Sunday, June 11, 2017

Comment Responses

Ace said in part:

Have you thought about doing one of the monthly poker room promotions around town? I think Treasure Island has a weekly promo

And Thomas Toole lll added in part:

I have suggested this in the past as well. 

I admire FD love for poker and grinding it out. Personally, winning $22 in 9 days is entirely to much effort for me FD puts in full days of grinding so far for the month with a profit of $22 (less than 2.50/day.). 

I would much rather see him save the $8 daily buy ins and play a cash game for 2 short buying or tourney when the funds are available to play 2-3 live tournies in a day. Micro stakes tournies & cash are no means to an end goal. 

Maybe he could get a stake for the cash games at TI. Buy in for the minimum and any losses of the stake comes out of the $600 rakeback. This is something I would support and consider helping to fund.

Guys here's the problem. I hate No Limit cash games. I hate saying the phrase No Limit cash games. I have played them live I have played them online and each one has all the excitement of watching newly applied paint on a wall dry. Anyone and I mean anyone who went into something like that whether on their own dime or a stake that hates every second of being at that table is not going to play there optimum. They will not be playing there A game every step of the way and there is no way in the world I would risk somebody else's hard-earned cash and their trust in me when I know damn well it is very very very likely, that I would make mistakes or play hands that I shouldn't just because of my mindset and boredom of being in that game. Ig somebody wanted to do a stake based on me playing $3/$6 ot $4/$8 limit Hold'em hell yeah bring it on. Or if they wanted to offer me a stake on a certain number of live tournaments played I would jump at that opportunity, but accepting a stake with the intention of playing no-limit cash games, knowing that I would not have the proper mindset going in isn't something I would ever do.

Tony Bigcharles said:

I'd be more inclined to wonder what u were doing in the sportsbook

And Pokerdogg added:

It is a valid question regardless of who asked it.

Well not that I think this even deserves an explanation, but ACR has its own Sportsbook and you can bet as little as a dollar. So I take a dollar each day and I put it on a 4 or a 5 team parlay for the baseball games and you know maybe I win $10, maybe I win $12 maybe I win $7 depending on how many teams I played. Overall on the year even with the dollar parlay that I lost today I am ahead $18.79 at the Sportsbook. It's not like I'm losing nor am I risking very much and I never risk more than a dollar and every so often $2 in a single day, but the fact that I show an overall profit must mean it's not the worst idea in the world.

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  1. A couple of people I know did the TI promo playing 3/6 limit, but if they are typical of the 3/6 players I wouldn't recommend it.

    Given you like tournaments the Flamingo freeroll promo seems natural for you. You can qualify playing 2/4 limit.

    Good luck ~ Kat