Tuesday, November 22, 2016

25 Days In 40 Days Remain

Things go well, but that is not to say things couldn't be going better. I've made some foolish decisions that have cost us money, but on a good note me and my half action staker ManInBlack at the time both agreed it was worth the try, but deep in my heart I knew better, I should not have done it, but the problem was all I saw was dollar signs in my eyes and it cost us. I accept the majority of the blame since I'm the one that's playing and I'm the one that did have the final decision.

What happened was that when I put my share of our $150 investment from each of us online it so happened that it fell under the fall reload bonus and I certainly knew that I would not be able to clear much bonus simply playing $3 and $5 tournaments. We've tried cash games and ended up taking a small loss over three days but what really cost us was the SNGs. I tried heads up which I quickly learned is nothing more than a luck fest, also 6max PLO8, and I also attempted the $5 Turbo SNGs in an effort to create points to clear the bonus. It was not a pretty sight to behold. 

Non MTT Results

$5 Nine Player Turbo SNGs:  ($21)
PLO8 6 Max SNGs:  ($58)
Heads-Up SNGs:  ($49)
Cash Games:  ($12)

Ouch ($140) in non MTT losses online, another $100 spent in live tournaments but those I do not regret in any way, and we are still at $400 in total profits which means online MTT total earnings from October 28th - November 21st is $640.  

I keep asking myself why? Why is it that everybody in poker says the worst thing that you can play is tournaments, they have the most variance, they aren't the steady money, but yet for me it's completely opposite. Why? Is it my reserved calculating tempered aggressive playing style? Is it the patience that I show in tournament play? Is it the fact that MTTs have  more blind levels in them than SNGs along with my patient playing style is that the answer?  Is that also the reason I do better at the Golden Nugget tournaments live than anyplace else in Las Vegas because coincidentally their blind levels and the slowest rising  meaning they have more blind levels in their tournaments  whereas all the other $65 tournaments may hit blinds of 500/1000 at level 7 at the Golden Nugget that doesn't happen till level 10. Is everybody else wrong and tournaments are really the steady money? Why is it I can take on 79 or 80 opponents and make $640 in less than a month, but I can't take on 8 other opponents in a SNG and actually make money at it. 

Granted MTTs have a more blind levels than SNGs and turbos have never been my most favorite thing in the world giving me only 5 minutes per blind level where the MTTs give me 10, but that doesn't explain online no limit cash games which as any of my readers know I have been nothing less than a disaster in. Even in live no-limit cash games I have not fared very well, my limit games I have done much better but they are variance filled and while I'm fairly certain I've shown a profit in them this year I guarantee you it's not Earth shattering, yet over the long run in live tournaments and online tournaments I make money consistently and according to everybody in the poker industry it's not supposed to be this way, but it is for me. For the life of me I have asked this question over and over and over again until I'm ready to tear my hair out and still I do not have the answer. I can't figure out why circumstances are the way they are. 

Then I tell myself maybe it's not important to find the answer although with my personality that is not usually acceptable to someone like me, however maybe the more important thing is to simply find out what you do well and then do it. I had mentioned to somebody who plays on WSOP and streams on Twitch in the chat area that cash games were not my thing and tournaments were and he indicated he thought I simply needed more practise. Well I tried that to a small extent and over 6,000 hands lost $12.  Some things never change. I'm at the point now where I don't know the answers to these questions I keep posing to myself and quite frankly I'm ready to give up asking. The simple fact is I'm a tournament player and I make money playing tournaments. I've been saying this on and off for all of 2016 and yet for some reason, and I think the main reason being is I don't like to accept failure in anything, but for whatever reason I keep trying to go back and make other things work instead of simply sticking with what does work, what I am very strong in, what can make me hundreds of dollars in a month if I stick to only that and that alone and quite obviously that it is multi-table tournaments.

The original investments have been pulled out and the online account balance sits at $400 so the half action stake is now being played on strictly profits only. Even if I went into a tailspin and hit the worst cold streak I've ever seen we are guaranteed not to lose any of our own money. Pretty much my schedule is playing the $3 deepstack rebuys at 9 a.m. 12 p.m. 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. . They also have $5 freezeouts and usually I will get two or three and even sometimes four of those played a day. When profits hit $500 I will start throwing in a couple of the $20 deepstacks. At $600 stop throwing in some of the $10 rebuys which will cost me $20 per tournament.  

Playing the morning Tournaments has become difficult especially when I'm making a Deep Run in the 7:30 p.m. but there are simply going to be days where I'm just going to have to take the extra sleep and not get my day started till 12. This will be decided on a day-by-day basis.  Tomorrow will be one of those days as I have something I am most likely taking care of in the morning unless it gets delayed until Thursday. Wednesday I have a doctor's appointment so I won't even get started until the afternoon and Thursday is my NPL League night which for this season they have increased it from a 6 week to a 12-week season and when the free tournament comes around in February the top 11 will be getting paid cash as is the usual case, but  the top two spots are getting $2,400 packages which include an entry into Colossus so Thursday night is my league night and I take that whole day off from online poker.

That's going to wrap this one up for now. $400 in earnings thus far, it could be a lot better but I know it could be worse so I will be satisfied with what is, learn from mistakes that have been made, and God help me hoping not to repeat them anytime in the near future or the permanent future for that matter. My goal has been adjusted somewhat going from $2,000 to $3,000 for the simple reason that if I have $2,000 to play A month's worth of tournaments live, I would like an extra $1000 in reserve in case it doesn't work out and that way I would have $1,000 start if I have to grind online again. Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $200.44
Goal:  $3000
Progress: 7%


  1. Dude it was a joint decision. Stop looking at the negatives and look at the positives. We up $400 in three weeks

  2. FD, are you enjoying the grind? Live a little outside poker if need be. Good luck

  3. I would think the simplest explanation of why you do better in low buy-in tournaments is that you're playing against weaker opposition. The achievable hourly is so low you're not facing professionals.