Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Poker Partnership Part ll

We got started on the second part of the poker partnership on ACR on Monday. Starting Monday with a balance of $258.35 and an average daily expenditure of roughly $25 a day for all intents and purposes with the amount being spent per day and the account balance available we had roughly 10 days of Poker life left. 

The first two days of being back on ACR were an experience of horrendous. In 24 tournaments played I finished in the money in only three of them and one of those was $0.33 in a freeroll. In the tournaments played over those first two days I suffered a minimum of 18 different bad beats, and lost every coin flip situation when my tournament life was on the line.  To say this was a day of slamming things would be an understatement, but fortunately  nothing important got broken.  

Cost:  $26.03
ITM:  2 for 12
Earnings:  ($22.39) 

Cost:  $27.15
ITM:  1 for 12
Earnings:  ($23.37) 

So being down $120 coming into ACR on this partnership and starting off another over ($45) in the hole was not exactly what one would call fun. If there was any positive to be taken from the first two days, and those positives were very few and far between, was that towards the end of Tuesday, although I wasn't cashing, I could see things starting to turn slightly in a positive sense and possibly those signs were that I was coming out of this little funky slump and Wednesday was definitely an improvement. I went 3 for 11 including a 6th place finish in the $400 guaranteed rebuy and a third-place finish in a $1 tournament.

Cost:  $24.95
ITM:  3 for 11
Earnings:  $16.74

Thursday was definitely the best day of the week going 3 for 10 with a 4th place finish in the $500 guaranteed and a 2nd place finish in the $2.20 PLO8 even though that PLO8 finish was only worth $18 it all helped towards a day of $47.96 worth of earnings. 
Friday had nothing worth getting excited about, just a couple of small cashes and a loss of a little over ($11) on the day. 

Cost:  $21.85
ITM:  3 for 10
Earnings:  $47.96

Cost:  $15.55
ITM:  2 for 9
Earnings:  ($11.42)

So the bad news was that I started out over ($45) in the hole, the good news was that I was able to battle back however not for any earnings for the week, but close enough to break even that I could deal with it. The account balance started the week at $258.35 and ended the week at $257.69. Not great, but a lot better than it could have been considering how the week started out.

ACR Week 1

Cash:          ($8.11)
SNGs:        ($3.45)
MTTs:        $7.52
Raleback:  $3.38
Total:  ($0.66)

WSOP: ($120)
ACR:     $17.69
Total:    ($102.31)


  1. I like the format where you stick to results without say I have to make x amount of dollars. Play your game and report the results. I think for daily stats just list ITM and +/- $ earnings

    1. I suggest you forget about daily stats, or even weekly stats. Track monthly and see how you do. Tournament poker is like driving on a bumpy forestry road. If you keep your focus 5 feet in front of you, you are bound to get sea sick and run smack into a tree.