Monday, March 6, 2017

An Rough Start To March

March has been an absolutely horrendous start, but fortunately I still found myself at that particular moment with a bankroll of over $600, all earnings, and still well in the game. The first 5 days and into the 6th day of March seems to be cooler, after cooler, after cooler. Set over set, AK into AQ and they flop the three ooter,  AA or KK versus QQ and they flop or river the queen, or I'm all- in preflop because of stack size compared to blinds and come up with a decent AJ or AQ hand for shoving and run into AA, KK, or AK. It's been these kinds of coolers  that has been constant and prevalent for the month of March.

So going into today my own dime tournaments I was down ($11). Half action Stakes I was down ($119).  My bankroll stipulations only allow me to play up to $10 buyin tournaments with just a few exceptions, so MIB buys half action in the $20 tournaments  which keeps my cost at $10 and his cost the same, but I have not done well. Going into today we decided to do another half action stake on the 11 a.m. Golden Nugget tournament, but the cooler continued and I ran JJ into QQ all-in preflop. So much for that and my stake earnings were now a loss of $154.47 for the month.

I've been through cold runs before and I will go to them again and no matter what the law says that I was showing  I am  very very confident and 99% assured that I will be showing a profit by the end of the month, but it is still very frustrating to have to try to work through these things. I got back in time for the $5 deepstack rebuy 6 Max and would be playing that plus two of the $3 deepstack rebuys, and the $10 PLO reentry 6-max if the latter went off.

So as I hit the online tables I could only hope that this would be the day where the coolers came to an end. I wasn't necessarily looking for heaters, although those would have been nice, I was just looking to avoid disasters within tournaments and a steady increase in my chips back throughout the entire tournament would be more than pleasant enough. After all the bands was considered I was in the red for ($194) for the month of March.

Out early in the 730pm $3 Deepstack Rebuy when I ran into a set over set situation. The 4pm $3 Deepstack Rebuy and $10 PLO Deepstack Reentry went nowhere, but the 315pm $5 Deepstack Rebuy 6 Max I ran quite deep in and in fact something happened when we were down to the final 4 that could have been helpful or disastrous.

We have 4 left and lo and behold I spilled an entire large glass of chocolate milk on my bed. What a mess. By the time I got the mattress cover and body pillow on the floor so I could take it down to the washing machine I came back and I was heads up with 4,000 chips left. Needless to say I finished in second for a $139 return. Would I have won if the chocolate milk incident hadn't happened or would I have been knocked out in 4th if the chocolate milk incident didn't happen??  Your guess is as good as mine, but I just look at it as fate. I cashed for $139 in that tournament and finished up yesterdaywith losses for the month of ($54.22) which is a far cry better than ($194).

In the space of six days this month that is the second time that I have been down a considerable amount when you consider what my bankroll is just to be bailed out. The last time I believe it was Friday I was down about ($139) for the month and finished third in the 930pm $5 Deepstack Rebuy for $107 bringing the losses to down ($32) for the month. The weekend was pretty rough and as I stated I was in the red for $194 after the buy-ins and I pulled one out of the fire yet again so that the losses going into today we're only down ($54). Obviously I was definitely hoping that going into Tuesday I could get the month of March back into the black overall.  It wasn't to be as the cooler returned. In all fairness I only played two tournaments on Tuesday and then ended up falling asleep before 7pm, but my KK vs TT all-in pre-flop and they flop a 10 so down $76 in the first 7 Days of March. It's got to turn back sooner or later and the volcano will once again erupt. I'm just waiting for it.

Many personal things are coming that will interfere in The Daily Grind. It is now Wednesday 2:20 a.m. and later this morning I have an appointment with the orthopedist about the shoulder or actually both shoulders. I'm almost certain that the right shoulder is going to require surgery and hence is where we have a problem and hence where my readers are going to either think I'm crazy or being stubborn. Even if the shoulder does require surgery there is no way I am going to allow them to put me in a sling for the next 3 weeks. I refuse to be put on the sidelines and even if surgery is required the sling will be removed for The Daily Grind. I am right handed and it is my right shoulder. Yes I could try to do left-handed but I've tried doing things left-handed before it just does not work out so I am going to need access to my right hand and arm to grind online.  I refuse to be stopped. I will wear the sling when I go to sleep at night and if I'm not playing in a tournament, but other than that my life will go on as usual no matter what the doctor may want. As I've told my friends before my doctors are on a need-to-know basis and I decide what they need to know.

As far as the retina specialist goes those of you that don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook it turns out that I was born with torn retinas. These torn retinas can and does lead to detached retinas which can can and will cause blindness. On the 15th I am going in for laser surgery on both eyes. The doctor tells me this is not a fix but a preventative insofar that it will prevent the retinas from detaching and prevent me from going blind so that's the best thing in the world as far as I'm concerned and for now delays suicide because as I have stated before no way I go through life in the darkness.

So orthopedist tomorrow, pulmonologist the following day, laser surgery on the 15th, and sleep apnea doctor on the 16th which I may reschedule since I never got the sleep apnea machine that they want me on at night. I am not happy about this interruption in my Poker schedule, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil.

That's going to wrap this one up for now. Not going anywhere fast so far this month, and in fact going in the wrong direction, but waiting for things to turn in a big way which I know they will it's just a matter of when.  Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $726
Goal:  $2500
Progress:  29%


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