Saturday, September 10, 2016

No Turning Back

Beginning in October I will be playing live exclusively and permanently here in Las Vegas as I was meant to be doing, the reason I moved to Las Vegas in the first place. I will be playing tournaments and tournaments only as that is the poker player that I am. I can sum up my feelings on long term cash games utilizing the title of a Vlog that Trooper recently did. It was one of his short two-minute Vlogs where he titled it "Hours Of Boredom Moments Of Terror"  I wouldn't necessarily utilize the word terror, perhaps in no limit that's the way it is, but the first part of the title I find to be extraordinary true. It is hours and hours of sheer boredom with very little happening and a few hands here and there may provide borderline excitement.  A fellow blogger in one of his recent post said the same thing. I refer to Ace On The River who in a tournament recap I believe it was in part 1 acknowledged cash games can be hours and hours of boredom, and I completely aagree but tournaments with the changing structure and conditions of the game from hour to hour and moment to moment, there is never a dull moment in a tournament and I think that's why I love them so much. 

There are other reasons or what I call fringe benefits of tournaments over cash games such as restricted losses, limited to whatever the cost of the buyin is instead of buyin after buyin in a cash game, moderately large amounts of money to be earned in a relatively short amount of time  depending on what your definition of large amonts is which would be different to everyone, and there are other benefits to tournaments over cash games that I could list, but that would simply be my own personal opinion and the opinion of others will be different, but in the poker world, in this poker life of mine, I am a tournament poker player. Now the logical question that may be on the minds of anybody reading this is why?? Why make the move now when it's fairly certain I don't have anywhere near what would be considered the appropriate bankroll for it. A fair question deserving of a fair answer.

I decided that I needed a break from online play so on September 9th I withdrew the $496.37 I had online and took the risk to play live tournaments for a few days. Part of me was saying forever, but a big part of me knew that it might just be something temporarily needed, but also a big part of me knew I was taking a huge gamble playing $40 and $45 tournaments on what essentially was a $500 bankroll, but it was a risk I was willing to take because I felt, still feel, and will always feel that my edge over my opponents can counteract whatever difficulties or risk I may face, however even I know it doesn't take much to go into a 10 buyin or higher skid playing live tournaments, but good, bad, or indifferent I decided I was playing live, but for how long even I didn't really truly know.

I played a total of 7 of them over 4 days, nothing more than a $45 buy-in, most of them $40 and I ended up going 3 for 7, a total of $117 in earnings, and a 40% ROI even with the somewhat higher juice the lower buy-in tournaments have.  Now let me be totally clear about this. The following statement has nothing to do with any earnings I made because quite frankly although the ROI was quite respectable $117 is not a lot of money, but the fact of the matter is I loved every second of it.

Laughing and joking with other people, the feel of the cards and the chips, the sights and the sounds of the casinos whether on the Las Vegas Strip, Boulder Highway, or Downtown, being out in the fresh air going from place to place and just feeling alive not cooped up in my bedroom 14 hours a day on a computer. The fact of the matter is I gave myself a taste of it for a few days, played 7 tournaments, decided to go back online, but within a day realized there's no way I can go back now.

I don't care how little  money I have to invest in this, I don't care how many tournament buyins I have it's all meaningless to me at this point. When it comes to live and online there's no turning back. Call it what you want. Call it Autumn and the new season needs a new fresh start, call it an early birthday present for myself, call it anything you want, one thing I know for sure is there's no going back for me. It was different before, I could easily go back because when I was I was playing at the Plaza it was an electronic table and in many ways was like being online anyway. Other tournaments played it was a couple here and there or a days outing, but not several days together at least not that I recall. I don't know what the real answer is all I know is this time when I played live I realized I can never go back to online again. This is what I was meant to do when I moved here over a year ago. I didn't come to Las Vegas to play on a computer, I came here to play poker in casinos the original plan always was tournaments full time and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Come hell or high water, bankroll is immaterial, I'm going for my dream, what the dream was from the very beginning.

To be totally honest with my ongoing healing health status with the health issues live play puts a big toll on the body. I mean it's great playing live and joking and laughing with people on a daily basis and getting exercise is a good thing but it's still put a huge toll on me, but as usual I ignore what my body tells me most of the time because I enjoy this too much, but there may be times where I'm going to have to take a few days off here and there just to rest and recoup and if that happens I will deal with those issues as they arise.

I have been told specifically by SeattleIrish that I shouldn't in my blog and in my life that I shouldn't  utilize definitites and in many ways he's correct, but the only way that I could see me play playing online is in cash games 4-6 tables. There is no other way it can ever hold my interest, but there's a small problem with that. My previous experiment shows it's not me, it's not my game, I'm a tournament player, my entire mindset is geared towards it and even if I try cash games online, I'll be quite honest, I'll feel like I'm forced into it. No matter how well I was doing, it wouldn't matter if I was crushing the online cash tables for 20 big blinds for every 100 hands played I would not be truly happy doing what I was doing. I would rather take my chance on the minimum that I will have available beginning in October and doing what I truly love and go broke in the process and have to try again each month after month doing something that I find mundane and the limited live play has already had some benefits which I will now explain in the next few paragraphs along with what the available bankroll will be.

I am going to be getting involved with the Nevada Poker League. From what I can tell they have a $5,000 freeroll every 6 weeks and the amount of chips that you get in the freeroll is based on your performance at these bar League games during the six-week season.  Every time you finish first you get $1,000 in chips towards that freeroll, every second-place finish is $500 chips towards it, and every third place finish is $250 towards it. The maximum chips that you can earn for the freeroll is $15,000. The new season begins September 26th. The current season ends September 25th and the next $5,000 freeroll is October 2nd. I am thinking of playing in a few even though I'm at the very end of the current season and even if chances of accumulating even a few chips for the $5000 freeroll is slim, it would be a way to check things out at a few places and see how they are. I am planning on playing in the NPL three nights a week for the upcoming season. Just think what a deep run in the $5,000 freeroll would do for the bankroll and it has the added benefit of meeting new people, making new contacts with poker players, having a couple of drinks, relaxing and having fun in a free league that has real potential. No matter how you look at it it's a win win situation

Because of the live tournament play that I did I ended up running into someone that I had become acquainted with when I was playing on the electronic tables at the Plaza. He worked in the poker room at that time and he invited me recently to a home game he's involved with which was held last Friday. A $20 rebuy, 10,000 starting chips and blinds starting out at 100/200 and after the 4th level a $10 addon for an additional 8000 chips. This was the first time that I had ever played in a home game and I must say I had such a great time. I've been invited to another one at a different person's home through my friend who I am going to call him "Pete". In the first home game we only had 13 players and they ended up paying the top four spots but even with that amount of players first place ended up paying well over $200. I end up finishing 4th for a $60 return for my $30 investment. More importantly than the money was the social aspect of it all and I had such a fantastic time I can't wait for the next one in a few days.

So that brings us what the bankroll will be for the start of all of this on October 3rd. When the expenses are figured I am going to be able to put together a starting bankroll of $600 and we will see how it goes. I will be playing the majority of my games at Sam's Town as they have a 1 p.m. rebuy for only $35 and the 7 p.m. tournament is only $40. I may possibly, depending how early I am up, mix in the $40 tournament at Monte Carlo. If it doesn't work I don't particularly care because I will have $300 available to me each month to try again and sooner or later I'm going to run into a steady increase or a heater whichever it is I does not really matter and I will still have the npl and the games which I will make sure I save money for.

That's going to wrap this one up. Sorry it's been so long since my last posting and I will try to post more frequently. As always take care everyone and one way or the other I'll see you at the tables.


  1. FD best of luck and i hope things work out for you.

  2. Nice to be mentioned in the post! Looking forward to the live tournament updates. At first, it was PPP who had a lot of tournament summaries; now it's Rob. And soon it will be Flushman himself!

  3. It looks like you have a plan FD. I hope it works out for you.

  4. Don't drink away all your profits while playing in the bar league! Good luck.

  5. Haven't heard from you in a while, hope things are going well.