Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Comment Responses And A Bankroll Management Adjustment

First a few comment responses.

Pokerdogg said:

Congrats on turning the streak around. I hope that the momentum continues and you will be able to go up in stakes instead of spending your earnings.

Oh hell yeah, no doubt about it in my mind. Being my income is extraordinary limited there are going to be times that I have to borrow from my bankroll, but every dime I do borrow from that bankroll will be paid back. I do not intend to wallow in only $3 deepstack rebuys and $5 MTTs for all of 2017. It should be noted that even when I am playing $10 rebuys and $20 and $25 tournaments I will still  be playing these $3 deepstack rebuys also, but I refuse to be restricted and limited to these alone because I decided to take two or three hundred and go out and have some fun.

Pokerdogg also said:

I know it is hard to resist thinking about hitting that big score and rocket up your bankroll, but in the long run as a professional, it is all about ROI, and each of those $20 buyin tournaments is worth $x dollars based on your theoretical ROI.

Understood, sir. PokerProLabs in 2016 shows me as having a 76.8% ROI in 815 tournaments played however they are unable to calculate the rebuys and add-ons that were made in rebuy tournaments. I know for a fact their listing of my $2,500 profit in tournaments is in fact off by $500  where I in fact made approximately $2,000. Utilizing the facts available  my true ROI for those 815 tournaments is not 76.8%, but is in fact 60.6%. With that said if I can play and average 15 tournaments that cost me $20 per week for nine months out of the year which would be 36 weeks that would still be a profit for the year of $6,480 from $10 Rebuys and $20 deepstack tournaments alone. I estimate that if I were to play online for all of 2017 at a bare minimum earnings will be $8,000,  however this is not taking into consideration any $25 and $50 tournaments that may be played. However, as you know, as soon as $5,000 is earned I will be taking my try at the daily live tournaments at the Golden Nugget so it is hard to estimate exact earnings for 2017.

And he concluded by saying:

Did you review every single hand played in those tournaments, and recognize every single error you made, and you lost in every single instance? Do you have anyone whose game you trust to go over the hand history with you? I probably haven't played as many tournaments as you, but in most of the tournaments that I bust out due to a bad beat, I can trace back a number of hands leading up to the final hand where I could have played better, be in a better chip position, which may have prevented the eventual bust out. Tournaments is a series of compounding errors (or non errors). If you are too focused on the final bust out hands, you are likely missing the bigger more important picture.

What I did was I went back and looked over those tournament histories and I checked the hands that got me knocked out of the tournament and also the hands that lost me a significant amount of chips to see if an error was made by me. I did not check the hands where my chip stack increased significantly so I guess it is possible that mistakes were made during those times and I in fact did benefit from an error. That review took me five and a half hours as it was so I was quite confident that I had reviewed all that needed to be reviewed and of course since fixing those mistakes although I did instantly hit that cold run, I did snap out of it and beginning today's action earnings for the month we're at $175. Not a huge number for earnings, but better than the (-$17) overall I was at just a few days ago so even if my review was not entirely complete I think it was sufficient enough to spot the errors that I was making and correct them.

Seattleirish said in part:

The answer was in your last blog entry - you said you examined hands where you were knocked out or lost significant chips. Axiomatically, if you're only examining losing hands, you simply won't find hands where your mistakes were rewarded:

You and Pokerdogg basically said the same thing and I do realize that by not checking the hands where my stack increased significantly I cannot find out if my mistakes were rewarded from time to time.

Seattleirish also said:

I also think you should be looking at your low-stakes play differently. Rather than looking at it as simply building a bankroll for bigger stakes, look at it is foundational learning. Playing lower stakes allows you to hone your skills and develop positive poker habits. That, alone, has value.

I agree with that to a certain extent Seattle, and well I would like to say after 13 years of Poker playing that my skills are truly home I still find myself learning something new on a constant basis mostly about my own feelings from time to time inability to still commit errors. Learning over and over that I'm simply human is not exactly something I like, but something I must accept.

It is true my experience in the $20 tournaments online is somewhat  limited in comparison, but I am happy to say it is overall positive. In my time on WSOP I have played 28 of the $10 rebuys and have gone 5 for16 with total earnings of $295.54. In the $20 deepstack 5 for 36 with earnings of $154.95. $10 knockout tournaments which ra $10 buy-in with $10 knockouts for a $20 total cost I am 6 for a 19 with earnings of $193.82, and in 11 tries in the $20 Midnight Madness I am 2 for 9 with losses of only ($2.54).

He concluded with:

Regardless, congrats on your run-good! I declare 2017, The Year of the Flush Draw!

Thank you very much for that vote of confidence. There are only a handful of people that actually think I will be successful and I must tell you that means a lot. Thank you very much.

Poker & Gambling 24/7 said:

I hope the rest of 2017 is the biggest volcano for you. I hope Michelle gets much better and never has to visit that nasty hospital again. It's great she has a friend like you to keep her company

Thanks much P&G for both your thoughts on my poker and for my friend Michelle. As far as she goes I'm not doing anything special just trying to be a good friend and I figure if she has somebody that's watching over her apartment and more importantly her beloved pet, and she doesn't have to be concerned that the cat is being fed and being given attention and whatnot that will possibly help her get better.  I don't know, like I said just doing what any good friend would do if they could do it.

Now for the latest update. I have once again adjusted my bankroll management plan. I am sure I am going to get taken to task for this for changing my mind yet again, but the fact of the matter is that I have to do what is most comfortable for me. It's very easy for me to jot things on a notepad and say "Yes this sounds good, this is great, I want this aggressive bankroll approach" but then when it comes down to actual spending of those dollars I really have to go with what's most comfortable for me, the player.

Under my aggressive bankroll approach taking 25 buyin shots  seemed like a good plan but then when it comes actually down to it, when it comes to me actually spending the money, I find I am not altogether comfortable spending $10 for a tournament if I only have $250 or even with a $300 bankroll. I am much more comfortable doing this if I have a $400 bankroll so because of this fact I have decided to adjust things. Go ahead, feel free to give me hell for changing my mind again, but I'm not going to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable.

$1 tournaments have been retired and will stay retired unless I was to hit a massive downswing where all of a sudden it drops my bankroll to below $100, but for $3 rebuys and $5 tournaments there is no bankroll stipulation. A bankroll above $100 and these will be played no matter what.  However as I look at the higher amounts I find that I will be more comfortable playing $10 tournaments with a $400 bankroll or higher.  This does not include the $10 rebuys however because those are a total cost of $20. When I say $10 I mean $5 rebuys for a total cost of $10 and the $10 6-max PLO deepstack reentry in which I only spend $10 in. For the $10 rebuys, which cost a total of $20 I'm not going to be comfortable with $400 or even $500 I can already tell so I will be waiting for $600 for those.

On the surface I realize it sounds a little weird because for $10 tournaments I'm utilizing 40 buyins yet for $20 tournaments I'm only going with 30 buyins. Doesn't really make much sense to me either, but it seems to me that it's not so much a buy-in level that I'm comfortable with , but more so a dollar amount. since there are only a maximum of five $20 tournaments a day that I would play on any particular day with $600 it would give me a full day of $20 tournaments to take a shot at them and even if I was unsuccessful still give me plenty of a comfort for $10 tournaments.  The $25 super deepstack is only once a week and I feel a $700 bankroll would make me comfortable enough to add this and with a $1,000 bankroll I would then feel comfortable enough to add the $50 deepstack played each Sunday.

That's going to wrap this one up. Please continue to keep my friend Michelle in your thoughts and prayers and until I touch base next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Exploding Volcano

Pretty much the first half of January has been one struggle after another. First off I realized mistakes that I had been making and even when I figured out those mistakes the Poker Gods saw fit to put me into an immediate cold run that would make Antarctica look warm and balmy. I mean we're talking seven straight times of flopping top two and getting beat and consequently knocked out of the tournament, getting knocked out of tournaments with a flush by a higher flush three times, having AA cracked in tournaments five straight times. There are additional examples but you get the gist. 

To begin 2017 in the first 108 tournaments I was stake to 14 of those tournaments in which my share of the earnings were $36.05. That left 94 tournaments  that I played and paid on my own dime and to begin 2017 I had shown losses in those 94 tournaments of ($97.93.)  If you recall I had wrote about eras that I discovered in 22 of approximately the first 45 tournaments played but that was still a tournament run of over 45 tournaments where I was playing my absolute a game but getting screwed left and right. It was a relatively new experience for me because I do not believe I had a run like that at all in 2016 and certainly did not in the last 3 months of 2016 when I turned for all intents and purposes to strictly tournament play. Frustration does not even begin to describe the situation. 

On January 18th I played six tournaments that day and finished in the money in two of them and ended up making $22 that day. Obviously a small amount of earnings, but the way January had been running $22 seemed huge, hell any profit I made would have seemed huge at that point. The very next day I played six more tournaments on the 19th finishing two out of the six once again with earnings of $77. I had said previously on Twitter that when I busted out of this cold run it would probably explode like a volcano.  Was this a sign that the volcano was rumbling a little bit.  I followed up the next day losing the $9 on the day but then Saturday the 22nd, I cashed in three out of five with two second-place finishes in $5 freezeouts for $36 and $34 respectively and this was topped off with a third-place finish out of 99 Runners for $88.12 in the 4 p.m. $3 deepstack rebuy.  Bam the volcano had exploded. Just under $220 in earnings in the last 26 tournaments played. Damn did it feel good to bust out like that and all of a sudden January turned itself into a winning month so far to the tune of a bankroll going into today's play of $469.14 with me now showing earnings for the month of January of $209.14.

Now let me be clear $200 in earnings in 22 days is nothing to totally celebrate  I mean we're only talking just over $65 a week and I understand that, but when everything that can go wrong seems like it did go wrong in the first 94 tournaments with very very few exceptions, it is a real good feeling to turn things around and get into the positive. Someone on my Twitter tweeted that it was about a buck a tournament so was it worth the time and my immediate answer is definitely yes because it's not about what I'm making now it's about what the earnings will produce later. Because of all the spending I did of profits in 2016 I was only able to play the $10 rebuys and $20 tournaments in October and November when I was half staked because every time you win a few hundred, go have fun and spend it, and leave yourself $200 or $300 online to wash, rinse, and repeat with, you still have to play the same $2, $3, and $5 tournaments. Here we are in January, I'm now up $209 for the month and last year this would have been an immediate withdrawal and go spend the day at the Golden Nugget, but because I am keeping it right where it belongs, I am now able to play the $5 rebuys and just an additional $31 in earnings and I will be able to make some stabs at the $10 rebuys and $20 and $25 freeze-out deepstack and super deepstack tournaments and the timing of which will be 8 to 10 months earlier than it was last year. These $3 rebuys and $5 small field freeze-outs aren't going to make the significant earnings in the long run but the $10 rebuys, $20 deepstacks, and $25 super deepstacks in which these tournaments pay anywhere from $450 to up over $1,000 up top is where the real earnings will come in, but you need the small ones to create the earnings for the larger ones.  

What really floors me about the beginning of January is I realize that I had made 22 errors in different tournaments that caused me to be crippled in the tournament or completely knocked out, but yet I constantly see my opponents making errors and getting rewarded for it. I can honestly say when I went back and reviewed those tournaments that not in a single instance did errors by me get rewarded. I have to actually laugh at it because I can't understand why it is this way. If my opponents get rewarded when they're making errors why wasn't I able to get rewarded a time or two. I guess actually in retrospect I'm glad I didn't get rewarded because if I had I would not have realized it was a problem, then I would not have been able to fix the problem, and I could have been making those same mistakes in tournaments three times the cost of what they were so I guess in the end it worked out for the best.

I took Sunday off and spent the day with Michelle visiting her in the hospital which she is back in the hospital again so please your prayers and thoughts are appreciated, and we spent the day watching the football games. She has a private room and it has this very long couch which has to be at least six and a half feet long and rather than go back to her place I just decided to sleep on the couch and I left early Monday morning so that I could get back to her house and back to the laptop for a full day of tournaments....... or so I thought. 

I got back to Michelle's house around between 6 and 7 a.m. as I woke up at 4 a.m. and I only played 4 tournaments on Monday and took three bad beats out of the four and I was so tired that I fell asleep between 3 and 4 p.m. and did not fully wake up until 7 the next morning. Count it people that's about 15 hours of sleep. Don't even ask me why my body needed that much sleep because I do not have an answer for you, but I did wake up Tuesday morning at 7 and man did I feel refreshed and I knew Tuesday would definitely be a full day of tournaments. The 0 for 4 run on Monday cost me $19 so going into Tuesday I was exactly $50 away from being able to get back to those $10 rebuys and $20 deepstacks that were aforementioned.

Two points before I wrap this up that you may or may not have noticed. On the right side of the blog you may notice there is results for cash games which means I busted one of my New Year's resolutions not to play cash games online. The reason that I did it was at the time I was only 21 points from clearing a $10 bonus and felt by playing some cash games that day that would get me to that bonus a little bit faster, which it did and I was even able to make a small profit on it, but I have not played them since. It's the same old story I don't enjoy cash games I enjoy tournaments, but I may use them from time to time perhaps just to achieve certain goals like clearing bonuses.

The other thing you may or may not have noticed is that the goal amount has risen to $5,000 from $4,000 and there is no grandiose reason for this other than that when I do play live on a daily basis I just decided I wanted to give myself a few more buy-ins. Well that and $5000 seems like a more rounded number than $4,000. Don't have to be why it does it just does can I help it if I'm that anal-retentive lol. So anyway, when I do reach $5000 I will take $3,000 for live play and keep $2,000 in reserve for weekend online play and a return to full-time online play If the live play provides unfortunate results let's say.

That's where I'm going to wrap this entry up. I'm currently in the 9 a.m. $3 deepstack rebuy. Not doing too much in the first hour, but It didn't help that I got sat out with AA and would have flopped a set and turned a boat, but hey it's not the first time that's happened. My attention was diverted elsewhere for a few moments and I paid the price for it. I start the day with a bankroll of $450, which no matter what happens, whether or not I get up to $500 today, either way I've got some breathing room for the current tournaments that I am playing on a daily basis, so for now all is well. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $450.14
Goal:  $5000
Progress:  9%

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Is It Variance Or Is It Me

First things first. My friend Michelle is in the hospital. Anyone that knows her knows she has certain medical issues and the last five to six weeks she has not been able to keep food down in any way, shape, or form. They've been running tests and scans on her but so far unable to figure out why. During this time she's lost at least 25 pounds. I would appreciate any prayers that anybody might want to say for her recovery. I'm over at her house where I will be staying until she gets out of the hospital so I can take care of things for her at her place until she gets back.

The start of 2017 has been completely hideous. Going into Wednesday's action, I had played roughly 43 tournaments that were not staked in any way and completely on my own dime, and I had finished in the money only once and that was winning a $1 tournament that only had 5 players in it. 2017 has started off horrendously. I didn't even come close to a cold run like this during 2016, but as we all know, it has always been said, you can run like this in tournaments........or can you??

Was this simply a bad streak of variance or was I at fault for this horrendously bad start?? I decided I better find out one way or the other before this went any further and to that end I went back over the first 43 tournaments that I played on my own dime. I looked at instances that I went out on and also hands where I lost a significant amount of chips and what I found shocked me. In 2017 I made errors that cost me a significant portion of my stack or knocked me out of the tournament completely in a total of 22 of 43 tournaments played!! After seeing this I was so disgusted with myself as a poker player I was ready to physically vomit.

How could this have happened?? What the hell form of temporary insanity came over me to start the new year?? What were these errors that I was making?? Most of them boiled down to being too aggressive, overly so, instead of utilizing the tempered aggression that proved successful in 2016. Shoving hands that were not needed to be shoved at the time, doing so with hands that virtually guaranteed me to not be ahead and a coin flip at best when it was unnecessary. A prime example of this was calling an all-in when I'm sitting on 40 or 50 big blinds in a tournament with 55 . A hand that unless your opponent has 44, 33, or 22 where I'm definitely behind or at the very best in a coin flip for my tournament life completely unnecessarily.  A large degree of complete impatience on my part. There were a few instances of overvaluing hands such as AA and flopping top and bottom pair, situations where I should have known I was beat even with these large hands, but called all-ins anyway or shoved over the top of large raises, but the vast majority was going all-in preflop during times it was completely unnecessary or calling an all-in preflop very unnecessarily and/or unwisely.  Essentially it was playing poker completely and utterly recklessly.

Patience has always been my key to success in tournament play. It is the thing that I absolutely pride myself on, but for some reason in 2017 I completely got off of it for the first part of 2017.  I can't even begin to explain why I felt the need to take this overly aggressive approach and to be totally honest I didn't even realize I was doing it. The most likely reason this happenef is because I probably tried it in a couple of situations and it was successful and subconsciously, without even thinking about it, I continued down that path. I think the thing that angers me the most is waiting over 40 tournaments and consequently over ($100+) in losses in online tournament play before I decided to go over these tournaments and see why things were going this way. I should have done it after the first 20 tournaments played hell I should have done it after the first 10. If it weren't for my earnings from being staked which adds up to just over $80 so far this year the situation, bankroll wise, would be far more worse. However, whether I waited too long or not and I already know I did, I was able to see what I was doing wrong so at least going into yesterday I would make every effort not to repeat these mistakes. This did not mean I would make any money, but if I didn't it would not be because I was continuing to repeat the mistakes that I have made to start 2017.

So I entered the action Wednesday realizing the error that I have made and determined not to repeat them and tired as hell. I did not know if I wouldn't make any money or not, but even if I didn't, it wouldn't be because of continuing to repeat errors. I only got 5 tournaments played Wednesday and I ended up finishing in the money in two of them. A fourth-place finish in the $2 rebuy for a $25.66 return and a fourth-place finish in a $5 freezeout for a $21.15 return. Earnings for the day we're a little over $20, nothing to write home about of course, but after the way things have gone I was ecstatic.

After getting a good solid 10 hours sleep Wednesday night Thursday  would be a full day of tournaments on WSOP. As it turned out I ended up playing 15 tournaments on the day. It's funny because as I played during the day the situations that I realized where I had made errors popped up from time to time and I found myself almost instinctively wanting to repeat those errors. On more than one occasion when I was going to call an all-in shove by somebody with just a small pocket pair I had to stop and actually aloud to myself said what the hell are you doing?? It was actually an effort that had to be made to maintain from acting recklessly. I simply have no explanation for it. In the 15 tournaments, doing my very best not to repeat my errors, I finished in the money 3 more times which was absolutely topped off with a second-place finish in the 12 p.m. $3 deepstack rebuy $400 guaranteed which returned just over $135. In two days almost all losses were eradicated. I started 2017 with $260, made $80 in tournaments I was staked in, so I'm still down roughly $9 in others played.

I took Friday off and slept late not waking up till noon. Guess my body is needing to sleep. I then spent the afternoon and part of the evening over at the hospital with Michelle. Saturday morning I will return back to the tournament grind, and starting with a bankroll that is now up to $331. The bankroll management plan has been taking some fluctuations and I've really come down to the point where it's almost like in order to realize what my true bankroll management plan is I have to ask myself what I would do in certain situations. Let me try to explain.

Let's supposing that I made a deposit online of $150. With $150 would I play a $3 rebuy that cost $6, sure I would. Say I had made a deposit of $125 I probably wouldn't play that $3 rebuy but I would toss in a $5 tournament or 2 to see if I could get something going.  Supposing I made a deposit of $500 would I see myself playing a few $10 rebuys for a total cost of $20? The answer to that would be absolutely yes. In each of these hypothetical situations that I put out I would be playing a few of  these tournaments with only 25 buy-ins for it. It doesn't mean that I would go broke playing these tournaments but I would try them a few times to see if I could get something going and since this is the case it made me realize that the 25 buyin approach is pretty much the way I go. So with the bankroll of a $331 I am not yet at the comfort point to play $20 tournaments but I will be able to throw in the $5 rebuys for a total cost of $10 in these along with the $3 rebuys and $5 tournaments and mixing in the $1 and $2 MTTs as well. Hopefully I will be able to wake up in time for the 9 a.m. $3 rebuy which is going to be problematical as it is almost 2 in the morning and I can't seem to fall asleep, but we will see what happens.

That's going to be a wrap up for now. I'm still banging my head against the wall trying to come up with some logical reason why I begin 2017 down this Reckless Road but for the life of me I am at a loss to answer it. I'm also at a loss to answer is why am I instinctively wanting to do this and I'm actually having to force myself not to when the results from the two separate approaches is obvious, but whatever the reason I simply will continue on just simply trying to play the best poker I can hopefully continue on with more and more earnings. So with all that said, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $331
Goal:  $5000
Progress:  7%

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The 2017 Grind, Goals, Plans, Projections & Resolutions

So I took the last couple weeks of any serious poker off the end of December, played a few freerolls, some $1 tournaments a couple of twos mixed in here and there and I begin 2017 with the $10 in profits from that and the $250 deposit that was made at the end of December. With 2016 now complete, final recorded earnings were over $2,500 with $1,961 in online earnings, $573 in live profits. Add another $500 minimum in additional live earnings before I started recording those as well and I end 2016 with roughly $3,000 in total profits in poker.  Every dime of that $3000, plus more, was spent during 2016. I have addressed this before and while I've always said I don't regret it obviously part of me has to. Yes, I've had a lot of fun in 2016.  I've had some nights that are still a bit hazy, there has been a moderate amount of alcoholic beverage consumption during the year to say the least, hanging out with good friends, 15 hour limit cash game sessions at the Golden Nugget, hookers trying to solicit me on Freemont St at 5 in the morning, playing Blackjack, roulette, having a good time on Fremont Street with the live bands and chasing girls, and pretty much just simply had a lot of fun. 

However, it can not be denied that if I had left those profits online and continued to build how fast would I have been in those $10 deepstack rebuys and how many times would I have won them?? How many times with those $10 rebuys and $25 super deepstacks would have provided hundreds of dollars in returns. I can easily see that nearly $2k in online earnings could have easily been $10k considering a $10 rebuy and $25 super deepstack is 3-5 times the stake of a $3 rebuy or $5 freeze out and I would have had the ability to play them months and months sooner to say nothing of the potential of the $50 freezeout $3,500 guaranteed that I could have been playing and the only reason, the only reason that I have been restricted to those lower buy-in tournaments for most of the year is because of the withdraws, not building up the bankroll, spending recklessly and that's why not doing that is my number one poker resolution for 2017.
The bankroll management plan that I posted in the last entry was not set in stone and the whole process was a work in progress. I decided to hit 2017 with an aggressive approach so that I am not stuck in mini stakes for an extended period of time and at the same time gives me the opportunity to take my shots on any given day at higher tournaments specifically speaking the $10 rebuys, $20 Deepstack, $25 Super Deepstack and so on, but at the same time I want to protect this starting deposit of $250 that has been made for 2017 as I intend for it to be the only deposit made this year unless I am faced with a situation where I will withdraw the entire balance for a day or two and then redeposit it because of a reload bonus of some sort. 

The standard bankroll approach for tournament players is 100 buyins or 100 average buyins, but my approach is going to be a day by day 30 buyin approach. I have to be careful with this because if you take a day like Saturday under this approach, supposing I got into a very bad cold run, the amount of money lost in just a single day could add up very fast.  As a typical example let's assume a typical Saturday on WSOP with a bankroll of $600.  That would mean playing three $10 rebuys, a $20 Deepstack, the $25 Super Deepstack simply because it is only once a week, probably four $5 freezeouts, two $5 Deepstack Rebuys, two $2 freezeouts, and maybe six $1 tournaments during the course of the entire day and if I did not have a cash it would cost $155. That $600 bankroll could be down to $355 is in the space of a single day.  This approach will undobtedly mean a yo-yo scenario of the bankroll in the short term, but at the same time it's going to allow me to climb the tournament buyins much faster.  

So with the online approach settled does that transfer over to the live approach. I really fail to see why it shouldn't. If I'm utilizing a 30 buyin approach for online then utilizing a 30 buyin approach for live tournaments seems reasonable. This is not saying that it would be a full bankroll for live tournaments, but it is saying it would give me the opportunity to make a run at it, but I will only do it if I can keep roughly the same amount online. This way if I were to fail at my first trial run at the live tournaments because of an immediate cold run and a bankroll not large enough to withstand it, I would have a significant amount still remaining online to fall back on and I would only be playing live tournaments 5 days a week anyway as the weekends will be reserved for online. The extra $5 rebuy and $10 rebuy they add on the weekends plus the $25 super deepstack and $50 freezeout $3,500 guaranteed are too damn lucrative to pass up. 

What all of this means is 30 buyins for the $70 tournaments at the Golden Nugget will be only $2,100, plus an equivalent amount remaining online so let's round things off and it would mean a goal of $4,000. $2000 for a live run and $2000 remaining online. This can and will be achieved much more quickly then the $7,000 goal I had talked about recently and will actually leave more money in reserve online than previously planned. To start out with all live tournaments will be played at the Golden Nugget as after looking over the structure for the 2pm $75 tournament at Treasure Island I have decided to forgo that one.  Even with a $15k starting chip stack the structure at the Golden Nugget  is much better for my particular style of play and if I'm looking for something to do in the middle of the day, I will jump in the 3 p.m. $50 tournament at the Golden Nugget. Yes it's only a $5k starting stack, yes it has a 34% juice, but the sheer convenience and structure of that tournament is enough to give me the edge I need and that will overcome any other negative aspects.

The 2017 starting balance is $260. Under the 2017 bankroll management plan I will be able to start out with the $1, $2, and $5 freezeouts and $3 Deepstack Rebuys and a deep cash in one of those could start 2017 off in the right direction in a big big way. A few deep cashes in succession and I could be playing $10 deepstack rebuys which pay $500 and $800 up top so fast it'll make my own head spin. Under circumstances such as that I could have that four grand in a matter of a few months. No, I do not think it will be that fast, I mean that would be asking an awful lot, but just how long do I think it will take?? I feel that this can be done in 6 months or less.

I posted a couple in the last entry but these are my resolutions both poker and personal for 2017.

1. Do not make any withdraws from the online account unless absolutely positively necessary and these would be loans only in which all loans must be paid back within 30 days. If I am unable to pay it back within 30 days the loan cannot be made.

2. Make every attempt to manage my monthly money better so that I do not have to make loans from the bankroll.

3. Play only tournaments in 2017. This is specifically for online as if I get together with some friends and they want to play some live to $2/$4.  I will do that if I have the money for it, but unless it is a special circumstance like that tournament only both online and live. 

4. Do not have a real cigarette in 2017. I have gone over 3 weeks since my last real cigarette and I simply want to continue that on and 2017.

5. Although I don't think it will take me the full year and if I stick to the resolutions listed above this one should be easy, but get the online account balance up to $4,000 sometime in 2017.

Well that's going to wrap this up.  I have started off 2017 with a head cold actually it began a couple of days before New Year's Eve and I knew it was headed my way, but now it's full-blown. With that said my sleep schedule is so whacked I have no way of knowing if I'm going to be able to put in full poker days until this clears as I am sleeping all sorts of odd hours. I'm  beginning 2017 poker today, January 1st, but it's now 3 a.m. and I've been up since I woke up from a nap earlier and I have no idea what time I'm going to be dropping off to sleep today so I'll just get in as many tournaments as I possibly can. I hope to start things off with the 8am $5 freezeout if it goes off which it does not always at that time of the morning and then the 9 a.m. $3 Deepstack Rebuy.  I want to wish all of my readers a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. May you accomplish everything you want in 2017 and may happiness be your most consistent companion. As always my friends and readers, I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $260
Goal:  $4000
Progress:  6%