valuing top pair top kicker that sort of thing and so on and so on and this process usually takes me less than 60 seconds and I'm back on all 6 tables again.