Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The New Road To Tomorrow

November has arrived and I am preparing myself for what will be my somewhat full-time live grind. I am excited about the prospects and definitely looking forward to what will be me getting out in the fresh air more and more and more. I understand my physical limitations and realize that I'm not going to be able to do this 7 days a week, week after week, as much as I would like to be able to, but even at that it's going to be so much more healthy for me, at least I believe, to be out there interacting with people, socializing with other human beings, and generally speaking moving around getting some exercise albeit I can't do much and even though I have to take a lot of rests after walking just a little bit, I still get from point A to point B I'm just slower than everybody else. I think the most important aspect about all of this is I am going to be a much much happier individual and feel like I'm actually living life instead of just going from day to day.

I did have a sad realization however.  I mean I knew it was coming, but you kind of try to avoid these things, but it is here and I couldn't stop it because if I had stopped it I would be dead and what fun would that be. I mean that would seriously interfere with the grind right, but now that I have turned 50 I qualify to play in, God help me....... seniors events. Please excuse me while I stick my head in the oven and turn it on lol.

It cannot be overstated that this live tournament play may not last long this month for I will be starting out with a bankroll of $400-$450, but that exact amount is not yet known.  Even if it is the higher amount of $450 I am looking at exactly 10 buyins and not a buyin more. I should actually have $630 left over after all bills and miscellaneous are taken care of, but I have the meet up with that friend that I mentioned who I will call "Stacey" I call it a meet up she calls it a date so whatever. I am unable to drive because of my vision and she does not drive either and like myself utilizes public transportation to get around, but I told her that was not happening I would be sending a car by for her. That sounds a little more polished than it really is as I'm going to send Lyft to pick her up and take her to where we are meeting and then I will send her home the same way. I'm old school when it comes to these things and as far as I'm concerned a gentleman would do no less. I'm setting aside $140 which I'm hoping will be enough for dinner which I already know will cost around $50 and a movie with all the fun fixings like popcorn drinks candy that sort of thing.  I already know the Lyft will be about $25 in total and dinner is going to be about $50.  I have not been out to see a movie in several years so I may be a little out of touch with the prices of things, but I got to figure $65 is enough for 2 people to see a movie together, but if I run a little short no worries I will have extra money in reserve it will just be deducted off my starting bankroll amount. I'm also planning on meeting up with another friend for lunch this month so I'm going to need some money set aside for that and I figure $40 ought to cover it. So if my figures are correct the starting bankroll will be $450 as I am taking every last dime remaining and putting it towards the November live tournament grind.

I was planning on getting my new eyeglasses this month, and my insurance will cover the eye exam which I have an appointment for that on the 7th. The place I'm going to is offering two pairs of glasses for $79. So roughly speaking the glasses would cost me $40 as my insurance will cover $37 of it, but that's going to be the standard and not any anti-scratch or any enhancements so I'm putting the actual eyeglasses purchase off until December.

I will be making Sam's Town my home casino to start out with for they have least expensive tournaments with a relatively decent blind structure to them for the price. Don't get me wrong it's a far cry from the structure the Golden Nugget offers, but I have cashed in three out of my last four played there and although I do not by any stretch of the imagination believe that I can continue results like that, it does show that the structure is not so contra profitable for me that I can't make money doing it.

They have two tournaments a day I can play from Sunday through Thursday. The first is the 1 p.m. $35 plus $10 single add-on or rebuy whichever term you prefer which you can take immediately as soon as you sit down before the first hand is dealt for a total cost of $45 which I always do when I play this one. This one runs 7 days a week. The 7 p.m. tournament can be played Sunday through Thursday as on Friday they have their rebuy tournament which you only start with 30 big blinds and I really have no interest in that one and Saturday they have a higher buyin tournament for their 7 p.m. offering. The 7 p.m. tournament adds an extra blind level of 400-800 which I feel is better for me, but two out of the three cashes that I have had have been in the 1 p.m. tournament so go figure. What I decided to do was to play the 1 p.m. offering and if I make money in it and cash then allow myself to also play the 7 p.m. depending on how I am feeling. Those poker chairs do a number on my back to say the very least not to mention the hips and the knees and anything else you might be able to think of. However, if I go about it in this manner that guarantees me 10 playing days in the month of November and it will be more unless I go 0 for my first 10.

Obviously I want to stretch this live play out to get me throughout the month as much as possible so to that end as I had stated in a previous post I am going to get back involved with the Nevada Poker League which is the free bar League that holds a $5,000 freeroll every 8 or 12 weeks. You go to the bar and you play three single-table tournaments and every time you finish first place this gives you a thousand starting chips for that end of the season freeroll every time you finish second place it's worth 500 chips and every third place finishes worth 250 chips the most chips that you can earn as a starting stack for the big tournament is 25,000. The next big tournament is the beginning of January so I will have the rest of November and most of December to see how many starting chips I can accumulate.

Now let's talk a schedule and unfortunately I do have to be reasonable about it which kind of sucks because who wants to be reasonable. The fact of the matter is I can be out and about at most 3 days in a row and after that I am going to need a minimum of a full day of rest and recuperation and then I can get back at it again. The league game is on Thursday and Friday so doing both of those I can then take Saturday off. I figure I can play Sam's Town on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesdays, take Wednesday off, play my league nights Thursday and Friday, take Saturday off, wash, rinse, and repeat. I wish I had the physical wherewithal to play Sam's Town 7 days a week, but I know I don't and quite frankly with only 10 buyins this guarantees me three full weeks of tournaments. Granted I'm only playing 3 days a week, but the idea here is to be getting out enjoying life and hopefully making money in the process and the more I can stretch that out the better for me.

Sunday:  Sam's Town
Monday:  Sam's Town
Tuesday:  Sam's Town
Wednesday:  Day off
Thursday:  League Game
Friday:  League Game
Saturday:  Day off

Money is going to be tight starting out. Hopefully I start having some earnings which will make money less tight and I can actually pay for expenses out of the poker bankroll, but that is not the way it is to start. To start out with I'm going to have to have some seriously strict discipline. No playing horses in the Sportsbook, no Sports bets, no slot machines, no video poker, because when it comes down to it I'll have to ask myself is this $40 that I could end up spending worth giving up a buyin to a tournament that could return me hundreds of dollars and the answer would obviously be absolutely not.

Now, let's talk about December. Depending on how things go I could have $600 available to me in December. That is the month of Christmas but there's only a couple of people I buy for so I'm good there. It is all going to depend whether or not the state of Nevada stops paying for all the medical things that they cover at the end of November or the end of December. Right now that is truly up in the air which one it will be. You would think that they would end things as fast as possible, but after talking to a representative I found out that is in fact not the case, but we will see what happens. If it is the end of November that I will have $300 a month left over to be able to add the bankroll, but of course I am hoping that I'm not going to have to add any more money and that I can start out on a good positive note with some good positive results.

That's going to wrap this one up . My first tournament will be Sunday the 5th. I am so looking forward to this I cannot wait to get at it. Till next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Where do you play in the League game? It looks like it must be Rush Hour on Sunset? Not my days off but I will try to meet up one day.

  2. Sounds like you might be thinking of Eyeglass World for the 2 for $79, that promo is only for non - insurance, call ahead and double check.Still a good deal though, decent selection on frames for that price.