Thursday, June 29, 2017

Temporarily Busto

Yeah, you read that title right, I'm temporarily busted. I won't go into details, but I did something very foolish in an attempt to build up my account balance in a quick way and it didn't work. Suffice it to say it involved $10 SNGs and PLO8 cash games. Yes,  I know, how many times have I said I am a tournament player nothing else. I'm not an SNG player, I'm not a cash game player, I am a tournament player, and what do I do, I go and blow the last hundred bucks on things that is not in my wheelhouse.  All is not lost however, as I am about to have an influx of cash. 

A few days back somebody got in touch with me who reads and is a fan of my blog and obviously like yourselves they have read of my continuing financial struggles not only in poker, but in regular life. As all of you know I do not try to hide these facts from my readers, and anyway they made me a couple of offers. First gather up as much money as I possibly could in the upcoming month of July and they would match I sending it to me via PayPal and which I can then do a deposit onto WSOP with it, and for the month of July we would be partners in the tournaments played and when July was over I would simply send their portion to them via PayPal and then we could reevaluate whether or not I wanted to go back on my own in August or we wanted to continue this on for another month.

I was a bit unsure because if this did not work  technically speaking in two weeks I could be completely out of money again, but then they told me If it this did not prove successful they will still lend me the initial $150 so at the very least I can return to ACR if absolutely necessary. This person asked me to under no circumstances reveal their identity and I can easily understand that, so for purposes of this blog and referring to this individual I am going to refer to him as Daniel, after one of my all-time favorite professional poker players, Daniel Negreanu and no, the person that made me the offer is not Daniel Negreanu lol.  

I have switched around things, robbed Peter to pay Paul, put off of thing or two to the following month and I can come up with $150 minimum and possibly as much as $180 out of my upcoming check and with "Daniel" matching that it would be a $300 to $360 start for the $3 deepstack rebuys. Those are the only ones that will be played at first, four of them a day, and if there are earnings then there will be $10 rebuys and $20 tournaments played. 

Now for some personal updates. The blood work came back and it turns out that I am pre-diabetic and possibly full-blown diabetic and with a high cholesterol level. My doctor who I have referred to in the past and not so affectionately as a Crotchety Old Goat, to say the least, is being a pain in the ass about this. He tells me he wants to order a glucose tolerance test a test that would take 4 hours. I told him that I was not really enthused about this possibility and he says to me "Well you want to know don't you?" and I turned to him and said, "No, I want to stay in blissful ignorance." Well, I guess it fell on deaf ears because he ordered the test anyway. Oh joy. Starve myself for 8 hours before the test and another for during the test this is going to be fun. Not to mention with my upcoming shopping trip he basically wants me eating things you would find in the bottom of a rabbit cage. This is not going to be easy. My dietary choices generally speaking is anything that you can cook in the microwave and sandwiches lots of sandwiches and lots and lots of eggs. Egg salad, scrambled eggs and toast, that sort of thing. The month of June alone I had 53 eggs, but he wants me on no more than three or four a week. No sense even buying eggs on my upcoming shopping trip. I am going to be buying salads, tuna fish, and pasta and in hope that not only will it bring down the blood sugars but the cholesterol level as well God help me.

On a good note one of my besties ManInBlack is going to be a new roommate of mine. His roommates are moving out of state and since we had a room available here he decided to take advantage of it. It's going to be great having my best friend here to hang out and talk poker with. I am really looking forward to having him here.

Well, that's going to wrap this one up. Back on WSOP in back in the $3 deep stack rebuys which all I can say have been my bread-and-butter for two years. Part of me still has certain concerns about the site in general, but I am the first to admit that those thoughts could have been brought about just because I was running bad. It would not be the first time, but all I can do is play my heart out and Hope that I can run to expectation. One thing as a fact whether or not certain readers like me saying it or not. I can be out drawn but I cannot be outplayed. The only reason I will get knocked out of tournaments 95% of the time is because of a bad beat a cooler or an extended period of card deadness because I do not get knocked out of tournaments through recklessness and that my friends is a fact. Until next time and we meet again, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $150 minimum in 4 days
Goal:  $1000
Progress:  15%


  1. Serious question, genuinely interested. How do you know that in June you ate 53 eggs?

  2. Because when I did my monthly shopping at the beginning of the month I bought 3 cartons of eggs which each were and 18 count and I don't have any left and one of them accidentally broke when it got Frozen to the carton so that equals 53 of them.

  3. So 10nl showed no results at all? I lost chunks on plo bad to play in a budget but 10nl should have resulted in a ltitle gains no?

  4. I only know your blog through TBC but lm impressed you can grind such low stakes. If you show some results I'd be willing to stake $100 to play in a few $20 or up tournaments for an agreed upon split. Good luck

  5. I told you those cash games on ACR are unbeatable. I have tried many times. The big field MTT's are where all the easy money is at.

  6. Why didn't you grind the higher buyin MTTs if you want to risk your bankroll? You got to put in the volume, at the game you are good at.

  7. FD says "I can be out drawn but I cannot be outplayed."

    Do you really believe this? I guess this explains why you don't spend time studying and work on your game, you are already the best.

    This attitude, IMHO, is not the recipe for success. Even Phil Helmuth, one of the very few successful tournament pro who may say stuff like this in public, I bet he still work on his game and will tell you a different story in private.

    GL as always.