Sunday, May 27, 2018

Setting The Record Straight For The Ignorant

No poker in this, but I'd like just to set the record straight. I copy and paste my blog entries that I write on Blogger over on two plus two and on CardsChat as well. Some people over at two plus two seem to think that if I can go play poker even a few times a week then I should be able to get a job at an office where I'm sitting down. Most of the people that read my blog on Blogger and especially those that follow me on Twitter know what is going on with me, but for those that may be ignorant about my conditions I'm going to lay it all out in this post.

Venous stasis in the legs is what put me on permanent disability in the first place and what Venous stasis is, is that the blood flows through the arteries down the leg just fine but does not come back up through the veins very well and what happens with this condition is the blood will pool at the bottom of the leg and disintegrate the skin from the inside creating ulcers which are open wounds, rather large, that take 12 to 18 months to heal and during that time you are hit with multiple infections not to mention the pain is extraordinary. When I have suffered with leg ulcers I have been in absolute agony for 14 straight hours and there's not a pain pill in the world that will help. 

I was judged to be permanently physically disabled in November of 2015 and started collecting disability in June of 2016. In the two years since that time I have been diagnosed with arthritis in the knees which is getting progressively worse, arthritis in both shoulders with a muscle tear in the right shoulder which requires cortisone shots every 3 months, as the orthopedist does not want to do surgery on it because the chair is small, but still painful, and arthritis in the lower back with one of the discs being bulging and a different disc is slipping, slow but sure, and the back surgeon told me one of the vertebrae is pressing against a nerve and that's the major reason and the need for the Percocets, muscle relaxants, and now the newest prescription a nerve pain killer.

In the last 6 months I have also developed a heart issue in which if I walk 30 or 40 steps my heart rate will jump to 130 to 140 beats a minute. As a matter of fact a nurse at a cardiologist office saw this with her own eyes when I walked from the waiting room into one of the exam rooms at the doctor's office and the heart rate was at 131 beats a minute for that very short walk.

I also have a breathing condition COPD and Asthma and in the summertime the intense heat aggravates that to the extreme. Because of whatever the cardiac condition is going on if I walked the two blocks to the bus stop from the house that I live in I will have to stop and rest and let the heart slow down at least twice. If I decide to go out and play poker and specifically if I play a couple tournaments that day I can barely move or straighten up for the next 24 hours and it takes 48 hours to completely recover from that outing. If I had a job in an office where I would be sitting for 8 hours the same thing would happen I would be unable to function for the next 2 days. How many employers do you think would put up with that.

Everything in my life is done in slow motion for all intents and purposes. Just getting out of my bed is it least a 30 second process. On those rare times where I go out with a friend on the Strip to hang out just walking through a casino I will have to stop three or four times usually and rest. This is one reason I don't like to go out with others because I know I'm just going to slow everyone down, but my friends are good people and they let me know all the time they don't care and it doesn't matter how long it takes to get where we're going to because we will get there eventually. Good friends are a priceless treasure in this world.

I have had blood clot issues since I was 28 years old and blood clots once put me in a coma for 10 days and to this day the doctors in Massachusetts do not know how I survived it as I had seven blood clots in my body. Currently right now the nurse practitioner that I see at my doctor's office thinks there is a high degree of probability that I have a blockage in the main femoral artery in the upper right thigh. I am scheduled for an ultrasound June 27th so between now and then I have to keep my movements to a bare minimum only going out when absolutely necessary such as picking up medicine and getting groceries. Too much movement could dislodge that blockage if there is one there and send it straight for the heart and that could have some very unfortunate results. A sitting job is a sure-fire way to get blood clots no doubt about it and say I was a file clerk in an office having to get up from the desk would be an experience. If you talk to some of my friends that have seen me getting up out of a chair they will tell you it's an adventure and the tendons or ligaments or whatever the hell it is cracked so loud it sounds like a rifle shot and they have asked me what that was and I simply told him those were my knees. Getting up is a slow painful process.

People will say, but with everything that you said and how much you are out of commission after a day of playing poker it would make sense for you to not to do that and just stay home and rest and take it easy and you know what, they would be absolutely right, but that is not living. My body may be broken in multiple ways, but if I did not play poker and I did not take those opportunities to go out and play live even though I know what it's going to do to me for the following two days that would not be living that would be existing and I refuse to do that. My mind, heart, and soul are still so strong and I have such a zest for that will never die even if my body refuses to cooperate.

I would rather be dead than just exist day to day in this world. Does playing live poker end up hurting me for the following two days, yes it most certainly does, but I will still do it as many times as I can, I will put up with the pain because I love poker that much. Not to mention the fact that all the work I ever did was in retail and no office job is ever going to hire somebody like me even if I didn't have these health issues going on because I have absolutely zero experience in that field.

It seems to me people should think before they open their mouths and tell people well if you can do this then you can be doing that. Because if you are able to go out and play poker you should be able to get an office job. I don't know if you realize it but that is probably the most retarded thing anybody could think because you don't know what the after effects of these things are and what the after effects would be if I was sitting at an office job for 8 hours a day and you don't know or have seen the day-to-day struggles that I go through. Instead some people should remain quiet and let the world think they are ignorant instead of opening their mouths and removing all doubt.

For the first year-and-a-half I lived on approximately $800 a month and $400 of that went to rent. If you think that's an easy life you've got another thing coming. If I could work I would be making considerably more than that even in the retail field. Yes I was fortunate that as a widower I was entitled to an extra benefit and that has made my life financially easier, but there is no way on God's green earth I could go out and get a job and if I try to tell an employer yes I can work for you one full day but I'll need the next two days to recuperate let's see how fast that gets anyone hired.

The bottom line is that if I'm in a job where I am standing which with the arthritis in the knees I could never do, but even if I did that is what creates Venous stasis ulcers, long periods of standing on your feet.  If I'm sitting at a job like office work as has been suggested I would definitely within a month or 2 be getting blood clots and in the hospital. Oh yes, I can totally see an employer putting up with that having me taking time off two, three, or four times a year to go in the hospital so they can cure the blood clots.

Before anybody says that yes I can get the blood clots from playing poker because I'm in a seated position as well, since I don't play live poker everyday and even if I had a million dollars to play poker my body would never allow me to play more than 3 times a week if that so the chance of blood clots are reduced under those circumstances because I'm not doing it for 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

I would like to conclude this entry by saying anybody that has the opinion that if I can do one thing I should be able to go to work I'd like you to live in my situation for a month. Go and live within my body for 30 days and see what I go through, the aches, the chronic pain, having to take 18 pills a day and after it's all said and done then you tell me what you think I should be able to do on a daily basis. In other words shut the fuck up. You don't know what the hell you're talking about, you don't know the exact circumstances of what I go through and you never will.  Nobody wants to be disabled, it is not something that they look forward to when they hit their late 40s, but it's something that I have to live with and that's the key word live. No matter how bad off I am, no matter how much I may hurt hour after hour, I refuse to roll over and stop living and if this, for some reason you find offensive well I got a real great suggestion for you.......... go to hell!!

Thank you for your attention in this matter I hope this has cleared up any further questions you may have, but if you do have further questions please submit them in triplicate and then shove them so far up your ass you can't feel it anymore. As always, take care everyone, and whether you like it or not, I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, May 25, 2018

So Much Happening, Not Happening, And Has Happened

First off, this Blog has now reached over 100,000 page views. When I started writing this blog something like that never even dawned on me and it is thanks to you, my readers, that keep coming back over and over again to find out what's going on in my life, in my poker, and I just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the reason why I continue to write this blog.

So much to report on. First off when the merge of WSOP between Nevada and New Jersey was initiated on May 1st I looked at it as a dawn of great things, but for me it was a dawn of disaster. I ran so bad that it seemed to me like there must be something that went wrong with something when they did the merge. Of course I was just accused of a being a conspiracy theorist but in my heart of hearts I actually believed something was not working correctly. I went through things that I have never, repeat never, seen in 14 years of playing online poker and this includes the years I was on PokerStars and any of us that used to play on PokerStars knows exactly what I'm talking about.

I started off the month with $759 in my online account and on the 3rd I deposited another $100  then another $80 on the morning of the  8th which if I had maintained just breaking even would have given me $939 on site, but by the end of the day on March 8th I was completely fed Up and ended up cashing out for $684 so that was a ($255) disaster which destroyed the entire year's online earnings not that they were very much being we were already 4 months into the year. I went and played a couple of $70 tournaments at the Golden Nugget In which I chopped one heads up for $320 a piece and lost in the second one. I got to tell you nothing emphasizes your suspicions about online play better than going to a casino and chopping heads up the very first live tournament you get into. I spent some of the money I won and decided my little temper tantrum was over and deposited $760 on site on March 14th and I kid you not, got so disgusted that I withdrew $721 two fays later. For the year that brought me to ($52) in losses in online play.

I was absolutely convinced I was not returning to online, but life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls and this is what happened. During that seven-day span that I had to pick up that withdraw from the cashier's cage that I had it sent to, Walmart did not get their shipment of Percocet in. It's a narcotic painkiller that I desperately need to function in life and because of this I was unable to get out to the cashier cage to pick up that withdraw. I had from March 16th at approximately 6:42 a.m. to March 23rd 6:42 a.m. to pick it up and I just could not make it out. I was just in no condition to do so and after 7 Days the withdrawal expired. During the course of all of this I saw the nurse practitioner for a regular visit and what happened next I never expected.

For a couple of months I had been having a very severe pain in the upper inside thigh of my right leg that seems to spread into the groin area. Doing a little Googling the most likely problem was a groin strain or some sort of muscular strain. Knowing that it takes these things time to heal I gave it the time needed, but after over 2 months and the pain not subsiding, but getting worse, I decided to tell the nurse practitioner about it. Part of me wishes I did not do that and the other part of me knows that it was good that I did as she immediately suspected after hearing what I had and have been going through, and showing her the precise spot on the leg where the pain was extremely intense, she feels that there is a great possibility that I have a blockage in the main femoral artery in the leg.

Since I've suffered from blood clots for over 22 years this would not be at all surprising to me, but unlike the normal blood clot if there is a blockage in this femoral artery it's  either going to be a new medication or they're going to have to do an angioplasty procedure on that leg. As the nurse practitioner kept saying "Let's cross that bridge when we get to it." and she immediately ordered me to get an ultrasound. There must be an awful lot of people in this area getting ultrasounds because the first available appointment I can get is June 27th. Actually to be totally truthful it was June 25th, but they wanted me to be there at 7:45 a.m. which would have required me to be up at 5 a.m. so we settled for two days later and I have to be there at 9:45 a.m. something considerably more reasonable in my opinion.

The withdraw for $726 expired, but it wasn't put back into my account and after a phone call to WSOP they inform me it takes an additional 48 to 72 hours to put it back which is something that they never tell you in their email. I took to calling them, then emailing them, then trying to get their attention on social media that I found the situation to be unsatisfactory. Not that I ever got any response from them and it took them only 30 hours to put the money back into my account which was done at 12:01 p.m. yesterday afternoon the 25th of May, but I'm still not thrilled that they are not totally forthcoming in their withdrawals emails.

As I said I'm still not happy about the situation, but at least the money was put back and there it is going to have to stay and I am going to have no choice but to play online and endure whatever I'm going to face, because if there is a blockage in that femoral artery and if that blockage breaks free from what I am told it could go straight to the heart, and if it does that the results could be somewhat unfortunate as you might imagine. I'm essentially a prisoner in my bedroom now grinding online watching the poker Vlogs that I like and Star Trek Discovery which I finally broke down and paid the monthly fee for CBS All-Access and I'm loving every second of Star Trek Discovery. Yes ladies and gentlemen Flushhdraw is a Star Trek nut.

The reason I'm trapped in the house is I need to keep my movements to a minimum so that if there is a blockage there it will not break free and I'm only going out or when absolutely necessary as in picking up medicine or buying groceries. In accordance with all of this I have had to cancel playing in The Giant in this year's WSOP. This is a complete heart breaker more than I could ever possibly explain. Yes, I've had people on Twitter already telling me it's a shitfest anyway, but it was very important to me to be able to play my first World Series this year, but because of medical issues it would be very dangerous and overly reckless and possibly deadly to play in it. This is no joke  and nothing to take chances over . It also eliminates me playing any live tournaments or cash games for that matter until this is settled and while the ultrasound is June 27th it will take a few days for them to send the results to the doctor's office and then on my next appointment then we will discuss what is on the ultrasound, so I may be in the self-imposed prison cell in the house well into July.

It's officially 2 in the morning so the poker that I played would officially be considered yesterday. I decided that I had no choice but to add cash games into my mix. When things are running colder than an iceberg in the tournament game hopefully some cash game play will counteract those disasters. As it turns out there are only 6 tournaments that I would ever be interested in playing from the new offerings since the merge. I am not playing in the ones that have a structure that's twice as fast as normal and I am not playing in anything that has 8 minute blinds so that means that I will only be playing in tournaments that have 10 minute blinds or longer and have structure A. Just to remind you here are the two structures that they offer. Structure A is on top.

So with what I have just stated in the above paragraph these are the tournaments that are available for me.

9 a.m. $5 NLH Daily DS Rebuy $350 Gtd 
4000 / 10 / 75 / A

12 p.m. $3 NLH Daily DS Rebuy $600 Gtd 
4000 / 10 / 55 / A

1 p.m. $20 NLH Daily Freezeout $700 Gtd 
5000 / 10 / A

3 p.m. $5 NLH Daily DS Rebuy $500 Gtd 
4000 / 10 / 75 / A

5:30 p.m. $7 NLH Daily DS Rebuy $750 Gtd 
4000 / 10 / 75 / A

7:30 p.m $15 Daily NLH KO Freeze $500 Gtd
4000 / 10 / A

I had to pick up my meds today and some end of the month groceries so I didn't get on the tables today until 3 pm. $721 is not a big enough bankroll to play $50, but it is enough to take a shot at it and I did that today but with a strict stop loss in mind, but it went relatively well as that $50 I played 161 hands and one just under $35. I lost $0.20 in 90 hands at $10, and a $20 and 272 hands won a little over $20. I only play two tournaments the 3 p.m. $5 Jeep Zachary buy and the $15 nightly KO $500 GTD. I actually finished fifth in the 1K GTD which is worth $129 so on the day a hundred $4 one and tournaments $52 1 in cash games total earnings for the day $156 shooting the bank roll from the $721 they put back on today up to just under $878.

As I posted on Twitter.

"So I did that withdrawal but couldn't get it and after 9 days they put it back into my account. My very first day back I make $156. $104 in tournaments and $52 in the cash games. Almost seems like they let me earn some money so I wouldn't withdraw again.
That is the only logical answer because the only other possible answer could be that I was more relaxed and not stressed,, but that could not possibly influence my play. No............. never happen........ impossible........ let's not even discuss it.

Obviously it was a joke tweet, but the fact of the matter is I was very relaxed yesterday. I was also very fortunate as finally two outers actually fell for me. They were situations where I ended up running into coolers and got bailed out and more than once in that tournament that I finished in 5th, but be that as it is I was more relaxed and I think it's because I knew I was going to have to be playing online. I wasn't continually looking forward to making some money and being able to go play live. I don't mean for that to sound like an excuse, but maybe when my mindset is that way, which it usually is, wanting to do so well so that I can get offline back into some live play maybe perhaps it is affecting my decision making processes. I don't know if that is true or not, but I have to at least consider it's a possibility and therefore anytime I am online grinding poker I'm going to have to get that playing live poker out of my thought process and focus on the here and now.

Well that's going to wrap this one up. I was thinking of making this a two-parter but my readers are used to my long blog entries by now. I've been told I'm even outdoing Rob of Rob's Vegas And Poker Blog in blog length.  Today's earnings got me back into the black for online play for 2018 at $104 in earnings. The Golden Nugget tournaments that I ended up chopping heads up got me into the black for live play to the tune of $172 which equals $276 in earnings this year. Absolutely hideous, but if we can just continue some sort of positive momentum that will be a good thing. June officially starts the poker season here in Las Vegas and I'm going to utilize June to start keeping detailed statistics for the rest of the year instead of just clumping them into a multi-monthly span like I've done so far at least I'm going to do my best. So until next time friends and opponents, be well, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

2018 Earnings

Online:  $104
Live:  $172

Bankroll:  $878

Sunday, May 6, 2018

It's A Whole New World And It's More Expensive

Tuesday May 1st was the first full day of the WSOP merge for Nevada and the eastern states of Delaware and New Jersey and for tournament players the results are awesome with many many more tournament options now available. Some are tournaments that I would have no interest in playing, but there are several that I definitely want to be taking part in. They have also put back less expensive tournaments for those trying to build a bankroll which I think is really great. Not everybody wants to keep hundreds of dollars online and for those players that maybe only have a hundred bucks they can get in the game with tournaments of $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $1 available to them.

It's a whole new world, and it's more expensive. On WSOP prior to the merge my basic poker day consisted of playing four $3 deepstack rebuy tournaments a total cost for me of $24 as I do the immediate rebuy, but not the add-on, and a $5 deepstack rebuy tournament if it actually went off with a cost for me of $10. The total cost for me not including if I tossed a $20 one in here and there was $34 per day. After looking over the tournaments, and experimenting with some and then deciding whether or not to continue with them in the final analysis I have 9 tournaments a day I want to be part of my daily play schedule, but unlike the cost of $34 per day previously, the cost now for me per day will be $81.  The tournaments I want to be playing are listed below.

9 a.m. $5 NLH Deepstack Rebuy $350 Gtd
4000 / 10 / 55 / A

12 p.m. $3 NLH Daily DS Rebuy $600 Gtd
4000 / 10 / 55 / A

1 p.m. $20 NLH Daily Freezeout $700 Gtd
5000 / 10 / A

115 p.m $1 NLH Daily Rebuy $100 Gtd
2500 / 8 / 60 / B

3 p.m. $5 NLH Daily DS Rebuy $500 Gtd
4000 / 10 / 75 / A

5:15 p.m $1 NLH Rebuy $500 Gtd
2500 / 8 / 60 / B

5:30 p.m. $7 NLH Daily DS Rebuy $750 Gtd
4000 / 10 / 75 / A

7:30 p.m $15 Daily NLH KO Freeze $500 Gtd
4000 / 10 / A

8:15 p.m $1 NLH Daily Rebuy $500 Gtd
2500 / 8 / 60 / B

The numbers that I have separated by a slash beneath each tournament listed is the starting chip stack, how many minutes per blind as under the old system it was 10 minutes, but now some of the tournaments have only 8 minute blinds, how long the rebuy period is in minutes or if it's not a rebuy tournament how long the late registration is, and finally what is the blind structure A or B. Another thing that changed with the merge is their tournaments have one of two blind structures. Here's a screenshot of each. I will call the one on top Structure A and the one on the bottom Structure B.

There are other tournaments such as 6-max and re-entries, which allow you to reenter the tournament if you have one chip or less, but these tournaments only start with 2500 chips and anyone that reads this blog knows that in tournament play my strength lies undoubtedly in deepstack, slow structured, full ring tournanent play. If you look at the difference between structure A and B in the screenshot above you will find that by the time level 10 is reached the blinds are double what they are in structure A and antes have kicked in five levels earlier than structure A. If you will notice on the list of the tournaments I want to play the ones that have structure B are the $1 tournaments, the cheaper ones and to make matters worse there also have only 8 minute blinds.

So why would I even play them you might ask? Well, actually there are a few reasons. The first is two of those are $500 guarantees and a simple $2 investment can pay out over $130 if you take it down. The second reason is they are also just a smidgen closer to the tournament structures I will find playing live. No, I am not saying they are close to it, but they are at the very least closer. That might be a stretch to use that as a reason, but none the less it is a factual one. The third  reason is it helps to keep down my average buyin also known as the ABI. Along with this more expensive cost it's going to require an updated bankroll management approach. I went into today with a bankroll of $729 and $81 a day could be a bit expensive. If you look online looking for bankroll management suggestions some will say 100 ABIs as the suggestion, but on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being ultra-conservative and 1 being Ultra crazy on the risk assessment scale, the train of thought seems to be that a 100 ABI bankroll is around 4 to 6 on that scale right smack-dab in the middle.

I make no secret of my financial situation which is that although I have $300 left available to me each month after bills are paid and expenses are set aside such as food and whatnot, a portion of that remaining $300 has to be delegated for Uber or Lyft rides if needed, or perhaps I may want a simple food delivery order once or twice during the months, or I may want to keep $100 aside for an emergency fund just in case something comes up like the other day when I lost my vape pen and had to go to the vape store and spend $40 for a new one. We never know what little thing might come up from day to day so it's always best to keep an emergency fund set aside even if it is only $100. So while if I did nothing else I could replace $300 of my bankroll if absolutely needed I don't want to put myself in that position so a safe bankroll management plan needs to be established, but one that still allows me to play the higher-priced better-paying tournaments and I think I'm came up with one that I'm pleased and satisfied with.

I needed to decide on a base bankroll amount that allows me to play what I call my Mainframe 6. For me this would be the two $5 deepstack rebuys, the $3 deepstack rebuy, and the three $1 tournaments. That's a total of $32 divided by 6 tournaments which equals a ABI or average buyin of $5.33. The base bankroll I want for these is $700 which gives me 131 average buyins in the bankroll and overall 70 buyins for the highest priced tournament that I would be playing each day. I find this to be a nice middle ground. Even if the bankroll drops below $700 I still will play the Mainframe 6 until I'm back over $700 again or I'm broke.

At the beginning of each poker day anything over $700 is set to one side so to speak and whatever that amount is I then decide what will be played with what is available. The choices being the $20 freezeout, the $7 deepstack rebuy $1,500 Gtd, and the $15 Daily KO. If I have $49 available as in I started the day with $749 then awesome no problem I can play all three and if I start the poker day with less such as going into today I started with $729 then choices have to be made and I have to pick and choose what I feel is best. So starting today with $729 I had $29 available and I chose the $7 deepstack rebuy with a total cost of $14 and the $15 KO.

That's going to wrap this entry up. My next entry will let you know how the first 10 days went, but if the first six is any indication it is not going to be a pretty sight. You can follow along how I'm doing over on the right side of this blog, but it is loaded with a lot of red numbers unfortunately, but we keep fighting on because cold runs don't last forever they just seem like they do. So until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll:  $729
May: ($130)
2018 YTD:  $103

Thursday, May 3, 2018

April Results And Looking Towards May

April turned out to be a winning month like March, but April was over twice as better.  April earnings were a total of $306 with $250 earned in tournaments, $53 earned in cash games, satellites cost me ($4) and the rakeback that I was able to gain was $7. My bread-and-butter tournament definitely were the $3 deepstack rebuys and whether they were 55-minute rebuy periods or 85 minutes it didn't seem to matter which was actually surprising to me as I usually do considerably better in the 55-minute variety. Earnings were $293 with a 124% ROI on the first and earnings of $202 and a 259% ROI on the latter. I struggled in the $20 tournaments that I played. Whether they were freezeouts or $10 deepstack rebuys that I do an immediate rebuy in to make it a $20 tournament cost no matter how you look at it in those I showed losses of ($170) ouch!!  I lost ($25) in the one Superstack Freezeout I played and didn't cash and in the one tournament I sold action on my portion of the loss was ($19) so none of that was exactly exciting it. In the $5 deepstack rebuys I lost another ($110), but I bounced back with $79 in earnings in the 6-max $5 two rebuy one add-on tournaments I played in.

All in all April got me back to being in the black for 2018 for a grand total of earnings of $234. Believe me that is not a brag as I find those numbers to be very disappointing, but February was a month that I took a significant hit with losses that month of ($541) so I had to climb my way out of a hole even though January was a winner for ($336), but I am somewhat proud of myself that I was able to buckle down and do what I had to and was able to climb out of that hole even if I've only made $234 over the first four months. I'm hoping to do much better over the next four.

The first 4 months of earnings and losses will all be combined into one grouping because as most of you I'm sure already know that WSOP has merged. May 1st the merge took place and now all three states are in the same player pool and the way I understand it some additional skins were added but I'm not completely sure about that last part so don't quote me on it. Many of the tournaments that I have been playing are either no longer on the menu, or their buyins have increased, or the guaranteed prize pools are considerably higher. There are also several more tournaments for me to choose from now.

My next blog entry will be more in-depth about this merge after the first week  has been completed. I will update you on how I'm doing so far and what tournaments are available for my personal preference. There is another aspect also. With the merge WSOP has increased the number of players that they are paid in their tournaments. The whereas before it was approximately 10% or 11% of the field they now payout on average from 17% to 19% of the field. I'm not sure how I feel about this.  Overall when I combine all my tournaments played online over the first four months of 2018 I've gone 27 for 154 for an in the money percentage of 17.5%. My tournament costs we're $1,267 resulting in earnings of $274 for an ROI of 21.6%. Obviously with an increase of the player pool being paid in tournaments my in the money percentage should increase, but with less money to be had in the top spots how will that affect my ROI?  That is something I do not know and something I'm not going to be able to answer until I have a sufficient sample size played under the new system to compare to so time will tell. Stay tuned my friends and we will find out how it pans out one way or the other.

I'm going to wrap up this entry by letting you know that I will definitely be playing in my first World Series of Poker event this year. I am going to be entering The Giant a $365 bracelet event. This is the same tournament that last year got about 27,000 entrants, but I don't care it's going to be my first experience at the World Series and I cannot wait for it to happen. Because they have five different flights for day one and then day 2 being a specific day and the final day 3 being a different day my physical limitations that I have experienced over the last several months should not come into play. Looking at the structure it looks like it's only 6 actual hours of playing time on day 1 so all should be good on that end. To say that I am absolutely excited would be the understatement of the century.

That's going wrap up this one up.  May will be nothing but tournaments played on WSOP as there are so many choices I don't have time for anything else and all my readers know how I feel about playing cash games anyway. I also decided to cut my maximum tables playing tournaments each day down to two. It's forcing me into a position where I have to pick and choose what I feel are the best tournaments for me instead of just clicking on anything and everything that's available and I think overall that can only be a good thing. The reasoning behind the maximum of two tables is because I feel the flow for me goes much better and I am able to pay close attention to everything that's going on on both tables. I find that when I increase that number to three  there is definitely a lapse of concentration  and for a poker player that's not something you want. So until next time, take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.