Monday, February 27, 2017

Future Plans Adjustment

I have decided to make an adjustment to my future plans. As you know my goal is $5,000 so that I can utilize approximately $3,500 for live play at the Golden Nugget each morning which would give me 50 buyins for them, and keep the remainder for online play. The Golden Nugget tournaments however have 20 minute blind levels, a fantastic blind structure, but nonetheless 20 minute blind levels, and since my playing style is best geared to the highest starting stacks and longest blind levels, I started doing a little poking around and found that I might be far better off instead of playing the 11am $70 tournament at the Golden Nugget each morning, which by the way has a 26% or 27% juice, that it might be better to play in tournaments that have a similar blind structure meaning blind levels of 1000/2000 not happening until approximately level 10, but at the same time finding tournaments that also have at least 30 minute blend levels. 

After some checking, and as I am sure is blatantly obvious to anyone reading this, in order to accomplish this it's going to require a a buy-in higher than $70. It's one of those cases of you cannot have your cake and eat it too. The daily $125 tournament at 1 p.m. at the Aria Monday through Thursday is probably the best possibility. There are other higher-priced tournaments  that have higher starting stacks  comma but let's be reasonable about this  it's starting off my daily life plan I need to keep with the price reasonable for me. This presents a few issues that need to be thought about.  First of all 50 buy-ins for a $125 tournament if I were going to do it as I was going to for the Golden Nugget tournament is $6,250 for the live tournaments alone. Just to round things off let's say another $1750 for online we are looking at a goal amount of $8,000 which is $3,000 higher than the current $5,000 goal. I am not liking this at all since the last thing in the world I want to happen is for this to take a longer than necessary.

Since these tournaments are only Monday thru Thursday perhaps if I just give it a one-month try as an example, then I would not need as much. At the end of that month I could see what the profits or losses were and then reevaluate at that time. Playing a Monday through Thursday tournament the most I would be able to play in a month is 19 of them. I rounded it off to 20 because I can always use the extra $125 for expenses of some sort, but no matter how you slice it and dice it, 20 tournaments at $125 each is $2,500. We leave another $1,500 online and lo and behold my goal amount can actually be decreased to $4000. If I wanted to give myself a two-month try then I would need $5,000 for the live game and then let's say $2,000 for online for a total of $7,000 thus increasing the goal amount by $2,000. There is no doubt in the world which one that I am choosing. New goal is $4,000. Tournament to be played will be the $125 daily at the Aria Monday through Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sundays will be played online.

My biggest concern about this plan is undoubtedly the Aria tournament probably gets significantly more players than the Golden Nugget one does so cashing in it could be more difficult, but then again online, where the competition is more difficult, I am facing fields of over 75 almost each and every tournament and I'm killing it as far as ROI goes so I'm just going to hope that even if I don't start out on a heater hopefully I don't start out on an ice cold run. Even if I were to lose the entire $2500, let's say I went 0 for 19 in that first month, I would then simply realized that I need more buy-ins and a longer testing period, perhaps two months, and if that didn't work then it would be three months and I will keep doing this until it works.  If I need to reevaluate and try again I will simply earn the money online and then try again and again and again for as long as it takes.

Today was a good day on the tournament tables. The previous day was a small loss but I had broken an 0 for 14 slump with a couple of small cashes. Going into today bankroll was $707 and today I played six tournaments on my own dime and three $20 tournaments in which MIB decided to get in on half the action. We have decided to put an end to the satellites because I am not a turbo player by any stretch of the imagination but it was worth playing the ones that I did for a chance into a $200 tournament.  The tournaments I played on my own dime I ended up making $43. I cashed twice in the $3 deepstack rebuys one of them being a fifth-place finish in the 9 a.m. tournament for $63. On the three tournament's that MIB had half action in my share of the earnings was roughly $80 so overall the day was about $123 profit for me personally.  In the three tournaments that MIB had have action in I cashed in two of them both 5th Place finishes one for $142 and the other for $111 so overall it was a good day and brought my bankroll up to $830.68 and with the new goal amount being actually dropped by $1,000 I am now 21% towards it. 

I am taking all day Monday off and sleeping late considering it is after 4 a.m. as I complete this entry and on Tuesday MIB and I will be doing another half action arrangement on the three $20 tournaments. With the bankroll of $830 currently a lot of things are happening and will be happening. I am $170 away from a $1,000 bankroll in which I will be playing the $20 tournaments on my own dime exclusively for as long as the bankroll is $1,000 or higher. Also even if I do not cash in a single tournament on Tuesday which I hope it's not the case, I will end February with earnings of at least $533 for the month and a minimum of earnings of $746 for 2017. 

That's going to wrap up this entry for now. I am very happy about the results so far this year and even though it doesn't seem like a lot to some people it is more than I expected for the first two months. It's slow going, but it's getting me to my ultimate goal and that's what I am so focused on right now. That's why I going through borderline sleep deprivation, grinding 16 hours a day because as anyone that's been a long time reader knows, I'll put in what it takes to get to my goal. Long hours playing poker and has never bothered me before it is not about to start now. So until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $830.68
Goal:  $4000
Progress:  21%


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Two Nice Scores Equals A $200 Day

Well  it happened again. I realized an error or approach that I was doing was not the best positive EV and took steps to change it and those changes paid off greatly and immediately. I wrote yesterday about how I was 0 for 12 in PLO tournaments this month and I had realized what my errors were. In tonight's tournament I made sure not to repeat those mistakes and ended up taking down the $10 deepstack PLO reentry finishing 1st out of 37 for a $165 return. I then followed that up with a 5th place out of 166 finish in the $3 deepstack rebuy $800 Gtd for a $96 return. The entire day was a profit of just over $213 which I believe has been my best single day result since I started playing on WSOP and over $290 in the last 2 days. Definitely trying to ride this wave for as long as I can.

Of course my number one fan was railing me as close as possible lol and as you can see in the below pictures not only does she rail my online poker tournaments but she shares my pillow at the same time. I've always loved animals and I've always had a special bond with them but it still amazes me how fast you can completely fall in love with a pet. I'm telling you this little girl had me wrapped around a little paw in the first two days.

I decided not to make any further deposits as I reported I was planning on doing Ian yesterday's entry with the exception of the money that I owe my bankroll which will be paid on March 4th. Instead for this year's World Series  I am simply going to utilize my poker earnings to pay for the WSOP entry which makes more sense considering that it is simply another tournament and all part of my poker journey and besides it doesn't leave me so short as far as money left over each month. My good friend, MIB decided that he wanted to get in on the action so we will be each paying 50% of the buy-in for the World Series and along with that we are also in a 50% arrangement for the 11 a.m. tournament at the Golden Nugget on Friday, and in some $5 rebuy satellites for the $200 Weekly $20k Gtd on WSOP.  

Earnings for 2017 ending tonight are now $821.78 and I am now 16% towards my $5,000 goal. Less than $180 to go to hit $1,000 and start playing the $10 rebuys and $20 deepstack on hopefully a continual daily basis.  I will not come close to achieving  my February goals as far as volume.  I don't know what got into me when  I stated in that particular post that my goal was to play in 150 tournaments this month.  I must have been figuring more per day that I'm playing, but I won't come close to playing 150 tournaments in February, however  my stated goal for earnings for February was $440 and for the month of February alone I am at $608.11 so I have surpassed that for now.  I could hit a cold run at anytime so nothing is guaranteed as of yet, but at least for right now I have  matched it and passed it and it's a great feeling.  

Anyway that's going to wrap this one up  period relatively short blog entry  from my norm. It's after 4 a.m. so I don't see myself getting up on time for the 9 a.m. tournament, but you never know.  I do have my alarm set for 8:30 a.m. so we'll see if I actually wake up or just turn it off and reset it for the noon tournament. Either way until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $821.78
Goal:  $5000
Progress:  16%


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Future, The Present, The 2017 WSOP

First things first.

Zin said in a comment

Congrats on taking down the tourney...Have you paid back the money you borrowed from the roll?

Thank you very much. I decided to remove the initial $260 I started the year off with so that I am working on just earnings. I currently owe my bank roll $47 which will be paid back March 4th.
So let's get down to business. My  bankroll management plan is pretty much set in stone at 50 buyins for all tournaments above $3 rebuys.  For once I have not changed it in this entry from the last one. My last post I said I would be grinding the $10 rebuys which cost me a total of $20 each once I hit $1,000 which happens to be 50 buyins and I am still quite comfortable with that plan. However, I do intend to be extraordinarily strict about it which means when it comes that I start a day with a bankroll of $1,000 and I play my tournaments and I happened to end that day with a bank roll of $990 well that's $10 less than a thousand bucks and the $20 tournaments will be eliminated the following day and every day thereafter until I have $1,000 or more.

MIB and I decided to enter into half action arrangement a few days ago. The $25 super stack, the $30 $3k Gtd, three $10 deepstack rebuys, and the $20 deepstack tournament.  My cost for 50% of this action was $65 then of course there were the five tournaments I played on my own dime, three of the $3 deepstack rebuys and two of the $5 deepstack rebuys for an additional $38 and lo and behold my total cost for the day was $103 and it was not looking like it was going to be a profitable day, but I pulled one out of the fire with a sixth-place finish in the $30 entry for a $234 return in essence making us fifty bucks each. Nothing like getting that base hit with runners on in the night to take the lead. A win in that one would have been the grand slam, and even though I wasn't able to accomplish that I was able to get that base hit we needed.

With the bankroll management strategy that I want in place, I am also going to utilize that plan for live play when that comes about.  So for the $70 tournaments that I plan on grinding at the Golden Nugget I will start off with $3,500. I ran into a problem however in so far as what the hell am I going to do in between the 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. tournaments when the time comes. If I get knocked out of the 11 a.m. tournament in the first hour that's a long time to just sit around in a Sportsbook waiting for the 7 p.m.  I've looked on poker Atlas for a possible mid afternoon tournament, but none of them has the structure set up I like the way the Golden Nugget does. The only one that comes close is the 2 p.m. $100 tournament at Caesars, but $100 will be a little higher then I want to be playing with a $3,500 bankroll.

There really is no reasonable alternative except to simply resign myself to playing the 11 a.m. tournament and then returning home and grinding the $3 and $10 deepstack rebuys, $20 deepstack freeze-out and $10 PLO, and $5 deepstack rebuy all beginning roughly at 4 p.m.  The other choice would be to just stay right there at the Golden Nugget and play some $2/$4 limit Hold'em, but the thought of doing that five days a week has about as much appeal as an impacted wisdom tooth.
In March, April and May I will be depositing onto WSOP in addition to paying back the $47 I currently owe my bankroll a total of $260. This will give me an opportunity to utilize this money for poker investment purposes you might say and then in June I will withdraw that $260 add to it another hundred dollars from my June check and I will be entering into the 2017 World Series of Poker event number 25 "The Giant" which is a $365 buyin, a bracelet event, and has a 20K starting chip stack with 20 minute blind levels for day one in which they will play 18 levels or down to 10 remaining players whichever comes first and then day 2 and 3 are 40 minute blind levels. I am super excited about this and I cannot wait to experience my very first World Series of Poker bracelet event. Just being in the same casino with the greatest of the greats to say nothing of being in the same general poker area as them will be a thrill of a lifetime.

So let's get you today's update. I started the day with a total bankroll of $564 which under my bankroll management stipulations means that if I wanted to, and if they were available, I could play in a maximum of six $10 tournaments today. Of course there are not six $10 tournaments available, but you get the general drift. Two things of note. I am not giving up on the $10 6-max PLO even though I have struggled in it because what the hell, it took me a 117 tries to win the $800 guaranteed NLH deep deepstack rebuy tournament so  patience is a virtue and if it first you don't succeed keep grinding it out. I also added in the 3:15 p.m. $5 two rebuy 1 addon 6 Max tournament even though they screw with the blind structure in this one, but it only amounts to getting to certain levels two levels faster than normal. I figured since I have an edge in any tournament I play it was worth it to toss this into the daily play schedule. 

I met up with MIB on the Strip today so I could pay him his share of the profits from the stake which was $50 and we just hung out in a Sportsbook and chilled for a little bit and I was able to get back to the house in time for the 12 noon tournament.  The previous day I had lost $44 in buy-ins, but cleared another $10 bonus so it was a loss of ($34). I was hoping I could get back to cashing today and it turned out to be a pretty good day. In the 12 noon tournament I ended up finishing 5th for a $53.28 return. The $5 two rebuy one add-on deepstack that changes the blind structure somewhat is a tournament that I have kept avoiding because of those changes in the blind structure, but decided to start playing it anyway as I mentioned before and I ended up finishing 4th in that one for a nice little return of $72.57.  I finished out of the money in the 7:30 p.m. $800 guaranteed whatever and QQ into AA.

For the second day in a row I've played a $5 rebuy satellite for a total cost of $10 each day and a shot at an entry into a $200 tournament on WSOP and for the second straight day I had no fortune in that one. It does make me wonder if it's a waste of money to enter into these satellites because I mean after all my $10 is not going to return me any immediate cash only get me an entry into a bigger tournament, but what a tournament that would be if I could ever have a deep deep Run in it. You take this past weekend for example and that $200 tournament had 120 players and paid over $6000 up top. That single tournament alone could get me to my goal real fast, but I have to ask myself am I looking for a shortcut and I shouldn't be?? I'm really not sure of the answer and even if the answer is yes I'm not really sure if that's altogether a bad idea. It is $10 a day, but as I have said so many times everything is about risk verse reward and what a reward something like this could provide in one shot. The main problem I have with these satellites is they are all turbos and as has been discussed before my style of poker play is not geared toward turbos. It is for this reason that I take whether or not I'm going to play these on a day-by-day basis and make my decision as to whether or not to play them each day without planning ahead on them. 

Another non cash in the $10 PLO 6 Max makes me 0 for 12 for these things in February and 0 for 15 in them on my own dime this year. I actually have played them 16 times and won one of them but that was on a stake with MIB, but on my own dime 0 for 15 this year. Part of me says give it up Flushh and another part of me says hey it took you 116 tries before you finally binked the $800 guarantee at 7:30 p.m. I believe that I am making some errors in this and I believe the error constitutes playing big draws over aggressively. You take tonight for instance with an open ended straight flush draw and an over Pair of Kings I shoved the rest of my 7000 stack on this. I believe that was an error because I was fairly certain the kings were no good although miracles do happen and the absolute seduction of these huge draws that I play aggressively and probably over aggressively is downright intoxicating and probably accounts, and this is no joke, accounts for seven or eight losses in that 0 for 12 run. Obviously I need to chill out with these things.  I need to just call it down and see if I actually hit these draws then make my move because playing them hard and fast is definitely not working.  

So today was a profit of $77. Bankroll at $641 total and 12.8% towards the goal of $5,000. A decent day, not a great hourly for nearly 12 hours of grimding, but the hourly will be more reasonable later on down the road. Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  641.85
Goal:  $5000
Progress:  12.8%


Monday, February 13, 2017

Playing On Pure Profit And Earnings

I decided to remove the initial $260 that I started this year with for a bankroll thus creating the situation where in 2017 I am playing on pure profit only. I initially was going to do this because I was considering buying a new laptop as I thought mine was starting to slow down in certain areas, as it is 2 years old, and it may have slowed down just a notch but it's still functioning perfectly well for my needs.

So instead, a couple days ago I decided to open my heart and my section of the home that I live in to a kitten from the animal least that was the plan going in.  I fully expected to go to this animal shelter and be coming home with a kitten anywhere from three to six months old.  As I was looking at all the cats and sticking my hands inside the cage this one particular black and white one grabbed onto my finger and when I tried to pull my finger back out of the cage she pulled it towards her. I think at that particular moment she decided I belonged to her. I had them open up the cage and I picked up this three year old little girl and she started hugging me. I was done for and there was no doubt about it she had to be the one that was coming home with me to a new home.  Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce you to Diamond. She's a three-year old little girl who is maybe one of the most loving creatures I've ever run into in my entire life. She climbs up on my shoulder, she lays on my hip, lays in the crook of my arm, she's one of those cats that needs to be making contact at all times I have never seen such an affectionate creature in my whole life. There is no doubt about it she is my little girl. And what a team we make. I named her Diamond, I'm known as Flushh so together we're the diamond flush lol. 

It is amazing to me how poker is filled with streaks or runs, hot runs and cold runs.  After starting out February up I went into a tailspin where I had a 0 for 20 run.  No matter what I did it was wrong, you know the routine. Then the day before yesterday everything switched around. I won so many coin flips that day I lost count of them all and I ended up finishing third in the 9 a.m. tournament for $69 and then taking down the 7:30 p.m. $3 deep stack rebuy $800 Gtd for $344 when I beat a field of 166 players. In one single day I went from ($10) down for the month to earnings of over $350 for the month of February.  

Only played one tournament Saturday total cost $9, but no cash in it and I began action yesterday with a bankroll of $573.49, and remember this is all profits, all earnings, but it does bring up a question. Why am I only playing $3 and $10 tournaments with a bankroll of nearly $600. Am I scared of something? Am I simply employing decently correct bankroll management strategy? Is it a mixture of the two?  At the beginning of this year I had stated in this very blog that I wanted to employ an aggressive bankroll management approach. I started with my $260 and he said as soon as I hit $400 I would start taking shots at the $10 rebuys which are a total cost of $20 and the 4:45 p.m. $20 deepstack. As I earned that first $160 and was in fact at a $400 bankroll, all of a sudden the thought of playing tournaments that cost $20 each was very uncomfortable to me. I mean I was fine with it right up until the point that I actually had the money to do it. 

I then decided that instead of $400 I would do this with a $600 bankroll. Well I started today with a $573 and I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that even when I do hit $600 I have no intentions of playing three $20 tournaments even just taking a shot, it's not going to happen. Now I have decided on waiting until I have a $1,000 bankroll and utilizing a 50 buyin/40 buyin approach meaning I can play my $20 tournaments when I have 50 buyins for them which is $1,000 and if I drop one dollar below 40 buyins which would be dropping below $800 then I will not play them any longer until I get back up to $1,000 again. 

The question I have is why am I doing this?? I was all filled with piss and vinegar at the beginning of the year, aggressive approach, going to take my shots, but then when I get the money in hand figuratively speaking, well not figuratively as it is in my account balance, but when the money is available to me everything that I thought I would be eager to do comes to a screeching halt. I'm fairly certain playing those $20 tournaments at $1,000 and stopping playing them if I dropped to $800 is going to be a comfort level but I can't swear to it. What's going to happen, and I simply going to chicken out again??  I just don't understand why I'm doing this. 

I always have had a conservative bankroll approach, but I was so determined to adopt a more aggressive approach with bankroll management for 2017. Was I just fooling myself insofar as that's simply not me, not my style, or do I have an underlying fear taking what would be to me somewhat expensive losses considering those $20 tournaments are more than three times the cost of my normal $3 deepstack rebuys that I play. I'm fairly certain that I will be comfortable enough at $1,000 to start trying them, but at this point I can't swear to it. All I can do is see how I feel about it when I do have $1,000, but if anybody has any idea what may be going on here, all thoughts and opinions are always welcome.

As for yesterday I had some personal business to take care of this morning and was out and about early, but did make it back for the 12 noon tournament. I went 0 for my first five tournaments on the day, but did manage a final table 5th Place finish in the 9:30 p.m. $5 deepstack rebuy for a $57 return. Nothing huge but it did turn the day from a ($48) loss into a $10 profit and any profit is good profit.

One of the tournaments that has become  part of my daily schedule when it goes off though there are times that it does not get the required minimum players to get it started is the $10 PLO 6 Max reentry.  This PLO tournament is a reentry as opposed to a rebuy which means you can only reenter the tournament if you have one chip or less remaining whereas in the rebuys you can rebuy if you have 4000 chips or less remaining. It generally doesn't get all that many people, but it is a $250 guaranteed prize pool. Tonight it had 28 runners paying the top five with first place paying $148 and it has a 90-minute reentry. I did not cash in it and playing this tournament on my own dime this year I am now 0 for 11.

Being I am 0 for 11 in this PLO tournament one might think that it might be a good idea not to play it as I don't do well in it, but I did win this tournament while under a staked day. However that is only 1 cash in 12 attempts an ITM percentage of only 8% which is not good at all and would actually put me with a very small ROI had the one time I won this particular tournament been on my own dime instead of part of a stake. I have taken my fair share of bad beats in this tournament runner runners and that sort of thing, but I believe that's the very nature of PLO. I think I'm going to continue to play this particular tournament when it does go off for at least the remainder of this month then reevaluate at that time whether or not I should continue doing so. Even a full month of it is probably not enough of a sample size but if at the end of February I find myself down over $200 just for this particular tournament I think that even with a small sample size the Poker Gods might be trying to send me a message.

Another tournament I sometimes wonder if I should be playing is the 7:30 p.m. $3 deepstack rebuy, the same tournament I won a few days ago for a $344 return.  I know it probably sounds like absolute Insanity to be questioning whether or not I should be playing in the tournament in which I just beat 165 opponents to take the top prize, but that is a tournament that I generally struggle in and it was the first time I had won it in 107 attempts since I have started playing on WSOP.  In fact in the first 106 tries I only finished in the money 7 times. On WSOP I generally run an ITM percentage from 12%-16% which I know probably sounds small but an ROI, well at least in 2016 anyway, of approximately 60% so as you can tell my ITM percentage in that specific tournament is less than usual, but of course that specific tournament also gets over 150 entrants every time whereas the other $3 deepstack rebuys that I play generally speaking get 80 or 90. The 7:30 p.m. also has an 85 minute rebuy. Whereas the other ones only have a 55-minute rebuy. And historically I perform so much better in the 55-minute rebuy period tournaments as opposed to this 85 minute one so even though I finally did win it it really makes me wonder is it worth it. Thoughts and opinions welcome as always.

I go into today with a bankroll of $583.72 and the $5,000 goal remains unchanged although I might have to increase that by a couple of thousand because when I start playing live full-time or at least make my attempt to do so I will be doing so at the Golden Nugget with the first tournament of the day being at 11 a.m. and the other tournament that I would be playing there would be 7 p.m. so that's going to give me a lot of down time in between hanging around doing nothing.  I'm thinking of simply sitting in the $2/$4 limit game in between tournaments when the time comes, but I think it would be prudent to have a separate bankroll for that. Granted it would only be filler time, but still nonetheless I wouldn't want it interfering in my live tournament bankroll. I definitely want $3,000 for the live tournament try, I want to keep another $1500 or $2000 online so if I wanted a separate limit cash game bankroll I would want it to be $1500 or $2000 so instead of a $5,000 goal that would be either a $6,000 or $7000 goal. 

In a perfect world I would simply play a tournament in the afternoon, but I'm pretty strict about what I will and will not play. It would have to be a live tournament with a starting stack of at least $10k and the buyin would have to be roughly in the neighborhood of $70, and it would have to have a structure similar to the Golden Nugget tournaments and that ladies and gentlemen is not happening. In order to find a similar structure I would have to spend at least $125 per tournament and that will be too high to start out with anyway. The Golden Nugget has a $50 tournament at 3 p.m. and one could always say I could just jump into that, but that only has a $5k starting stack not to mention a 35% juice so no thanks, but I have made no decision as of yet about increasing the goal dollar amount.  I may decide to keep things as they are and when the time comes only play the 11 a.m. live tournament and then head home and in the late afternoon and evening so the possibilities are still up in the air at this point.  Right now I'm just concentrating on playing good poker and continuing to increase the earnings. 

Well that's going to wrap this one up. Me and my new kitty, Diamond are getting along splendidly although she still is a little skittish, but it's going to take her time to get used to her surroundings. I've never seen a cat that likes to hug a human being as much as she does, but cat and owner are definitely bonding......... or is that human and owner it's always hard to keep that straight. So with that said, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $583.72
Goal:  $5000
Progress:  11%


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017 Report / February 2017 Goals

The first month of 2017 could be considered a success, but I guess it would depend on your definition of success. It was a winning month, not as much money as I would have liked, but is any poker player ever really totally satisfied with the earnings that they make. No matter how much it is always striving for more. Some people may look at it as greedy I look at it as competitive. Going into January 31st total earnings for the month of January were $186.02.  Specific tournament results can be found by clicking the 2017 tournaments tab at the top of this blog and if you do so you will see that the $1, $2, and $5 MTTs were not entirely successful. These are the tournaments that have a starting stack of only two thousand chips and the only reason I was playing them was because I started 2017 with only a $260 bankroll and felt that I needed to include these. Turns out I shouldn't since I played a total of 85 of those particular tournaments in January and it produced a little over ($48) in losses.  Even with only $260 available I should have stuck only with the $3 deepstack rebuys, but we live and we learn. I knew from 2016 the higher the starting stack the better I do, but as I said I felt with the low starting bankroll I needed to include these tournaments and that turned out to be an error. Problem with only two thousand chips or more correctly why I am able to do better with higher starting stacks I think it's two-fold. One it gives me room to maneuver, and two it helps recover from a bad beat or an unfortunate situation provided it's not an all-in situation. Quite obviously it's a lot easier to come back from a 1500 chip loss in a hand when you start with 4000 or 8000 chips rather than when you only start with 2000.

I stated what the earnings were going into January 31st because as it turned out no matter what happened on January 31st those earnings would not decrease. My good friend ManInBlack who had already staked me to one satellite for the weekly $200 tournament and was doing so for a second one decided that he wanted to invest in something and at first we were going to add three $20 tournaments to the mix. He said that he was looking to invest about $100 and I decided to add up what a full day's worth of tournaments would cost him including the satellites and it turned out it would be $124 throwing in the three $20 tournaments as well, but he was all for it so January 31st was in fact a free day for me as MIB staked me to the full day's worth of tournaments and since he was covering total cost, any earnings made would be on a 70/30 split, 30% going to me the player. 

Having no idea how the 31st would go he was not too concerned even if he took a loss because the fact is in 2016 I was able to earn over $600 for him and he quite often reminds me of this fact when I feel discouraged during a stake because I've lost some of his money.  He knows I take it more to heart when I lose someone else's money rather than when I lose my own and the first time he staked me this year it end up costing him $60. When I apologized for this he just looked at me and said "how much did you make for me last year??" So even when I end up costing him a few bucks he definitely does not sweat it. 

He was in for $124 and for most of the day it looked pretty bad and as a matter of fact we were down ($84) on the day, but I ended up winning the $10 PLO 6Max deepstack for $143 and I finished 9th in the $10 deepstack rebuy $1,250 guaranteed for a $57 return. When it was all said and done I had earned him $50 on the day and $26.65 for my part. We decided that we are going to reinvest his $50 in the three $20 tournaments tomorrow where he will have a 70% cut of the 2K guaranteed and the $1,250 guaranteed since he will be covering those costs completely and we will be going in on the 4:45 p.m. deepstack equally for a 50-50 split in that one.

So the final tally for the monthly earnings for January 2017 were as follows. 

Non Staked Tournaments:  $98.40
ITM: 13.1%
ROI: 26.9%

Staked Tournaments: $62.70
Live Staked Cash Games:  $44
Online Cash Games:  $7.57
Promos/RB:  $1
Total Earnings:  $213.67

As you can see from those non staked tournament numbers things could have been better. The ROI of 26.9% is pretty low for me, but it should be noted that the ROI for deepstack tournaments was 40.2% and I think I can improve on that for February, but even if I maintained a 40% ROI for all of 2017, I would be satisfied with that.

February 2017 Goals
Tournament Played:  150
Tournament ROI:  40%
Tournament Earnings: $440

That you have it and it's a wrap up for today. Decided to sleep late today so my first tournament for today will be the 4 p.m. $3 deep stack Reba and also going to be playing those three $20 tournaments as part of the steak with MIB. Here's to hoping that February is a run well month and a minimal error committing month as well. Let's bring on the a game and let's keep the a game and ride this baby out. Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $473.67
Goal:  $5000
Progress:  9.5%