Sunday, November 12, 2017

The November Live Grind Week 1 Complete The First 6

November started off on a real positive note when I chopped the first tournament that I played in heads up for a total return of $370 in which $185 of that went to me. Unfortunately the next five tournaments did not go exactly according to plan. I would say in two of them I made some errors and then the other two I believe I played as close to perfect as a human being can and it just was not to be.

The main problem with poker players in general is that we are all human beings and unfortunately human beings will make errors from time to time. They will let emotion take hold of them, they will make calls that they probably shouldn't and in two of those tournaments I did just that. The first one happened Sunday night after the Sunday afternoon cash. Right before the first break in fact the last hand before the first break.  Blinds were 100-200. I saw a flop with a QTs and this young kid who had been pretty aggressive had limped in as well.  I guess somebody could say that I should have raised with my QTs  but that is not a particular hand that I find a lot of comfort in raising especially in middle position with limpers already in. Maybe I'm wrong on that and I welcome any comments to that effect, but for better or for worse it's just not a hand I'd like to raise with unless I am in late position and it has folded to me then of course it is a hand that I'm going to try to steal the blinds with. However, I digress. The Flop was KTT and Mr. Young and Aggro jams for his last three thousand chips. I obviously snap call and little Mister aggro hits a king on the river as he had limped in with K3o. Yes, you read that correctly K3o. When we came back from break I put a target on his head. Obviously  that's letting emotion get in the way of Poker and I ended up all in with him with an ace queen vs. Jack Jack in a situation that was not called for.

In one of the other six tournaments that I played I found myself getting in the habit of calling flop bets when I was flopping second or third pair and not immediately believing my opponent when he bet, but in each of the cases that I did so it was against a older gentleman, late sixties or early seventies, and from what I can tell thus far these guys in that age range, if they bet they've got at least top pair. There are exceptions of course, but in each of the occasions, because the opponent that did lead out ended up showing down against another opponent they in fact did have top pair or better. I wasn't calling the turn bets but when you are spending chips foolishly even a smaller flop bet, that is simply chips that you do not have in your arsenal.

As for the other three tournaments I have just been on a cold snap of late. Flush draws are not hitting, I think I've had KK once in the last five tournaments to be honest and maybe QQ another time. I flopped only two sets and one of them couldn't even get  any money  from other players  as nobody had anything. It's just been that kind of a somewhat chilled run.

This was only the first week and I've only played 6 tournaments so no one give me a hard time about what the hourly says right now. That is of no concern to me because to be quite honest I'm just having a lot of fun and I am totally enjoying myself playing live tournaments getting out a few days a week and just doing what I want to be doing.

So what did the first week tell me. First of all, if I play a doubleheader and in this case playing both the 1 p.m. in the 7 p.m. tournament, I definitely need the next day off to recoup because after all those hours I definitely need the next day to rest and heal up my tortured lower back not to mention the knees. During the first week except for Tuesday where I had a meet up with some people, including Chris Abramski, Luke Johnston, and a couple other guys, I have been playing the 1 p.m. tournament which is the single rebuy with the one less blind level, and if I cash I would play the night one. I decided that might not be the best approach.

Since there is a variation to the two tournaments  specifically speaking the extra blind level and the fact that the 7 p.m. is a reentry and not a single rebuy, if I limit myself to just the 1 p.m. it could be a possibility that the 7 p.m. might have gone better if I had played both of them. So going into week to what I'm going to be doing is when I play at Sam's Town it is going to be both of the tournaments each day I play. I am planning on playing on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, taking Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday off.

ManInBlack and I have reinvested the small profit that that we have made thus far and we have 14 tournaments left for our investment. Up $57 each so far and we have tossed that back in. Originally the $675 that we came up with between the two of us was for 15 tournaments. I have played 6 so that left 9 remaining, however we have reinvested the earnings that came from the very first tournament I played and we now have 14 tournaments left in which six will be played each week and possibly 7 as I might toss in the 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Saturday night is there Higher by in tournament so they're definitely at this point I would not be playing that. The 1 p.m. on Saturday will only be played if we're showing  decent earnings in week 2 as Saturday is the last day of the week since I started playing tournaments on Sunday the 5th so the week runs like a normal week does according to a calendar, Sunday through Saturday.

So that's a wrap up for this entry. Only $57 made this week, but that's the way tournaments are. I could make hundreds of dollars this week or I could lose everyone we just have to see how long this little coat snap less and the only way to get through it is play through it. I will report back in at the end of the week to let you know how it went and as always I and posting some updates on Twitter from time to time. So until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll $394.50


  1. Sounds like this is working much better for you than grinding online. Best of luck!