Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Comment Replies And The Possible Attack Of The Gout

First things first.

Pokketjokers said in part:

Bitcoin is the best choice for cashing out from ACR.

Took the advice and got the Bitcoin acct reactivated. 

Thomas OToole said:

Could look to post a package on tasty stakes to see if you can get a stake for a few events. A deep run in a live tourney is just around the corner.

Maybe one of these days, but I'm an unknown so doubt I'd have too many people looking to invest in an unknown like me. 

Tony Fitton said in part:

I am in Vegas on the 29th for the week. Maybe we can play at the Golden Nugget sometime during the week. Best Luck! Pond Boy.

Would have loved it, but because of recent changes in an insurance switchover and corresponding increase in monthly expenses not going to be possible. Will have to take a rain check and hopefully you'll be here for the 2018 World Series because would love to be able to meet up then even to just grab some drinks and shoot the breeze, but unfortunately because of some serious financial changes I won't even be able to do that this time around.

Memphis MOJO said:

Are you still thinking about entering a WSOP event?

And he also said:

Sorry to hear your health has been on the downswing. Good luck with that as well as at the tables.

I have a doctors appointment on the 7th. Going to have him possibly do an MRI on the shoulder and a complete blood work-up to see if the kidney and renal damage that my intense weight loss program caused has improved. As far as the WSOP due to certain financial changes that have occurred 2017 is an impossibility, but 2018 is a definite.

So like a damn monster movie "Attack of Godzilla" it seems like my monster movie might be called Attack of the Gout.  Approximately 10 days ago I woke up with the left shoulder hurting for a solid 3 days and I thought it was simply the cortisone shot that had worn off, but then for the next 2 days the shoulder was not able to be moved on its own, it was like it was paralyzed. In order to move it I would have to take my right hand grasp my left wrist and move the arm where I wanted it to go in this fashion. I ended up in the emergency room, x-rays were negative and they flatly refused to do an MRI although I have all the insurance in the world and they would be paid. The term idiots seems to apply here. The pain during this time is absolutely indescribable and playing online poker was not even a remote possibility. It's quite obvious to me at this point that I must have severely torn some tendons or possible a tear in the Rotator cuff. 

This, for lack of a better term, paralysis of the shoulder, lasted for another three additional days. The pain involved in this was Insidious period on a pain scale of 1 to 10 this was a 15 and could actually bring tears to a grown man's eyes that's how bad it was. A few days ago I noticed I had more movement in the lower arm but the shoulder was still on moving. The following day there was just a little bit of movement in the shoulder area and upper arm, the next day there was more the following day even more than that. What the hell was going on??

A friend of mine in Washington State suggested she thought it might be Gout because my circumstances seemed to parallel a co-worker of hers and although gout in the shoulder is rare it is not impossible. I did a little checking on my own and the time frame, the symptoms, and several of the reasoning for the symptoms fits. The pain was still pretty bad you know when the shoulder was able to start moving a little, but at least it was down to about an eighth on a scale of 1 to 10. Over the course of the last few days more and more movement in the shoulder and the pain has diminished a little more each day at least to the point where I'm back on the tables again.

I have an appointment with a new primary care physician on  June 7th and I'm going to ask him for a complete blood work-up because I'm not sure if the kidney damage that the intense weight loss program that I was on that put me in the emergency room and in minor kidney and renal failure is not still there.  As for the shoulder I don't know what the true answer is. Was it Gout?? It's a good possibility because I cannot imagine that if I have a torn tendon or torn Rotator cuff that it would heal in 10 days. These things usually take months if not surgery, but I'm not a doctor I don't know for sure. On the 7th I will explain to the doctor exactly what happened and get his professional opinion. He may want an MRI done anyway, he may not, time will tell, but all I know is that after about I guess 12 days now of this insanity the shoulder is going back to its normal inflamed condition and always had. Thank God for Little Miracles. Until next time Which should be in just a couple or three days, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.  


  1. This sounds like a classic case of Gout... Unfortunately, it's happened to me, and not in the big toe... in my heel and knee.

    And you are absolutely right about the pain scale.... so painful that any movement or even blowing air can seize you up.

    It can also be triggered by weight loss, as the uric acid concentration actually goes up. Secret is to drink lots and lots of water, but it could be kidney related.

    In the end, get an RX of something like Indomethecin. As soon as you feel the pain coming- take just one or two and it goes away. The problem is your bodies reaction and ultimate inflammation that is so painful.

    But in the end, you need to reduce your uric acid. That means less purines (mostly meat, but especially organ meats, bacon, anchovies, scallops, herring, mackerel, and ... unfortunately beer- which I certainly have not given up but drink much less).

    There are medications you can take, but I found that at least diet helps tremendously.

    Good Luck!

  2. I'm on a table with you on ACR but not able to get your attention. I'm in Vegas. We should meet up sometime this June.