Saturday, November 4, 2017

Half Action Sale For November And It Begins Tomorrow

After a couple of days of figuring the ins and outs of the potential and possibilities ManInBlack and I decided to go in on a half action sale for my tournaments played at Sam's Town beginning tomorrow.  Selling half action has both advantages and disadvantages and it needed to be thought out before I had made any decisions.  The first and foremost obvious realization is that any earnings that I make I would only be getting half of it. If I chop for $300 instead of that $300 being added to my bankroll it would only be $150. However, this has to be balanced with the fact that it is only costing me half price to get into these tournaments. It's a balance scale and as long as the scale balances evenly I believe it's definitely worth it. Not only that it gives me the opportunity to possibly make some money for my best friend and what could be better than that.  I also did not have to come up with $450 to start my bankroll and instead was able to do so with just $337.50.

I warned him from the very get-go that since I had been running rather warm lately I could enter the tournament ice age at any second  and I did not want any hard feelings were that to happen. He kind of looked at me, shook his head slightly, and gave me the look that Joe gives me when I have said something that he finds completely ridiculous and pretty much the message to me was "You know better than that"

Since he wanted to get in on half action I decided that I was going to attempt to play Sunday through Thursday and I decided I would not, under those circumstances, be playing in the Nevada Poker League after all. If I'm able to play five straight days in a row, which I fully admit is in question, I will be taking Fridays and Saturdays off to rest up what will undoubtedly be my aching body and what will feel like an absolutely broken lower back. I will be playing the 1 p.m. tournament and if I cash in it then I will stick around for the 7 pm. I can absolutely guarantee you if I play two tournaments at Sam's Town in a single day I will require the next day off and of this I have almost no question. 

I am the first to admit that five days a week and playing five days in a row even I only play a single tournament a day is not something I'm even sure I'm going to be able to do and I warned ManInBlack about this from the very get-go so he is fully informed that this may or may not be possible. Right now our main plan is for me to play 15-20 tournaments in the month of November as there will be a couple of days that I have to take out due to medical type appointments including getting my glucose tolerance test which I am not looking forward to hanging around that lab for 4 hours, but I got to do what I got to do. The aspect of playing live poker to what to many would be on a full-time basis thrills me beyond words, but I have got to make sure I don't push myself to the extreme or overdo it just because I don't want to miss a day. I will have to listen to my body and do what it wants me to do not necessarily what I want to do.

I don't know what the final answers will be the only thing I do know is I am definitely playing the 1 p.m. tomorrow and I am playing two tournaments on Tuesday as Chris Abramski tagged me in a tweet that he and his friend who is visiting will be playing at Sam's Town at 7 p.m. on Tuesday so I will definitely make sure I pull a double header that day.

Speaking of Chris a shout out of congratulations to him and his Houston Astros winning the World Series. Being a lifelong Red Sox fan and a die-hard fanatic even back during the years where it was disappointment after disappointment, but we fans never gave up, I know what it's like to root for a team and I know that feeling when they win it for the first time. Enjoy it Chris, because even though we just may be fans of the sports team, you will always remember that feeling of the first World Series ring seen for your team in your lifetime.

Had a date or a meet up with a friend of mine yesterday. I called it a meetup she called it a date, but no matter how you look at it we had a lot of fun. I took her to the Friday night seafood buffet which we both absolutely loved. It's been years since I ate that much Dungeness crab and every bite was like being in heaven. We played some slot machines, I taught her how to play Blackjack at the tables and overall we both had an absolutely great time. There is definitely nothing romantic that will come from this as I would not want to do anything that could spoil a friendship. Not to mention I'm really not looking for a relationship. Since my wife passed away I've had about 9 of them and for whatever reason none of them ever worked out for the long-term with the exception of my former and now late fiance and I ended up leaving that relationship. The way I look at it I had 12 of the best years of my life with the best woman in the world and if that's all I get that will be more than enough for me. Oh I know people will say well you just haven't met the right person yet, but with the medical stuff that I got going on I am not actively searching and I just hope that she looks at it the same way because it's a little awkward if one person wants something further and the other one doesn't so let's keep our fingers crossed that that is not the case here.

That's going to wrap this one up. Heading out for Sam's Town tomorrow morning to get there around noon so that I make sure I register by 12:30 in which you get an extra 500 chips. I know 500 chips doesn't seem like a lot, but in tournament poker every chip is another piece of ammunition and I refuse to give up one chip if I don't have to. As I am playing these tournaments at Sam's Town I will be tweeting updates for anyone that is interested. So, until next time friends and readers, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $337.50


  1. There is definitely nothing romantic that will come from this as I would not want to do anything that could spoil a friendship.

    Isn't it possible to have both?

    Good luck in the tournaments!