Thursday, May 3, 2018

April Results And Looking Towards May

April turned out to be a winning month like March, but April was over twice as better.  April earnings were a total of $306 with $250 earned in tournaments, $53 earned in cash games, satellites cost me ($4) and the rakeback that I was able to gain was $7. My bread-and-butter tournament definitely were the $3 deepstack rebuys and whether they were 55-minute rebuy periods or 85 minutes it didn't seem to matter which was actually surprising to me as I usually do considerably better in the 55-minute variety. Earnings were $293 with a 124% ROI on the first and earnings of $202 and a 259% ROI on the latter. I struggled in the $20 tournaments that I played. Whether they were freezeouts or $10 deepstack rebuys that I do an immediate rebuy in to make it a $20 tournament cost no matter how you look at it in those I showed losses of ($170) ouch!!  I lost ($25) in the one Superstack Freezeout I played and didn't cash and in the one tournament I sold action on my portion of the loss was ($19) so none of that was exactly exciting it. In the $5 deepstack rebuys I lost another ($110), but I bounced back with $79 in earnings in the 6-max $5 two rebuy one add-on tournaments I played in.

All in all April got me back to being in the black for 2018 for a grand total of earnings of $234. Believe me that is not a brag as I find those numbers to be very disappointing, but February was a month that I took a significant hit with losses that month of ($541) so I had to climb my way out of a hole even though January was a winner for ($336), but I am somewhat proud of myself that I was able to buckle down and do what I had to and was able to climb out of that hole even if I've only made $234 over the first four months. I'm hoping to do much better over the next four.

The first 4 months of earnings and losses will all be combined into one grouping because as most of you I'm sure already know that WSOP has merged. May 1st the merge took place and now all three states are in the same player pool and the way I understand it some additional skins were added but I'm not completely sure about that last part so don't quote me on it. Many of the tournaments that I have been playing are either no longer on the menu, or their buyins have increased, or the guaranteed prize pools are considerably higher. There are also several more tournaments for me to choose from now.

My next blog entry will be more in-depth about this merge after the first week  has been completed. I will update you on how I'm doing so far and what tournaments are available for my personal preference. There is another aspect also. With the merge WSOP has increased the number of players that they are paid in their tournaments. The whereas before it was approximately 10% or 11% of the field they now payout on average from 17% to 19% of the field. I'm not sure how I feel about this.  Overall when I combine all my tournaments played online over the first four months of 2018 I've gone 27 for 154 for an in the money percentage of 17.5%. My tournament costs we're $1,267 resulting in earnings of $274 for an ROI of 21.6%. Obviously with an increase of the player pool being paid in tournaments my in the money percentage should increase, but with less money to be had in the top spots how will that affect my ROI?  That is something I do not know and something I'm not going to be able to answer until I have a sufficient sample size played under the new system to compare to so time will tell. Stay tuned my friends and we will find out how it pans out one way or the other.

I'm going to wrap up this entry by letting you know that I will definitely be playing in my first World Series of Poker event this year. I am going to be entering The Giant a $365 bracelet event. This is the same tournament that last year got about 27,000 entrants, but I don't care it's going to be my first experience at the World Series and I cannot wait for it to happen. Because they have five different flights for day one and then day 2 being a specific day and the final day 3 being a different day my physical limitations that I have experienced over the last several months should not come into play. Looking at the structure it looks like it's only 6 actual hours of playing time on day 1 so all should be good on that end. To say that I am absolutely excited would be the understatement of the century.

That's going wrap up this one up.  May will be nothing but tournaments played on WSOP as there are so many choices I don't have time for anything else and all my readers know how I feel about playing cash games anyway. I also decided to cut my maximum tables playing tournaments each day down to two. It's forcing me into a position where I have to pick and choose what I feel are the best tournaments for me instead of just clicking on anything and everything that's available and I think overall that can only be a good thing. The reasoning behind the maximum of two tables is because I feel the flow for me goes much better and I am able to pay close attention to everything that's going on on both tables. I find that when I increase that number to three  there is definitely a lapse of concentration  and for a poker player that's not something you want. So until next time, take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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