Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Live Play Suspnded In The Middle of November Will Resume In December

On Thursday November 16th, I made the realization that I needed to suspend my live play and return to online temporarily. The fact that I was running cold had nothing to do with it because with the performance that I had in the end of October I was still a few hundred dollars up on my live play at Sam's Town, but the evening of the 16th things got so bad, physically speaking, I could barely take 6 steps, before I could walk no more. Then maybe take another six or eight steps and have to sit down. It actually felt like my body was quitting on me.

I had a pocket full of cash, but I got in touch with my friend Michelle better known as @9ontheturn on Twitter and asked her to lend me a quick $20 via PayPal so that I could get Lyft home. If she was unavailable or wasn't able to do so I would have paid the nearly $30 for a cab because at that point it would have been a physical impossibility for me to make it home without collapsing and consequently ending up in an ambulance and inside an emergency room. Fortunately she was available and was able to help me out and I made it home. 

Overall for October and November I ended up going 5 for 16, for 31% in the money. November was a $27 loss for me personally, but October, although I didn't write it down and I should have, was about $500 for my share in earnings.  Most of this money got spent on having fun, eating at the casino, a couple of dates with a lady friend of mine, delivery orders, tips, food runs on the way home, in other words everything that a low limit, under bankrolled poker player should not be doing. 

Since I was in a poker business partnership for poker with ManInBlack for the month of November, we decided to continue this online. We each threw in $132 and set me to task at the $3 deepstack rebuys with more money to be added later to finish off the month if it was needed.  I ended up making each of us about $125 in profits and as December approached absolutely disliking online play, running somewhat cold as it was, I decided that I wanted to get back to the live game, but could I do it without my body wanting to quit on me once again. I think I can and I think I've come up with a plan that just may work.

First let's talk money. It looks like I will be getting one more month of the higher disability amount before my medical expenses will be increased, so the minimum that I will have to start up December will be $600 for poker. I am working on a couple of angles where that could be increased by an additional $200. So let's assume that it's going to be the $600. I've got two choices. $600 is 15 buyins at Sam's Town or it is 8 buyins with $40 legt over at the Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget has the better structure, but the tournaments are $30 more each.  I think there's no real question about this as I need to give myself the most chances at making money and I also have learned some lessons and when I start playing live again in December there are several things that are going to be changing not because I want them to, but because they have to if I want to have any hope at pulling this miracle off and maintaining a live bankroll.

Slot machines are out of the question. So are video poker machines, sports betting, horse racing, $3 blackjack tables or anything else that you can think of that can tempt somebody at a casino.  Food costs need to be kept way down and since I generally bring a backpack with me there is no reason in the world that when I go shopping for my monthly food trip on Friday, that I cannot purchase things that I can snack on while playing a tournament or on the way home or during a break. Fruit bars, granola bars, packages of peanut butter or cheese crackers, things of that nature jump to mind. They do not need to be kept refrigerated and they are easily carried in a backpack and are very lightweight.  The $600 or $800 or whatever hundred dollars that may fall somewhere in the middle needs to be dedicated exclusively to poker and poker only. Not stopping off at Subway on the way home, not eating at buffets or delis inside Sam's Town even though the prices are extraordinarily reasonable, this is not what the struggling poker player needs to be doing with the money. I needs to be dedicating it to poker and poker only.

Now let's discuss the changes that are going to be made so that I do not run into a body collapse moment where everything feels like it's just shutting down. First of all what caused this?? Well obviously the physical issues that I have going on that I've discussed previously like the back problems, not to mention the knee problems. The shoulder problem is not too bad since I'm on cortisone. I think what caused it in November was the fact that I was trying to pull several tournament doubleheaders during the week, definitely not getting enough sleep, and even though I was taking a significant break in between the tournaments it was just too much for the body and my overall system to handle.

What's going to change is that at least until I am able to get to the pain management clinic, what I'm going to do is I'm going to stick with playing a single tournament at Sam's town when I do play and it's going to be the 7 p.m., the tournament was the additional blind level in the structure. I figure I need to give myself a day off after 2 days of playing. A schedule I'm leaning towards is play on Sunday and Monday, take Tuesday off, play Wednesday and Thursday, and take Friday and Saturday off. I don't particularly care for the Friday night tournament and the Saturday tournament is highet priced anyway so it's no great loss.

I think this kind of plan will allow me to get all the sleep I want since I won't have to leave until about 5 in the afternoon and the most amount of time that I will be there will be 6 hours maximum. Not to mention since I will be starting with the 15 buy-ins for the 7 p.m. tournament, that means that with a schedule like this I will be able to play most of December even if I go through a horrendous cold run. I'm hoping the Poker Gods treat me well. I'm not looking for anything special I'm just looking to run to expectation.  My expectation is 3 or 4 cashes in the first 15 tournaments played. The month of December I will also be running solo on this as I will not be selling any half action into these tournaments.

Well that's going to wrap this entry up. Hopefully with the schedule I've come up with and with the lessons that I hopefully have learned I'm hoping to have a prosperous and profitable December. December will be a testing ground. If this schedule proves doable during then perhaps I can toss in a double-header here and there in January, or perhaps I can add in an afternoon Saturday tournament, but this time I'm going to take it slow and easy and for December I will stick to the schedule that I have come up with to the best of my ability. I will be keeping track of everything on my poker bankroll income app that I have on my phone. I have the full version I spent 10 bucks for the damn thing about 2 years ago or something like that so I will be able to keep track of everything. Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Haven't heard from you in a while, so hoping your health is okay and you are running good.