Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Tournament Trail Is Back

Well thanks to WSOP and also what turned out to be an error on my part, my difficulties with trying to decide what tournaments to be playing, do I have enough money in my bankroll for them, are they costing 150% more then they previously did but only increasing the top payout by 40%, and what else am I going to have to be playing since I'm so restricted in available tournaments for me personally as in am I going to have to grind cash games, or heads up SNGs, or PLO8 or anything else you can think of, all of that is a thing of the past and The Tournament Trail Is back!!

First my error. While it is true that some of the tournaments are costing me 150% more I was under the impression that they were only increasing in prize value by maybe 40% because of the extra spots paid, but looking it over today, and since today was Monday, one of the slower days of the week, it was a good day to look at it. Previously before the WSOP merge most of the tournaments I played 6 were costing me $6 and top prize being roughly $180 so 30 times my buy-in which I found completely acceptable. Today I took a look at them utilizing the top spot as the basis of it and since that's what every tournament poker player shoots for and it turns out that the top spot in the 12 noon and 3 p.m. deepstack rebuys are paying either close enough or more than 30 times the buy-in. The 5:30 p.m. in which the buy in will cost me $20.37 can't be compared to the $6 tournaments that I was playing previously, but instead would have to be compared to the $20 tournament I used to play from time to time that had the $2k guaranteed prize pool and paid $900 to $1,000 up top and that's what it still is doing. The main error I made was comparing certain tournaments now and utilizing the wrong comparison to previous tournaments. A prime example is the 5:30 p.m. $1500 guaranteed. I was comparing that to the previous 7:30 p.m. $3 deepstack rebuy $800 guaranteed. Don't ask I can't even begin to explain it I'll just blame it on the pain that I've been constantly going through. I don't know if pain can affect the thought process, but if it doesn't make me look as stupid it's all good.

In addition WSOP has assisted in  the tournament Trail being back as they have added some tournaments to their daily schedule that fit absolutely perfectly into what I want and what I need. Tournaments for the little guy because me and my $1,200 don't count as a big-time bankroll to say the least. Two of the ones that I will be participating in on a daily basis will be the 10:30 a.m. $5 KO $200 Gtd and the 3:30 p.m. $3 freezeout $250 Gtd. The main 8 tournaments played each day are the following. The cost of the tournaments that I list on the deepstack rebuys are the entry, the initial rebuy to start with a double stack, and the add-on. This is the maximum that the tournament will cost me and of course if I don't make it to the add-on then obviously the cost will be a little less.

1030am $5 Daily KO $200 Gtd

12pm $8.73 DS Rebuy $600 Gtd

1pm $20 DS Rebuy $700 Gtd

215pm $10 6-Max KO $250 Gtd

3pm $14.55 DS Rebuy $1000 Gtd

330pm $3 Freezeout $250 Gtd

530pm $20.37 DS Rebuy $1500 Gtd

730pm $15 KO $500 Gtd

Cost/Day: $96.65
Avg Buyin: $12.09
Required BR: $1209
Starting BR: $1254

I am dictating this blog entry while I'm playing in the $5 KO $200 Gtd and I'm still unsure if I want to add the 4:30 p.m. $2 re-entry $222 Gtd, the 5:15 p.m. $1 rebuy $400 Gtd, and the 8:15 p.m. $1 rebuy $500 Gtd. If I do end up adding these into my daily playlist they will not be considered as part of contributing to the daily average buy-in. First off each of these tournaments has only 8 minute blinds. They also start with much less big blinds in the starting stack with the 5:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. starting with only 125 big blinds even The Knockout tournaments that I play start with 200 and the 4:30 p.m. start only starts with a whopping 62.5 big blinds. To me these tournaments are so drastically different from the 8th that make up my average buy-in I feel that adding these three into that equation would completely skew the numbers in a negative way. Finally, the tournament structures they utilize what I call tournament structure B where are the other 8 tournaments or what I'll call the main 8 utilize structure A with 10-minute blinds. To refresh your memory I have posted two screenshots below this paragraph the first being what I call tournament structure A and the one below it what I call tournament structure B. Because of all these reasons and in addition not only that, by not including them, if I do in fact play them, it keeps my average buyin a little higher requiring me to have a slightly higher bankroll in order to play them which I feel is safer and a more conservative bankroll approach.

Because of some recent cashes completing action on July 23rd for this year it put me into the black in online poker which I got to tell you it's so nice to not have to see red numbers. A 2nd place finish out of 75 players in a $20 freezeout $700 Gtd for a $232.05 return and going 4 for my last 9 really helped. Yes, I know the overall amounts are hideously bad for nearly 8 months of playing, but you know with all the crap that I've been putting up with in my personal medical life this year, at this point, I'll take any black numbers signifying positive earnings that I can get. Going into today July 24th day 1 of the "Tournament Trail Is Back" my total earnings for the year were online $201 and live $127 for total earnings of $328. Yayyyy me lol. Hey I know it's pathetic, you don't have to tell me that, but the great thing about it is I still got 5 full months left in this year to pull out earnings that could at least be considered somewhat respectable. I never surrender and the grind will go on.

Finally the personal medical update. My main doctor, the nurse practitioner who I absolutely love to deal with as my primary care physician even though she won't let me get away with slacking off on anything medical is completely and utterly insistent on what she wants to see done and not done and for some reason I listen to her at least I try to. She saw firsthand exactly how bad the leg was as when I came out of the exam room I could barely put any pressure on it and it was so bad she ordered one of her assistants to go grab a wheelchair as fast as they could and insisted that they push me in that wheelchair outside so I could get my Uber. For some reason I prefer a woman as my primary care physician and actually it's not for some reason it's actually for specific reasons as I find women in the medical field to be much more compassionate and have much more empathy than their male counterparts. So many people want to discriminate against a woman medical professional, but when it comes to me they're the ones that I gravitate to for the reasons just stated.

The ultrasound showed that there is some blockage in the femoral artery, but she feels that the major major pain that I'm going through might be two fold. Part of it because of the blockage, but she feels that the lower back problems for which I had an MRI done nearly two years ago for is also contributing to this. She explained to me that nerves in the back actually wrap around you much like a belt would and when I asked her why I'm only having pain on one side she told me it's very rarely bilateral and usually attacks the dominant side and I am right handed so that makes all the sense in the world.  She is so concerned about the lower back she referred me to Nevada Neurosurgical because she wants them to potentially do back surgery on me even though I am too heavy for what would be usually be considered to go through that procedure. I told her that there's one thing that I fear about potential back surgery and the word is. She looked at me dead square and told me point-blank that if I don't have the back surgery eventually I will be paralyzed. I'm fairly certain she is utilizing paralyzed in an over-exaggerated way, and probably means that the ability to walk will be taken from me. She also told me that if these back problems do not cease and desist I could end up losing a leg. She also referred me to a place to get a colonoscopy done but that is not something that I am wanting to rush into so I'm putting that one aside for now and will ignore it later lol.

She also instructed me that I am on 1200 calories a day starting today. I haven't had anything to eat yet just been drinking water and if I can go lower than that 1,200 that would be even better, but we will see how it goes. Because of the ultrasound results and the fact that the MRI on the lower back is two years old she has ordered me to undergo a CT scan on the aorta and descending femoral artery and she wants an updated MRI. Each of these tests will cost me a $50 copay for a total of $100 but Desert Radiology told me that if I did them both the same day it would be a single $50 copay and there's nothing wrong with saving 50 bucks so both of those tests will be done on August 15th. I also have to go over to Quest Diagnostics to get a blood draw done at least 4 days prior and I have made that appointment and will be doing that on August 8th. She also ordered a walker for me and I'm going to be having one delivered on August 6th with just a $30 copay for that. It's one of those ones that actually has a seat for you to sit on and I have to tell you I'm going to feel very self conscious about using such a thing considering I'm only 50 years old, but when the cool season hits us here in Vegas if it means that it will be a lot easier for me to get out and about I'll do what I have to. She also put in a prescription for one of those motorized disability mobility scooters, but 10-1 odds are going to say that that's going to be one hell of a task getting that by the insurance company and if a walker has a $30 copay I can imagine what a co-pay on a scooter that cost $3,000 or more would be and I wouldn't be able to afford that anyway, but we will just wait and see what happens.

Well, that's going to wrap this one up. Today being the first day of the "Tournament Trail Is Back" we will see how things go. I can only do a maximum of four tables or four tournaments at any one time so if it comes to a case where I have to choose between a less expensive tournament or a more expensive tournament that start with an a half hour or hour of each other and it looks like I won't have room for them both I will be going with the less expensive one. It's just continuing my conservative bankroll approach which I feel is the safest for someone in my situation. I will be reporting back at the end of the month to let you know how the final week of July went grinding tournaments and I am just so happy I don't have to force myself into playing other things like cash games are SNGs. Tournaments is where my first poker love, my last poker love, and everything else in between. I have increased my goal from $2,000 to $2,500 before I will take $1,000 out for live play. This will  allow me to keep $1,500 online which will allow me  to continue with my  preferred daily tournament play on days that I'm not playing live or if my next live run goes a little unfortunate . So until my end of the month review, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll: $1254
Goal: $2500
Progress: 50%


  1. why do u think u would be refused to get a scooter? dont u remember how this one company called the scooter store used to advertise them free to everyone and that the govt would pay for it? most were just fat, no disability and still got them free. im not sure why i stopped seeing their ads on TV

  2. I feel I will be refused a scooter because a walker is a few hundred dollars, but a brand new scooter will be 3 grand or more. Insurance companies tend to have issues about things like that lol.