Monday, April 16, 2018

The First Half Of April 2018

April definitely started pretty well as once again the first tournament I played in the month I ended up with a final table appearance finishing 4th for a return of $62. No poker played on the 2nd and 3rd and on the 4th I only played one tournament that day however it was good for a win coming in 1st out of 73 players for a $159 return for my $6 investment.

Following the win for $159 I hit a 2 for 24 run and because of that going into Saturday the 14th, for the month of April, which at one point I had been up over $200 for the month, I started the 14th up a grand total of $57 for the month of April.  I realized going into the 14th that the last couple of days of tournaments I had gotten stubborn, and impatient and going into the 14th that was something that I wanted to immediately rectify.

On Saturday the 14th I only played two tournaments because of a continuing screwed up sleep schedule I ended up falling asleep at 4 in the afternoon and didn't wake up until 10:30 at night. I was able to get a min cash out of the two that I played which was very disappointing, but after going 13 straight tournaments without a single cash getting something was better than nothing I suppose.

So that brings us to Sunday the 15th the last day of the first half of April and since I did not get up until 10:30 the previous evening Sunday was going to be a full slate of tournaments. Sunday was also going to be a day of getting 2 outted on 4 separate occasions. I think the only thing more frustrating than getting 2 outed is finishing on the bubble. In all I played 8 tournaments on Sunday. I was in for a total tournament cost of $84. All in all it turned out to be a pretty profitable day as I went 2 for 8 with two final tables with a fourth-place finish for $63 in the 4 p.m. $350 Gtd and a second-place finish in the $800 Gtd which was worth $187. I ended up finishing the first half of April with total April earnings of $218. Those two final tables and three cashes in my last 10 tournaments played helped to get back into form.

Over the course of the first two weeks I had also been adding a cash game or two into the mix here and there. After the finish of Sunday's play in less than 1500 hands I ended up making $43 which is a nice earn rate, but as usual being online cash games are not something that I really enjoy, but if it's something that I am going to earn money at I should find some way that adds these into my daily play schedule rather than making excuses why I don't want to play them. I definitely don't want an all day cash grind because that would be almost worse than tooth extraction. For a majority of the first couple of weeks I've been kind of stubborn about it saying it's not something I really care for so I'm not going to do it, but they say treat poker like a business and if this is something that shows profits, from a business standpoint, I need to be doing it plain and simple. 

One thing that I find is that these days when I play online poker I like to keep it to a 3 table maximum.  This never used to be the case, but these days I find three to be the most comfortable for me. What I'm going to try to do for the second half of April is while I play tournaments each day fire up one or two cash games, keeping it to that three table maximum. If I am playing one tournament then I will have 2 cash games going, if I am playing two tournaments I will have one cash game going, and obviously if I am playing three tournaments I won't have any cash games going.

Many of my readers have previously stated that they think I should take more breaks during the course of my day especially when I get started at 9 in the morning and sometimes things don't end till after 1am which was in fact the case on Sunday. I've always known they were right about this, but again it's always been a act of stubbornness by me, but if I am not playing in a tournament at some point during the day then this will be the perfect opportunity for me to take a break. This should also solve the problem of not getting bored playing cash games because if I am playing them that automatically means I will have a at least one tournament going at the same time and as long as I am playing a tournament then getting bored and just saying to hell with this should not be an issue. I think this is a nice little compromise where I am not ignoring the potential for earnings, but at the same time I am not sitting there playing and preferring someone end my suffering by throwing me into a cactus plant. I think this is going to be a nice middle-ground. We'll see if it works over the next two weeks.

Another thing that absolutely has got to stop is my refusal to get up when the alarm goes off and get on these tables.  For the last two weeks I can't tell you how many times I've slept till 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and even after 4 p.m. in the afternoon because when the alarm goes off I'm just shutting it off and staying in bed and going back to sleep. I am not going to be making any money to get to my goals which is to be able to take money from my online account and play live from time to time or better yet more than just time to time if I am sleeping the day away. I think for the first two weeks of this month I simply fell into a period of complete laziness and that stops here and now.

Finally I'm trying to figure out exactly what kind of a bankroll management plan I want to be utilizing and exactly and specifically what my goals are for not only online play, but getting out for a live play as well. Specifically, how much money do I need in my online account where I can allow myself to toss in some $20 tournaments which I have done in the first couple of weeks, but I think I've been doing it with slightly too little available dollars in my account balance. 

My first thought was as long as I had over $500 in my account that would be satisfactory enough with my thought process being that $500 is 83 buyins for the $3 deepstack rebuys which cost me $6 for each one of them usually and 83 buyins is more than adequate for that, but at the same time I have to remember that that money is also going to be utilized in cash games and when you are also adding $20 tournaments into it you can find your account balance being depleted with just a single bad day of tournaments. Sunday was a prime example as when I started the day I did not expect to be investing $84 of the $612 that I started the day with in my account balance.

So with that said I think my approach needs to be adjusted. So I'm thinking that instead of allowing myself to toss in a couple of $20 tournaments on a particular day instead of needing $500 that I should force myself to have a minimum account balance where I allow myself to add one at a time. If my account balance is at $600 then I may add one $20 tournament that particular day. If it is $700 then I may allow myself two $20 tournaments that day, if it's at $800 then I may allow myself to play three of them a day and finally if it's at $900 I can play 4 of  the $20 tournaments that are available to me and at $1,000 I can also in addition add the $25 one that is held on Saturdays only. Since I started today with an account balance online of $772 I can allow myself to play two $20 tournament today if I so desire.

As for getting out and playing live poker obviously I have to decide what is the base amount that I want to keep online to be able to play the tournaments online that I wish to and how much over that do I need to have before I withdraw it to play a few tournaments in a live setting and I think just from what I wrote in the previous paragraph that base amount should be $1,000 and when $500 is earned above that thousand dollar number giving me what would be $1,500 in my account I can then withdraw $500. Whether I choose to play the $50 tournament at Sam's Town, the $70 tournament at the Golden Nugget or the $100+ tournaments at The Orleans or the Aria or quite frankly whatever other one that I wish to play provided that I have the money in my pocket to do so so simply be whatever I want or feel like doing at the time.

So far April's going pretty well although it has fluctuated, but nothing new there. For the final two weeks of April I want to continue to improve my tournament game. As you know I made the adjustment to my tournament game on March 14th by opening up the range, and opening up the open raising instead of open limping. It has shown definite results.  This adjustment was definitely and directly responsible for my win on the 4th for $159 and I will go as far as to say that it was probably directly responsible for my second place finish in the $800 Gtd last night because going back and looking over the hands with substantial increases in my chip stack because of the adjustment I made it accounted for me having 57,000 more chips when I hit the final table then I would have previously.  Did that 57,000 chips make the difference in where I finished in the tournament??  We can't say one way or another  whether it did or did not, but I feel it's at least possible.

The numbers for tournaments for 2018 tell the real story. Previously to making the adjustment on March 14th I went 5 for 42 tournaments played which is an in the money percentage of 12%.  After making the adjustment to my tournament game through as of last night I had gone 15 for 72 for a 21% in the money percentage with nine of those 15 in the money finishes being a final table appearance. A definite and decisive Improvement. Now the question going through my mind is can we even improve on that. Are there areas where I can open up my tournament game even further without bordering on reckless. It's a very fine line that I am trying to walk and there will be a certain amount of trial and error as the days and weeks continue on.

That's going to wrap this one up. So far so good for the month of April and I am hoping that we can continue things in the right direction. Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. Congrats, FD - nice start to the month. We're rooting for ya.