Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017 Report / February 2017 Goals

The first month of 2017 could be considered a success, but I guess it would depend on your definition of success. It was a winning month, not as much money as I would have liked, but is any poker player ever really totally satisfied with the earnings that they make. No matter how much it is always striving for more. Some people may look at it as greedy I look at it as competitive. Going into January 31st total earnings for the month of January were $186.02.  Specific tournament results can be found by clicking the 2017 tournaments tab at the top of this blog and if you do so you will see that the $1, $2, and $5 MTTs were not entirely successful. These are the tournaments that have a starting stack of only two thousand chips and the only reason I was playing them was because I started 2017 with only a $260 bankroll and felt that I needed to include these. Turns out I shouldn't since I played a total of 85 of those particular tournaments in January and it produced a little over ($48) in losses.  Even with only $260 available I should have stuck only with the $3 deepstack rebuys, but we live and we learn. I knew from 2016 the higher the starting stack the better I do, but as I said I felt with the low starting bankroll I needed to include these tournaments and that turned out to be an error. Problem with only two thousand chips or more correctly why I am able to do better with higher starting stacks I think it's two-fold. One it gives me room to maneuver, and two it helps recover from a bad beat or an unfortunate situation provided it's not an all-in situation. Quite obviously it's a lot easier to come back from a 1500 chip loss in a hand when you start with 4000 or 8000 chips rather than when you only start with 2000.

I stated what the earnings were going into January 31st because as it turned out no matter what happened on January 31st those earnings would not decrease. My good friend ManInBlack who had already staked me to one satellite for the weekly $200 tournament and was doing so for a second one decided that he wanted to invest in something and at first we were going to add three $20 tournaments to the mix. He said that he was looking to invest about $100 and I decided to add up what a full day's worth of tournaments would cost him including the satellites and it turned out it would be $124 throwing in the three $20 tournaments as well, but he was all for it so January 31st was in fact a free day for me as MIB staked me to the full day's worth of tournaments and since he was covering total cost, any earnings made would be on a 70/30 split, 30% going to me the player. 

Having no idea how the 31st would go he was not too concerned even if he took a loss because the fact is in 2016 I was able to earn over $600 for him and he quite often reminds me of this fact when I feel discouraged during a stake because I've lost some of his money.  He knows I take it more to heart when I lose someone else's money rather than when I lose my own and the first time he staked me this year it end up costing him $60. When I apologized for this he just looked at me and said "how much did you make for me last year??" So even when I end up costing him a few bucks he definitely does not sweat it. 

He was in for $124 and for most of the day it looked pretty bad and as a matter of fact we were down ($84) on the day, but I ended up winning the $10 PLO 6Max deepstack for $143 and I finished 9th in the $10 deepstack rebuy $1,250 guaranteed for a $57 return. When it was all said and done I had earned him $50 on the day and $26.65 for my part. We decided that we are going to reinvest his $50 in the three $20 tournaments tomorrow where he will have a 70% cut of the 2K guaranteed and the $1,250 guaranteed since he will be covering those costs completely and we will be going in on the 4:45 p.m. deepstack equally for a 50-50 split in that one.

So the final tally for the monthly earnings for January 2017 were as follows. 

Non Staked Tournaments:  $98.40
ITM: 13.1%
ROI: 26.9%

Staked Tournaments: $62.70
Live Staked Cash Games:  $44
Online Cash Games:  $7.57
Promos/RB:  $1
Total Earnings:  $213.67

As you can see from those non staked tournament numbers things could have been better. The ROI of 26.9% is pretty low for me, but it should be noted that the ROI for deepstack tournaments was 40.2% and I think I can improve on that for February, but even if I maintained a 40% ROI for all of 2017, I would be satisfied with that.

February 2017 Goals
Tournament Played:  150
Tournament ROI:  40%
Tournament Earnings: $440

That you have it and it's a wrap up for today. Decided to sleep late today so my first tournament for today will be the 4 p.m. $3 deep stack Reba and also going to be playing those three $20 tournaments as part of the steak with MIB. Here's to hoping that February is a run well month and a minimal error committing month as well. Let's bring on the a game and let's keep the a game and ride this baby out. Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $473.67
Goal:  $5000
Progress:  9.5%



  1. If a backer stakes you for the day $124 and you made him $50. How does the money exchange get done. Settle up at the end of the day? You owe mib $174 now and you settle at end of the day? I've been backed for a same day home cash game a few times in my day with same split. Even managed 50/50 at times cause I was needed to start the games up at times. Wondering what's the norm in case I find myself in a similar pardicament. Ive seen paypal transfers to cover % buying in mtts, but just curious brother dm me in twitter if toy want I'm around. GL

  2. Congrats on the winnings. 26.9% ROI is pretty good, even if it is below your expectations.

    Wondering why you said playing the $5 or less buying tournaments was a mistake. I understand you prefer deep stack structures and for good reasons. However unless you have a negative expection in these tournaments, they were the right ones to play based on your BR. Just because you lost money in one month doesn't make them wrong for you.

  3. Congrats on your success! I couldn't find the "contact us" form, how do I speak to someone regarding advertising/partnership opportunities?