Saturday, November 10, 2018

Catching Everyone Up On The Last Two Months

It has been too long since my last update, but but for several weeks I really had absolutely nothing to write about. It started the beginning of September when I took whatever money I had leftover that month plus the money I had online and when I put everything together I had a bankroll of a full $1,000 and as everyone knows live poker is where I want to pretty much spend the rest of my life and with $1,000 I set out to do just that and for once I was doing a live run with more than $400 or $500. For the next 3 weeks I played Limit Omaha 8 as much as possible tossing in some tournaments and when it was all said and done after about 20 days roughly I was roughly about break even, nothing exciting happened to that point, but after nearly three weeks of this my back just couldn't take it anymore. When I played a session of live poker for 5 or 6 hours I could not straighten up for the next two full days and it would take about two and a half days to recuperate from a session playing live, but I continued. to push it and push it until about 3 weeks in I just knew I couldn't do it any longer.

I know I've got lower back issues to go along with all the other crap, but I didn't realize just how bad things were and after I realized that I wasn't going to be able to play live for awhile I finally opened the envelope that contained the CD from my MRI. Little did I know the paperwork was in there telling what exactly the results showed so I didn't have to watch the CD and it took me three weeks  even open it because I thought only the CD was in there and I knew even if I put the CD into my laptop I'm not going to understand anything it had to say. When I looked at the results they use so many freaky words I didn't know what they meant either so I started Googling what these specific words meant and low and behold this is what my back looks like from the inside of course. All the problems are in the lumbar section of the spine and vertebrae L2 through L5 and then right below L5 there is an S-1. Here is a picture down below showing you what and where that section of the vertebrae looks like and is located and although S1 is not in the picture I've provided it is the next vertebrae below L5, but without further delay these are basically the results of my MRI.

L2-3 is a bulging disc with a symptom of degenerative spine disease.

L3-4.......L4-5.........L5-S1 is a bulging disc with arthritis included in that area

L5 has a stress fracture.

L5 to S1 the spinal nerve is compressed on both sides.

L5 to S1 the fibers that make up the tough, outer covering of the intervertebral disc are either broken or separated.

L4 through S1 have benign tumors located on those vertebrae.

I went over the results with @9ontheturn and I'm not sure which one of the things that I had read to her but she told me immediately when I read her one of the specific things listed above that no doubt I needed surgery and she also explained the reason why I was having so much trouble playing live poker and why it took two full days just to straighten up which by the way is not an exaggeration, is because those fractures and breaks and cracks and whatever else is going on as apparently at least two vertebrae if not three are fractured in some way, they are so low in the back when you're sitting down you're basically putting all the pressure on that part of the lumbar spine. So with a bankroll still of $1,000 roughly I ended up taking $600 and spent it on miscellaneous items and things and I deposited $400 back online on WSOP and for all intents and purposes it just sat there for the next 40 days gathering dust so to speak because over the next 40 days as much as I tried I just could not bring myself to play online and out of the 7 days out of 40 that I tried it didn't last long. I might play a cash game for 10 minutes and then close the computer up for the day or perhaps I would play a tournament, but most of the days of the 40 I would look at the laptop, think about online poker and say out loud yuck and just go back to binge watching Hawaii Five-O or something. I just couldn't do it even though I knew it was my only way to get back to live play again once these back problems are taken care of of course which has been nothing but a hassle which I will touch on in a moment, but the bottom line is I just could not bring myself to play online.

As you may recall last Christmas Eve a sister that I never knew about ended up finding me and since that time for over 10 months now hardly a day goes by where we're not either texting one another or talking on the phone and although we haven't met in person yet we have such a great connection and we absolutely love each other as brothers and sisters do that have been part of each other's life since the day they were born. It doesn't feel like we just found each other after so many years, it feels like she's been my sister all my life and she told me that she feels the same way. She doesn't consider me a half brother I'm her little baby brother and that's all there is to it and while she's done the following unintentionally she has somehow, someway, become my inspirational poker coach if you will. She knows nothing about poker or about any kind of gambling, but she believes no matter what I'm trying to accomplish I can do it and she believes I can do it. It made me decide that if I wasn't going to do what was necessary to get back to live play for myself then I was going to do it for her. My sister believes in me so much, has absolutely no doubt about that belief in me, I wasn't going to let her down or I was going to do my absolute best not to.

I knew what I had to do. I had to be grinding cash games and playing a few tournaments a day, but we all know how many times I've tried to start grinding cash games online again and how it lasts a day or maybe two and that's it. To that effect I got back on the online grind on November 1st, but I did not want to blog about it until I was sure it was going to be a steady thing. I get sick and tired of writing about how I'm going to be doing something and then for whatever reason, whether it be a medical reason, or the fact that I just can't stand doing something that in a day or two I have to come back and tell my readers no that it didn't last, but this time it seems to have done just that. I played 8 straight days, yesterday I took the day off, and this morning I'm back at it again. I'm not getting in as many hours as I would like, sometimes only 5 hours a day, because I have a tear in my right shoulder to go along with arthritis in the shoulders and although I am laying on my bed with the laptop when I'm moving the mouse around with my right hand, you would be amazed how that little movement actually utilizes muscles not only in your forearm butt in your upper arm and shoulder as well and many times over the last 8 days after 5 hours my shoulder is hurting me so bad I just had to call it a day. I did manage one 12 hour session, but I was in such agony, the shoulder was almost numb. Probably not a great idea to let it go that far.

After the first eight days I'm not exactly lighting the world on fire, but then again I'm not in the poor house either. 7109 hands played in the last 8 days of $10NL and total earnings of $85.58. I am down $27 from my High Point of $112 as I took a $28 loss on day 7 and won only $0.36 on day 8. It averages out to just under 900 hands being played per day and I really want that to be in the range of 1200 to 1500 hands daily. Tournaments starting out the month of November we're not going well, but I have cashed my last four, but I'm still showing losses in tournaments for the month of down ($28.12) so over all the first eight days I'm looking at total earnings of $57.46. Yeah I know I don't want to talk about the hourly and I don't want to talk about it's 8 days of my life I'll never get back, I just want to keep on pushing. This is the Drive For 25 and you can see the specifics on the right side of this blog. The Drive For 25 is to get to $2,500 so I can get back to the Omaha 8 limit game and some tournaments tossed in with a full cash game bankroll needed for $4/$8 Omaha high/low although even with $2,500 I'll probably still trying to grind the $3/$6 game at Sam's Town. I'm hoping and thinking that by the time I get to $2,500 that the back should be repaired, but that now leads us to concluding this entry with the story of getting in to see the back surgeon.

When I called them I was told that I had had an appointment for September 7th that I was a no-show for, but nobody bothered telling me about this appointment for September 7th. I had the MRI on September 5th so there's no way in the world I would have made an appointment for September 7th. For approximately the last 30 days I have been trying to make an appointment because my doctor has sent the referral and they, according to their own office staff have all the information they need. When I call the office of the back surgeon I am transferred to the woman that does scheduling. Every time I'm transferred it goes to voicemail. I left a voicemail and two weeks later heard nothing and the woman's voicemail greeting says do not leave multiple messages so go figure. I called back they transferred me again I waited over a week and still heard nothing no call back no nothing. I called again  explained the situation, and again they transferred me and again I did another voicemail and it's been over 10 days now and I have heard nothing. I do not know why they are doing this. Is it because they think I was a no-show on September 7th even if I didn't know about the appointment and they're mad at me about that? This has gotten plainly ridiculous. Monday morning I'm calling that office again and if I do not get satisfaction then I'm going to call my insurance company and give the ball to them and let them raise holy hell about this and then I'm going to call my own doctor's office and tell them what's going on and get them in on this because this is getting me nowhere. I already called to try to get a different referral but unfortunately under my insurance plan this is the only referral that they can give me. The fact of the matter is I am scared to death of back surgery, I'm scared of coming out of it and being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life, but at the same time I want my life back and I know this is the only way I'm going to get it.

Well that's going to be a wrap up for this blog entry. I'm sorry for the lack of content and I will try to improve on that, but over those 40 days when I just had no inclination to play online I really felt there was nothing to write about and I was going to write about the life play but it just depressed me so bad knowing that once again some part of my body refuse to allow me to do what I love to do. However I go on and do what we have to do and right now what I have to do is get on to these tables for another day on the grind. Until next time take care of everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Bankroll: $457.46
Goal: $2500
Progress: 18%


  1. Glad to hear that you ended up playing live for a bit and enjoyed it (minus the back pain). Would it be possible for you to go to the office in person and schedule an appointment?

  2. Post length approved by Rob's Vegas Poker. 😃

  3. get an inversion table use it religiously for 15 minutes daily at a moderate slope if you do this DAILY you may see improvement after 4 weeks anything to avoid surgery gl

  4. Damn that was long. Almost as if u been taking writing lessons from Rob