Monday, August 1, 2016

Starting August On Fire

July has mercifully come to an end. An absolutely hideous month on just about all levels. As far as money-wise goes I ended July with just under $5 less than I started it with, but losses at the online tables totaled ($199.76)  It was only $90 in cleared bonuses, another $45 and rakeback, and $60 in live earnings that allowed me to salvage the month of July and even with all that I still ended up with a small overall loss. Good riddance to July and I could only hope August would be the start of some run good and extended heaters.

August is the start of a few things in my poker. First of all playing the $3 Deepstack Rebuys and the cash games simultaneously each day I play throughout the month. I will also begin documenting all live play in a new app that I just downloaded called Session Logger. It's a free app and I like the looks of it although I don't have anything to log into it as of yet. The only sessions or tournaments that I won't record is ones that I am staked to because if someone stakes me to a $2/$4 game or a live tournament anything I make I would obviously only be getting 50% of it and I can't for the life of me figure out how I could record those sessions along with any cash game sessions and live tournaments that I play on my own dime that would not skew the overall earn rate and standard deviation. I suppose I could record the actual session results and then simply record half the earnings as a withdrawal, but what if I end up losing?? It was a steak it's not exactly costing me anything and that would totally suck you the bank while I'm out coinciding with the earnings or losses. If anybody has any ideas on this please let me know.  

My friend Joseph decided that when he heard about my plans for August he wanted to purchase 50% of the deepstack rebuy tournament action. I play all month and if I show an overall loss he pays me half of the overall monthly tournament losses and consequently if there is a profit we split the profit. Initially I tried to talk him out of this because my record and rebuys as far as making it in the money is absolutely hideous. You could check Poker Pro Labs and see that for yourself, but because my ROI is relatively strong he was absolutely determined that he wanted in on this. I don't want my overall inefficiency in these tournaments to garner any resentment as in a worst-case scenario this could end up costing him $350 based on $700 worth of tournament entries, but he told me over and over again and he was absolutely sure he wanted to do this so I finally agreed to it.

I had to come up with some sort of bankroll management plan for playing the cash games and the tournaments simultaneously. Even though 50% of the action has been purchased I still need to make sure that I have enough in my account for the cash games should I run into a cold spell with the tournaments.  40 buyins for the cash games is still my magic comfort level amount so if my account balance should drop to $400 or lower than I will have to suspend the tournaments and only grind the cash games until I can grind up a few more tournament buyins above the $400 mark.  A $600 bankroll is still required to start grinding the $20NL tables. I am going with the full potential on the rebuy tournaments where I pay my entry, immediately rebuy to start with a double stack, and if I make it through the rebuy period then do the add-on. The rebuy tournaments will cost $8.73 each usually 4 played per day and should I get knocked out before the add-on I will not be buying back in to that specific tournament. I was considering cutting costs, but I want as many chips giving me as much ammunition in these tournaments as I can possibly get and it doesn't make sense to not immediately rebuy or not add-on putting myself in a disadvantage.

I'm not going to attempt to make any specific goals for August with the single exception to not get off the road that I have set for myself meaning playing the cash games and the rebuy tournaments simultaneously throughout the day. No matter what kind of cooler I may run into I want to be determined at least for the month of August not to surrender or otherwise give up on it. I can't even begin to estimate how many cash hands that I will play although I'm running now at 2000 minimum a day, but I've got so many doctors appointments this month. Between my regular doctor, another MRI, getting a blood draw, the dermatologist at the Cancer Center, the vascular doctor, the blood doctor, The lung doctor, it's freaking ridiculous. These appointments will seriously interfere with the grind and unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it so on those days it will not be full poker days only partial ones. A big part of me wants to say screw it all because all these doctor appointments do is interfere with the grind however I do know they are probably needed and besides if I punked out Joe, Michelle and several other friends both here in Nevada and elsewhere would see to my early demise I'm sure lol. 

Going into August I revamped my starting hand selection. Utilizing some advice from a particular website which I will keep to myself I reorganized my entire starting hand selection, certain hands moving from one position to another along with reapproaching certain raise situations. I am also actively working on what I consider to be a couple of small leaks that I have found in my game. Like most leaks for anyone that takes poker seriously it basically bottoms down to small things that need to be adjusted, but over the long run the money it cost can start adding up. Certain actions may only cost me $0.60 every time I do it but if I do this 20 times in a 12 hour, 2000 hand session, that adds up to $12 in unnecessary losses per session and now multiply that by 20 days of playing and a single mistake that only cost you $0.60 can add up huge even over just a single month.  I cannot divulge details about this because I know for a fact some of the regulars on WSOP are reading my blog.  I actually implemented this at the end of July and ended that month off with a couple of winning sessions in the last few played so I continued this revamped approach going into August. 

The first two days of August I completely started on fire and the way things have been running it has completely surprised me. In the first two days I have played 4082 hands of $10NL with earnings of $82.68 which is over 8 full buyins with a 20.3bb/100 earn rate.  Totally completely unsustainable of course, but still a nice way to start things off.  I have played 7 of the deepstack rebuys in the first two days and have gone 3 for 7 in the money, two final tables, and total profit of $21.60 thus far. Unfortunately the final tables have not been deep deep runs, but me going 3 forv7 in the Deepstack Rebuys is outrageous and not something I would have ever expected or even hoped for.  The revamping of the cash game starting hand selection and other adjustments that I made, I also transferred over into my tournament game. Now I don't know if I'm just on a heater or if that has also helped my tournament game as well. Only time will answer that question. all I know is in the first two days of August total earnings are at $104. I ended the night with a total bankroll of $588.52.  If, and this is a big if, but if tomorrow after I run some errands and get started on poker, if I can get this bankroll up to the $600 mark I fire up $20NL tables as they become available.

That's going to end this entry. Tomorrow will be a partial day as I have errands to run.  My medical insurance pays for a PCA (personal care attendant) 8 hours a week and so he will be here at 12:30 so I can go do some shopping and a Walmart run.  At first I wasn't even going to take part in it when the prospect was offered, but it really helps utilizing a PCA with a vehicle to bring groceries back to the house, runs to Walmart and  getting to doctor's appointments in a much more timely manner. I was foolish for not accepting it from the get-go because the fact of the matter is it really does help and with all the medical appointments and this intense heat really sucks for the breathing condition, I guess when it comes down to it I can use all the help I can get. That's a wrap for tonight. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Goal:  $4000
Bankroll:  $588.52
Progress:  14.7%


  1. Thus Joe or Joseph sounds like a very wise

  2. Congrats to the nice start in August, and for getting a 50% stake.

    Just a suggestion, you may want to get MIB to put some money towards the stake up front. It is psychological easier to pay up when it is an investment, as opposed to at the end as a settlement for the loss. It also is more fair that you are not fronting 100% of the buyins and cut into your cash game BR. May be something like a $100 payment to be topped up if you end up losing it all. If you are ahead, then no need to top up and pay back at the end of the month as part of the payout, or roll over to next month's seed money.